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    New block suggestion: Item Duct
    A more advanced automation block for long distance automation to replace buildcrash and RP2 tubes. This single Air Duct-looking block has a single input and output that can be wrenched on any non-output side to change which direction the output is facing (as to turn the "pipe"), while wrenching the input reverses the current input and output sides and wrenching the output drops the item as a block.
    The Item Duct has an internal storage of 1 item type per duct and can only accept items placed into it from the input side. When multiple ducts are placed connecting, their GUI is shared between each division of 8 ducts and contains a slot corresponding to each duct in order so the player can unblock the ducts in the event that they jam and control EU flow through the ducts. Like all GT automation blocks, each set of ducts cost 1 EU to transfer an item/stack through up to 8 ducts (Example: a stack of cobblestone through 27 ducts will cost 4 EU to transfer it to the machine/buffer at the end of the chain. 1 cobblestone will cost the same amount.).
    In the event that a duct cannot transfer an item, it will stop accepting items until room is made in the target destination. This will back up the system without causing a BC item spill back to the source machine (unless you're using BC to put items into the system).
    The item duct is meant to work with the electric buffers, sorters and translocators. For while the duct can output items, it cannot take them from machines without a translocator. In addition, a duct will never connect to more than one duct/machine/chest, so a buffer is neccessary for bringing multiple duct chains together and an electric sorter to function in the same capacity as a diamond pipe/Sorting machine (btw, the sorter has a horrible GUI. Seriously greg, why couldn't you give it a GUI like the sorting machine/diamond pipe? Simple and effective. There's a reason why almost no one uses your current automation machines, you know?).

    Already suggested this in your thread Greg, a few pages back.
    SMES: Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage.
    An upgraded version of the LESU that can store, input and output higher amounts to match with fusion reactors, consisting of 2 types of blocks. The Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage Unit block itself and the Magnetic Coils, that increase its capacity in the same way the LESU-blocks function. With the base SMES block having a default energy storage of 64,000,000 EU and an input/output of 512 EU/t as the default; with each additional Magnetic Coil adding 32,000,000 storage and +64EU/t to both max input/output.
    I would suggest that the main control block require a Vaccuum Freezer in the recipe, 1-2 Magnetic Coils, 1 Highly Advanced Machine Block and the usual iridium plate. The coils requiring the use of tungsten and/or aluminium machine hulls.

    The current LESU is cool in theory, but the input, output and max storage capacity make it more for early game than any sort of late-game EU storage, or even for any sort of use late game. It takes 27 LESU-Blocks just to make it transfer usable LV power and that's shit load of space, considering the machine itself only has a single input/output block.

    i wished there was a 100% change of loosing a machines, sometimes i make to many generators, and in later stages i find i need more iron to make another machines and then i have a chest with 1-2 generatos which i wanted to convert in machine block.. so i spam an eletric wrench with the losess mode off... and it takes a lot of time until i get the machine block

    Or you could break it with a pick.

    Paint Cans => Not for now.
    Liquiducts use Lead already, and they are added by the Mod, which adds the most Lead to the World. No need to add this to BC.
    Could be possible, I'll consider it.
    Dunno if I add that.
    Extra Environmental Damage? How? Should the Diesel Generator Explode? :P But its already planned.

    Environmental Damage? Pollution? Now there's an idea worthy of a GregTech invention. Let me expand on an idea for how environmental pollution could work for a moment...

    Almost all "messy" machines could output pollution. Basically most IC2, BuildCraft, RailCraft and even some Forestry machines could output pollution over a period of time and at a rate in relation to how they work. With coal-using machines outputting higher values (Vanilla Furnace, Iron Furnace, RC Boilers, BC Steam Engines, generators, etc...) and most electric machines outputting very low or no pollution.
    Pollution from machines is not an actual block (to save people's clients from frying), however, it has a direct effect on the sky in the chunk where the machines that produce the pollution are situated, starting at the center of each chunk as a grouping of semi-transparent gray blocks at Y:256, with long-use of machines in that area slowly increasing the spread of pollution from that starting point in the allocated chunks of 2x2x1 and expanding to 4x4x1, then expanding again when the pollution value reaches the next level to 6x6x1.
    The method repeats until it reaches the border of the chunk, and spreads into the next chunk (if it can. To a limit of 9x9 chunks around the original source chunk.) repeating with the same pattern while also applying a second layer below the first in the primary chunk(s), Expanding 1 layer at a time it reduces the light level slightly and at a depth of 10 blocks (max: 16) acts as a solid obstruction to the sky in that chunk, preventing the use of Solar Panels or Forestry Bees in the immediate area and increasing the rate of lightning stikes during a thunder storm.
    At a pollution depth of 14 blocks, the light level is low enough to spawn monsters. In addition, entities will take a small amount of damage from (acid) rain with pollution that heavy.

    An interesting reason to use Green Energy. This could also be a reason to add new blocks and machine upgrades to filter pollution and even retrieve waste chemicals from the toxic smog from overusing machines with a set of new machines that can reduce pollution levels and produce CO2 cells and any other cell that's suitable. New tools like a CO2 Meter for checking pollution levels of the air (if outside) or gas density if your machines are in a confined space. Air Ducts for letting gases out of said confined spaces. (btw, if your machines are in a confined space with no access to air, the roof fills with Smog Blocks which will cause you to "drown" (You get the air bubble meter as if underwater) if your head is put in them (could also have it cause the Nausea status effect).

    Just an idea though...

    While doing that I discovered a new awesome behaviour of Buildcrash! You can't craft wooden Pipes out of anything else, than Minecrafts Wooded Planks, EBXLs Planks are not working! Isn't that worth a HAYO!

    And Mat, some people, like me, spend hours on mining BEFORE they begin to build any Machines, so that there is no shortness on resources, while building the Factory. Not to forget that one has to ensure a proper Food Supply, before building Factories.

    The ExtraBiomes tree recipes don't have anything to do with BuildCrash. They can't be used for almost all non-vanilla recipes (which is bloody annoying if you live in a Redwood Forest and can't make a... batbox or... Scaffolds?).

    I always make a purdy house with a farm and mine before I even attempt to make a generator.

    That's a horrible way to make EU. With a 3x3x4 High-pressure steam boiler (3x3x5 including firebox) you could run the steam through 8 pipes into 2 steam turbines for 100 EU/t (50 EU/t Each) instead of into steam engines.
    Possibly even more. I didn't test any higher than 2 turbines.
    Also, steam turbines and boilers look more epic than interconnecting your weird-ass circuit of machines from different mods.

    If you're gonna put in a TE Magma Crucible, you might as well use magmatic engines in a circuit with just the crucible and the geothermal generator(s). In either case, you're using netherrack as the fuel for EU, not the single tree.

    Adamantium is a fictional metal. It does not actually exist. Therefore, it cannot be used in machinery without any known elemental traits. If it's indestructible, how would a player mine it or process it?
    It would also add nothing new for dust uses as I highly doubt a nearly indestructible metal would be made of the soft metals found in MC/IC2/GregTech.

    Iridium is the closest metal to match Adamantium, there doesn't need to be 2 Iridiums.

    I'd really like some additional uses for the various almost-useless cells you get from Centrifuging. 70% of the Element Cells you get from processing basic materials results is a large quantity of cells whose only real purpose is being extracted to get the cell back.
    An example would be crafting 3 water buckets with 6 Deuterium Cells to create 6 Heavy Water Cells (returns the buckets), which can be used as either a Coolant and/or to prolong the life of Uranium in a Nuclear Reactor (An actual use).
    Also, the use of Thorium Cells in a gaslamp-like light source (Gas Mantle. Actual use, actual item.) and the ability to procure Thorium by removing the MFFS recipe of obtaining Forcicium from macerating (smelting works just fine for getting forcicium) Monazite and replace with Monazite dust that can be centrifugated for Thorium Cells (Actual use).
    Another dull self-powering lightsource could be made using Tritium Cells (BetaLights. Another actual item.), one that lights up on contact with an entity like Redstone Ore but lasts longer. An almost-flat item that can be slapped onto any surface like a lever. It could also be used in a cheaper recipe for a Luminator or as a way to craft Glowstone Dust.
    As for Aluminium uses, it should use possible to use it to craft Empty Gas Cans (Actual use) as well as Cans (Forestry ones).

    I'd also suggest a Diesel Generator, an advanced version of a basic generator using 1 Generator, 2 Empty Gas Cans, 4 Aluminium Ingots and 2 Pistons. Requires 1 Bucket/Can/Capsule of BuildCraft Oil or RailCraft's Creosote Oil to fill the oil tank which is depleted slowly. The fuel tank can be supplied with Forestry Biofuel or BuildCraft Fuel by any form of containment unit and can also take fuel from any Filled Fuel Cans and/or BuildCraft pipes. Effectively works similar to a generator on Hydrogen/lithium/methane cells, but it outputs more power in a shorter time at a higher amount such as 30 EU/t. Surpassing a Geothermal Generator's output but not quite reaching MV. Good as a temporary measure, but too difficult to sustain permanently.

    Running Nuclear Reactors should passively output radiation based on their EU output. And it should inflict more debilitating effects, like the Mining Fatigue and Nausea that comes with drinking Beer, except at a prolonged duration.