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    Don't mind my low post count. I just normally lurk here on a semi-professional basis. But agreed. Some sections should be allowed for thread starts, like Bugs/Support/Screenshots(I really like that idea). As for suggestions, it's debatable. If they would actually rub the braincells they have in their head, they'd do a search about their topic instead of just making a thread outright.

    But then again, this is the internet, where the lazy truly rule.

    True, the design could be done with fewer Solars, however my design is a constant stream of EU, while Solars only work during clear weather. So, it's a give and take. I'd still like to have my design, as it is made of cheaper goods :P

    I only used glass fiber as a test part :P

    I've already got ideas for improved designs and I'll be testing those out later. What I'm trying to do is create things using only IC2 items, not relying on other mods to assist with this(other than NEI for getting items).

    I'll post a video of that once I get it done. Maybe I should invest in buying Fraps if I'm gonna be doing this more often :P

    ETA: I've made a more improved method made with cheaper parts. The new method produces ~70 EU per second and consists of 25 watermills, 4 LV transformers, and(I think) 20 insulated copper cables. I'll attach a pic for everyone to see.

    I'm making my "purpose"(for the lack of a better phrase) to find make designs that will beat out Solar Panels as the go-to free energy. I have nothing against Solar Panels, I just like there to be other options that can beat it out :P

    Yup, that did it... I really am a dumbass. And one good dumbass question deserves another! :D

    Do I have to get my friend to install this mod on her end or will it simple being on the server and my client be good enough?

    Thanks bunches guys.

    The steps I took to do it all are as follows:
    downloaded a new and fresh minecraft_server.jar
    downloaded ModloaderMP 1.8.1
    ---used 7zip to open archive of minecraft_server.jar and ModloaderMP 1.8.1 and copied MLMP into the server.jar
    downloaded modloadermpserver-fix.7z
    ---used 7zip to open archive of server.jar and MLMPfix and copied MLMPfix into server.jar
    ---used 7zip to open archive of server.jar and Forge and copied Forge into server.jar
    downloaded Industrialcraft-2-server_1.15.jar
    --- put IC2 server.jar into 'mods' folder in my minecraft server folder after running the server once to create said 'mod' folder.

    Did I miss something? I've added no content to my client side minecraft.jar folder, it is vanilla. I'm hoping there is something simple that can be done to fix this and I'm hoping it's my own stupidity that is causing this. Wouldn't be the first time my dumbass didn't figure something simple out :P

    I have. The server is running fine, it seems. I just cannot connect to it from my minecraft client. Does this mean that I have to install all the client side things so that it will work on the server? If so, do I have to have my friend install all the client side things as well?

    I run a server on my laptop for a friend and I to play Minecraft together.

    I have installed the IC2 mod into the minecraft_server.jar file as per the instructions, however I get an error when I try and log into the server: Bad packet id 230

    My question is this: What have I done wrong? Do I have to install all the client side thing for the server side to properly work or did I miss something blatantly obvious?

    It's a hamachi server I run on my laptop, and I play minecraft while running the server at the same time, no issues before trying to install the mod.

    Any and all help will be appreciated. Thank you.