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    I had to do that, as ID-Resolver breaks a crapton of my Mod. And not only my Mod. Many Mods break when using ID-Resolver, so i made it crash with a more userfriendly Message than just a NullPointerException.

    How does it break it? If it needs your ItemIDs to be exactly as they are, there is a priority system. As it stands, I *need* ID Resolver to make my collection of mods talk to one another (For two reasons, first being I have some ModLoader-only ones, second I have Forge mods that don't hook into Forge's Block allocation system. Not even IC2 does that.). I have never come across a Mod that ID resolver breaks, and I have over 70 installed currently.

    As is stands, you are directly impeding my willingness to see what you have created.

    Can I get an answer to the following please?

    1) What is your opposition to ID Resolver

    2) Why have you specifically coded your mod to cause Minecraft to crash if ID Resolver is detected?

    Sorry about the quote screwing up there, registered now so I can actually edit my posts.

    If you have a small installation, I can see how ID Resolver may even seem pointless, but it solves many, many headaches of manually assigning IDs. I have no issue with the author immediately ceasing to answer any problem inquiry with ID Resolver (as is his right), but I do have an issue where a mod forcibly halts operation just because it detects the mod.

    If BlockIDs in their current, unaltered form, are *needed* to be the values they are, that can easily be solved anyway with ID-R, by raising GregTech's ID-assign priority.