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    Seeing as other mods that started around the IC1 era have already went to at least having 3 in their title (BC6, RP3 etc.). Why is IC2 gonna stay as IC2 (v2)? It's much easier to say IC3 and there have already been massive changes between IC2 v1 and IC2 v2.

    What about some sort of uber-duber static boots? Like a quantum-level counterpart to the Ultimate Solar Helmet? Or maybe you could just incorporate a recharging function into those teleport boots you were planning on making already?
    Idk, I'd just really like to have a non-helmet-based option for recharging all my stuff that's on par with the Gravi-Suite Chestplate.

    I arleady suggested some uber-duber static boots, and they were denied at the time.

    I'd like to see the Ultimate Static Boots (Static boots that produce a lot energy + protect you from fall damage + allow you to jump high) in this mod
    :Advanced Circuit::Quantum-Boots::Advanced Circuit:
    :Glass Fibre::HV-Transformer::Glass Fibre:
    :Rubber Boots::Energy Crystal::Rubber Boots:

    :Advanced Circuit: = Adv. circuit
    :Energy Crystal: = Lapo Crystal (I couldn't find the lapo crystal in the Smileys)
    :Quantum-Boots: = Quantum Boots
    :Glass Fibre: = Superconductor
    :HV-Transformer: = HV transformer
    :Rubber Boots: = Static Boots