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    @above *sigh* Use NEI

    Not to mention spoiler text, like so:

    [spoiler]put text here!![/spoiler]

    Should look like this:

    Also, I'm trying to build a nuclear reactor in Creative before I have a go at it in Survival as "safety precautions," due to the fact I haven't used IC2 much before, and the thought of turning my pretty little house into a giant crater is not a happy one...

    I'll let you guys know if there are any bugs (or craters)
    I won't be able to build one in Survival yet, anyway (thankfully) thanks to that stupid non-squashable uranium bug.

    MinecraftCreeper + :Reactor: = :Nuke TNT:

    So, after some time, I have found that I need some of the tools added by this addon. Only one problem: I'm surrently using IndustrialCraft v1.108 (MC 1.4.2), and this addon is incompatible with that version. I tried looking for v1.109 almost everywhere, but I can not find it. Does anyone happen to have a link to where it may be? The sooner I can find that version, the sooner I can know if my breeder reactor is about to explode. I don't mean to be ''off-topic'', but this reply does have something to do with this addon, as it's where this quest started.
    Thank you for your help.


    Here you go 8)

    There seems to be a bug with the rotary macerator involving the two slots that get turned into dust, I'm using another mod called Universal Electricity (basically an electric mod that connects all electric mods), and it has it's own Tin and Copper ores for me to mine. How I have my setup, with rotary macerators and induction furnaces and stuff, is that the rotary macerator would make both types of copper into copper dust at the same time, so I wouldn't have to waste more coal on making diamonds for diamond pipes. But it seems that the rotary macerator sticks the IC2 copper into one of the maceration slots, but sticks the UE (Universal Electricity) copper into the slot for batteries. Is this a bug in Advanced Machinery, or is this a bug in UE? Or is this not a bug, and I just have to screw around with my machines and pipes some more?

    I've mentioned that before, but I'll mention it again: My Uranium does not want to get squashed into a Refined Uranium. Is this a bug, or am I using the wrong machine? I admit, this is the first time I've ever played IC2 :S

    Just a heads up, use an LV transformer or your cables will go boom, and a little tip, try to use less cables (or clever use of more LV transformers), the E-Net calculations account for every wire in a system to check for resistance, in other words, every 6 cables connected to your system makes you lose one more EU per packet.

    I had just edited my last post about that... :pinch:

    @above Are you connecting the cables to the output face?

    There's an output face 8| ? *facepalm* THank you for helping me solve my problem, and not a bug, xD
    Now that that problem is fixed, I've noticed a few more:

    The Compressor doesn't want to turn my mined Uranium into Uranium Ingots, or whatever they're called.
    Every single time I reconstruct my system, MY MACERATOR KEEPS BLOWING UP, BUT NONE OF OF MY OTHER MACHINES ARE!! Me no like the kind of work that will literally blow up in your face!!!MinecraftCreeper...Constantly!!! MinecraftCreeper MinecraftCreeper MinecraftCreeper MinecraftCreeper MinecraftCreeper

    Generators do not act as cables, they can emit energy but they can not receive it from anything but themselves. Can you post screenshots of your setup if it does not work when they are connected to a batbox?

    I've recently upgraded to a MFE, but it seems that the MFE is experiencing the same problems. Here's my screenshot, which is of the same basic setup I had with the BatBox, except with the MFE:

    The wire on the left-hand side runs underneath a Compressor and an Extractor. The wire also leads to a Macerator. Off the wire that leads to the Macerator is another that leads to an Electric Furnace that is off-screen...

    @above How far away are you moving your machines, and what cable type? Is it possible that you are just having problems with electrical resistance giving no EUs?

    All of the machines were about five blocks away. And I figured out what was going on after mucking around a bit more. It seems that none of the machines will work when wired up to the BatBox, but DO work when wired up directly to the Generator. Will the energy stored in the BatBox be transferred through the generator, or is this a bug for the new version?

    For some reason, when I place my machines the first time, they get powered by the generator and power saved in the BatBox and such, but when i move them with the wrench, the only way I can get them power is through batteries; they won't take energy through wires anymore. Is anybody else having this problem, or is it just me?

    :Generator: <--WORK, GOD DANG YOU!!!