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    thanks for the information, but how do i fix it? i've tried IDResolver and switching to an earlier version of forge (.397 and all the ones around it) and it eather won't load any mods and just crashes or tells me that the hooks are "disabled or not working so no errors will be resolved". i've tried wiping the entire folder clean and starting fresh several times loading the mods in different orders but i get the same results. i'm running 64bit windows 7 if that changes anything.

    ok, i'm using Buildcraft and the beta of IndustrialCraft2 for 1.4.5 and when i try to build items for BC i get IC items even if there is no relation. e.g trying to make a wood gear gives me a red stick with no name and if i try to use that red stick as a wood gear to complete the recipe for a stone gear i get a nuke, if i use the nuke and put iron around it as i wood if it were a stone gear to make an iron gear then i get industrial TNT. All the IC recipes work normally, but ALL the BC ones give me something random from IC as above. thoughts? suggestions?