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    I know you can chat and ask the coords, but this, even without the coords, can make you find someone. In the best stituation, underground. When you get lost in that damn corridors and you can find your friend.
    Also for finding someone in the world without asking coords.

    I agree with Rowy. Also,... the wood its the only renovable resource. If you spend all the stone,... In a server made for a long term game, someday you are gonna need to go far for stone, and all below the ground will be a hollow place. Also you destro the beautyness of the map. But with wood, you can build foerever without touching too much the landscape. And 10 wood blocks are in a normal way 40 wooden planks.

    In IC you can use matter to create stone or whatever. Anyway, it eats stars in the process.

    "Friend Finder" (or so)

    A small device based on a compass whose main function could be "to find a player".
    We all know that the compass points to our spawn. With this device (with a small GUI), you can choose who to find, and the compass could throw the distance of that person, the coordinates, and also point to that person. So, if the person moves, you can still find it.
    It could sound not very useful, specially if the person can say where he/she already is, but this could save that person the effort, and also help in not getting us lost in that hellish corridors under the ground.

    If you want, you can also add the function that other mods have, that its the "Message System" (too futuristic? Maybe for me but...). Its not about say something to someone by private message, but to say something to someone by private message when that person is offline. When he/she becomes online, he/she will see that message stored for him/her.


    I cant imagine a recipe, but it should be made from many parts (maybe).


    I dont hope that this idea could have some exit, but I had to try.

    Well,... there is some multi passenger vehicles mods around. Maybe it could be posible to decompile them and see what they are made of.
    About the furniture,... Yeah, I know that there is nothing made of wood that could need it, and furniture its not in the "IC" spectre. But if only something could need some wood parts (in vehicles you can use many of them, like sits, stairs, chests, and so, for making more parts)...

    "Flan" (a modder) have made planes and cars. One of the planes, and the cars, have space for 2 passengers and an own inventory. Maybe a boat with IC pieces could be near, I guess, using that models (and codes) as a base.

    Also,... If we make some other things that use wood, it could be a profitable machine.

    Right now, im thinking about multi-passenger boats (with an engine or fuel motor), or also furniture (cause there is no furniture yet).

    Yeah, it could ^^.

    I was thinking on it again and,... If the "plot" its "to manage laser and also energy", it could be like that device of IC that throws you up if you are using iron boots.
    In this case,... Maybe not throwing, but instead a better thing: place a player into a specific place (place being ponting at with the canon-tool), and with the requisit of being using iron chest or so.
    This could be a very useful tool then. Not a replace for the teleport, but a fast building multi tool. It could help a lot in every task. From tree cutting, artistic shaping, mining, and specific-zone/part building and repairing (or correcting).

    Also a weapon,... But in this game a simple nuclear reactor or even a transformer could be a weapon... Its not the central use of this.

    PD: About the freaking time to code,... There is some mods around (I pasted one) with only-ofensive canons. There should be not really hard to take that code and improve/modify it.

    But,... actually is the most "easy-to-handle" system for a server ):. What, then, people is suposed to do more away than choosing whatever they want?
    I mean,... There is no other system easier, friendlier (with the codding stuff) and with the same capabilities of player managing than the Bukkit.

    What about the capabilities to launch your self 500 blocks away, like up a hill, or easy way to get out of a mine? But it has not to hurt you when you land

    But its a "Laser-based" tool, not really a canon D:. I used the "canon" expression cause it should have,... a canon. A long tube in the front.


    About the Ablaka´s wishes,... He already coded a nuke, some dynamite, and also a mining laser that can be used as a weapon.
    This tool haves the same uses as the mining laser, but can also build; the mining laser cant.

    About the BC machines,... Yeah, I know there is some fast building things in BC, but this tools is oriented to the artisan or artistical work, or for that cases where you dont know truely what do you want, and the structure itselfs is being building "on the way". Is for "not pre-configured work", and also for hard work situations.
    Example: building a castle, a statue, some decorated arch, a cathedral, the leaves of a tree (just like the trees with heart shape <3), etc.

    If you dont want to go to the very top side of a building, or to some difficult part of it, you can manage the blocks from the distance, and in that way correct some thing, or build.
    Also you can mine with pressision, and left what you dont want to mine intact. That thing is something that the BC already cant. They cant mine specific blocks (and nothing more than "that" blocks).
    With this, you dont need to climb, to walk, to use a machine when you dont even know what you are wanting about some building. Its a direct, artistic, artisan tool, and also it can be a weapon (just like some other tools that Alblaka have coded before).

    About the 4th poin,... I did not understood. English its not my natural language, and sometimes I dont understand some sentences or expressions : /

    Multi-task Work Canon

    Just the same idea as the Mining Laser, but mounted in some static base, a cannon that could be pointed in any direction and "fired".
    There are some modes around there that have items like this in some way, just like the Planes mode made by Flan. But the difference is the next:

    The canons that already exists are only-weapon designed, and also they use no power, but bullets that you must have in your hand.
    This different canon could use energy, work as the same way about maneuverability (turning capacieties and so), and like the Mining Laser (but stronger) too,... But with something more. Trough some plot about generating great static charges and using for levitate some objects, the canon could be capable of placing some blocks too (previously in hand, or into some slot of some GUI).

    The use of this kind of canon could be the deffense of a place, the attack, the work in a quarry or so for long range and big scale mining, and also the building from some distance.
    In this way, 4 canons, place in 4 sides of a construction, maybe they could make an entire house in just seconds (eating EU balls with the same size of the Sun).

    This could be the best ever building tool, and give to the nuclear power and high tier energy production an use.


    :Wind Mill: :Mining Laser: :Advanced Machine:
    :!: :Rubber Log: :HV-Transformer:
    :Advanced Machine: :Tesla Coil: :Advanced Machine:


    :Wind Mill: : Some special Pipe or tube.
    :Mining Laser: : Mining Laser
    :Advanced Machine: : Advanced Machine
    :!: : Empty Space
    :Rubber Log: : a Personal Safe or a chest.
    :HV-Transformer: : An MFE or MFS
    :Tesla Coil: : A Tesla Coil

    Also,... this kind of canon could be used later mounted in some vehicles (water, ground, or air). But at this starting point, it could be a really good deffensive/ofensive weapon, a good masive mining tool for long-while quarrys, and very good building tools. Also, the energy, if the canon is conected to some kind of big battery just like a MFS, will never lack (also de MFS conected to energy generators...).

    Sorry for my crappy english. Im only a spanish speaker, but usually recognized for being one of the most fiery and politcal player and integrant in every community that I pass trough. A rebel, a forsaken, a partisan, a molotov-thrower. And now Im here. Can you ever believe that im gonna forget my esence?... Not this time :p.

    First of all: IM WITH YOU!! (yeahhh!!)

    EvilSeph has behaved in a very childlike and ignorant way. Just the best and unsurpassable (sugested by the translator) example of a poor idiot who doesnt even know what he drives, what he have between the hands, and what its all about.
    If you have at least some brain, you MUST understand that a GPL project enforces, to subsist, to very person to share their projects under GPL. If not, there is no more GPL project, and the story is over. But, what it seems, EvilSeph doesnt have it. And the modder who made that plugin doesnt have it too.


    Im with Catto too. Even if BUkkit its not the discovery of the century, its really good helping to manage a community, specially in the social face of it, and makes the technical manage really easy too.
    You cant improve too much, and you must use the things that already exists. The plugins are more about special functions that you can add, than new items and features. But I guess that I prefer tto start sacrifycing the fun side of the thing "in the wake of" (sugested by the translator) the ability to sustain a group of persons, a little comunity, with rules, mechanisms, and all.

    Also,... In the other hand... Bukkit is a GPL project!!
    If they ban you from the community, you can still being using the source code, modify it, and posting it in some other place!! You can make your own Bukkit community, and NO ONE can say nothing against it cause its GPL!! That means that nobody can blame at you, and if they do it, you can ignore them. You are FREE to do it, and the GPL itself encourages you to do it.

    So,... If you want, its time to set the things on fire. Time to spread this. The gasoline, and invite them to smoke a cig in the honor of this new dawn. The dawn of the TRUE GPL, doesnt matters who like it or not.
    Time to spread what happened there in every language, every place, and also to make your (or our) own project about Bukkit, plugins, and so.

    GPL is like the communism in the codding. If you are gonna make something under the communism, you can only demand credit, but never, NEVER, a property about it.
    Communism is for the good of everyone, and against the will and the selfish interests of the makers of the things. So lets teach them what they are playing with.

    (NOTE: Im not communist, but,... If the play to be communists, lets play with their own rules then. You can play a game with some rules, and suddenly change to another set of rules when you dont want the old ones)

    Well, this is an obligation here for me.

    Im Vannya (cause it was the choice of a friend, wanting another name for me instead of my true one) in this, but usually found as "Aulia Harvestmoon" or "Vannyna". My real name is "Natalia".
    Im 24 y/o actually, and Im from Argentina. I,... Dont speak english very well, but I can defend myself. My natural language is the spanish, and that´s why if you "Google" me, you will find only spanish content :p.

    I play this just from some months ago. I always wanted a game like this!! I usually play mmorpgs, table rpgs, or so, but I dont really like the "kill-a-monster-get-your-reward" games. I played WoW till the moment I had considered the game became too plastic, too focused on the fashion, the big numbers, the flashing lights, and poorly focused in the complexity that once it had, when growing from lvl 1 to 70 were an epic story.
    Oposite to that, I like the games where I can explore, build, where all is complex and "free", and where Im not locked into a class, a place, or a routine.
    But, specially, I like the games where the social plot its the very core of the game, and where you can express your ideas, play politically (fictional politically), and have some kind of weight into the things that happen inside that world.
    I guess I have found it into this.

    The rest of the time,... I avoid as I can to go to the university, and I study with a cup of coffee. I dont like the classes, and I make my own way, having good results anyway (im a kinda forsaken and rebel xD).
    Im studyng for being a Social Worker,... So computers are not the mine. Even If I can "sense" them sometimes, and Im ok with them, I dont really understand them very well. Im a very instictive person, but logic its not the mine (this gave me tons of problems in maths in the past, "divining" or feeling the problems, and not writing just a mathematical procces).

    In the past, I casually played "Magic: The Gathering" (too comercial for me now), I intensively played Warcraft III, ended the Baldur´s Gate I (and the Icewind Dale I, the "Nº II" of both were not of my taste), ended Bioshock I and II (LOVED the 1 <3,... but the 2 were poor, and too "arcade mode" for me, but the feeling of being a "Big Mommy" rescuing a little one were fabulous).
    I write sometimes too. Its the most common of my activities, and casually I draw poor pictures.

    I work as a radio operator in an emergency local system, and im temporally at an hospital, just as a call recepcionist.

    So,... that all is what Im ^^.

    P.D.: Im planing to run an own MC server, and I have designed the setup in 3 stages (tecnhincal beta, social beta, and release). Right now, im stucked at the first stage, cause the university and also cause I dont have enough "testers" for testing,... Im working alone.
    Maybe someday I will rise it up. For now, it will wait a little more.

    The setting is gonna be the fictional era called "Steampunk", and I want to focus the experience on the social and political plot of the game.
    Used some of the social theory around (what I study), I have managed some kind of theorical social balance. We have to see if that works or not.