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    Simple enough to disable lava usage (mostly). Edit IC2's config to disallow lava pumping (same with the gregtech config). Disable the BC pump recipe. Add oil to IC2's miner's list. Not sure about how to screw up the RP2 pump due to how......nice.. Eloraam is about people editing shit for their own ends; though you might be able to get rid of it via recipe remover.

    This does several things. One increases the difficulty of obtaining BC oil (due to needing two machines plus a solid transport system in place as liquid tessaracts don't interact with IC2 pumps (though an item tessaract would work) as well as at least a lappack per miner. Two, if people really wanted nether lava it'd be prohibitively expensive until very late game (as you'd literally need a miner + pump per square of lava as well as power storage and transport to and from the area since there'd be no more draining lakes of lava with a BC pump or two). Though disabling the pumps functioning in the nether altogether would be ideal; that would at least get you started.

    EDIT: or just make it a server rule not to allow lava pumps in the nether. Self-police if necessary. This takes some actual willpower however.

    Sinai I believe the reasoning behind this was that there is currently no way to have any type of security rights on any type of pipe or tube; so anyone can pump things into or out of an extractor. I don't mean to put words into Thunderdark's mouth but I believe that was the reasoning behind them not being iSided. However you can put a hopper on top of the extractor and that can accept automated systems. I'm currently just running one hopper as a small buffer to my setup and manually refilling it every couple hours. Hope this helps!

    @ the update. /sadface about no longer having any sort of energy surplus via conversion feeding the extractor. That was a nice little bonus to expending the 8 or 13 diamonds required to just start the process.

    You're telling me Paladin. Soon as it went boom and I exploded violently (as my bed was not 12 blocks away shielded from the blast via machine casings...I can now attest to their blast resistance). Seeing the utter mess made from six or so full or near-full iron chests along with two gold chests I laughed maniacally. Then I hurriedly cleaned up so as to not lose anything O.o. I'm now down to under sixteen iron (started with four or five stacks) replacing what was lost.

    Any rate, back on topic, (and wow my comment on mob grinders came from left field) I'm not sure what kinds of hooks are in place in forge for sengir to use to add cans Quintine. Agreed with regards to liquid canisters; unless you had some type of high pressure container; but even then it would need to hold so much in the way of gas as to make it absurd to be usable as a portable fuel source. As well, for those fuels that do combust in a gaseous state; their liquid state is typically more potent (Liquid o2 for example). What might be neat would be some type of ionized plasmatic substance; though I'm honestly not sure how a containment field to keep it in that state without cooling or reacting could be miniaturized or even how it would be used as a fuel source.

    Does that really matter though immibis? Sure it's a nice little bonus, but hell, my last mining run netted me 42 levels (before I blew myself up via a slight miscalculation involving a lever, medium voltage transformer, eight batboxes, and industrial blast furnace). Minecraft essentially throws xp at you now making mob grinders (items aside) less important.

    Playing 2.72c (awesome btw. Thx Greg) iron dust and coal dust in a 1520K blast furnace is making refined iron, not steel (a MC 1.4.5 version was just making steel). Looking through NEI, it appears that there are no receipies for the 3 version of steel (ignots) around except from block or steel dust. Is this an expected change?

    Having the same issue as Xarses. Able to create steel via a RailCraft blast furnace; however the industrial blast furnace is creating refined iron versus steel for the steel recipe.

    EDIT: Disregard below. I'm blind and missed the panes. Texture packs go! :/

    On an unrelated (to the above) note; placing the correct (expensive recipe) components for a solar panel (with solar panels enabled with the expensive recipe flag set) is not creating a solar panel. No item ID conflicts that I'm aware of (no NPEs or anything amiss in the log files that I can see reading through it). If someone can confirm or deny using 2.73a I would appreciate it.

    The config is completely meaningless. The default is how Greg chooses to present his mod. What's more, it says this: "I know how to balance your mod better than you do." Every time Greg alters a recipe, he says he's better than the original mod's creator. Whether or not this is intentional is irrelevant.

    And I am growing a pair. By not mindlessly embracing an exercise in bad design.

    Considering most mods or mod addons don't take cross-mod interaction into account whatsoever; in this case, this is correct. In order to balance recipes to a more difficult degree while taking cross-mod interaction into account recipes needed to change. Take forestry and IC2 bronze for a perfect example. Both use the exact same 3-1 conversion of copper and tin. The only difference being people received 4 bronze ingots in forestry to 2 in IC2. Both balanced in their own right to vanilla minecraft as forestry makes much larger use of bronze than IC2; however it has no automated means to retrieve said ores. The time investment made up for a larger number of ingots per component. IC2 however adds basic automation via Miners. A balance descrepency arises and (myself included) most people took the easy route to get the most of their components by using forestry bronze for all their bronze needs. That seems to me to be the route GregTech is going (along with adding very high tier items -- more goals than just -- mine to layer 12; get iron on the way, smelt iron, gather some tin / copper, grab redstone, grab diamond; make quarry and creative mode ahoy).

    128 blocks if you want to get technical. At 128 blocks from the player mobs despawn the instant they spawn. At 144 blocks no mobs will spawn ever. However upon placing even one block at light level 7 or below at that distance (in the end or in a void space) if the player moves 16 blocks away something will spawn. But this is really rather off-topic now.

    On topic, congrats on the release Thunderdark. Will update this if/when I migrate to 1.4.6.

    I really don't see how anyone could have a problem with a recipe change so long as said change doesn't alter or modify code expressly forbidden to be edited (in this case resources in the source code).

    To reply to you Crafter I was having the same problems with the newer versions of NEI and CCC in 1.4.5...Never found the root cause; I just rolled back to an earlier version that was available.

    To quickly touch on this. The entire "raison d'etre" of that recipe was to have an expensive (relatively speaking) alternative to going to the nether in case someone happens to be really really unlucky in finding diamonds (Personally have in the last 3 genned worlds using metallurgy with doubled settings for base and a limited max diamond spawning y-level of 16). So please think about all the consequences before running through NEI and going "HURR DIS TOO EZ". Changing that recipe to anything requiring a machine that requires advanced circuitry completely nullifies the entire point of the recipe existing in the first place.

    Same thing really goes for the gunpowder secret recipe. Also meant for those who either A) Don't have an established mob farm; B) Don't want to dick with creating one or C) Are a lame-ass playing peaceful instead of Hard (semi-joking here; the point still stands however).

    I need modes so bad :P
    Imho you still have to carry a drill around even with the vajera simply because it works too well and will break everything. I'd love a 1 block per click mode.

    You still can one-block-one click with the Vajra, just have to be quick about it :P. Though I will agree it functions much much better as a mass clearance device.