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    That's because you threw in 2 iron nuggets, and then your 3rd iron nugget was used together with the metallum from the first 2 to give you 3 iron nuggets back.
    Then it happened again, and again, and then you threw in one more nugget, leaving you with 1 metallum in the crucible.

    Then you threw in 1 cobalt nugget (with 1 metallum), and 1 more giving you 3 cobalt nuggets.

    Then you threw in 2 cobalt nuggets and they got melted for aspects because there wasn't enough metallum to transmute them.

    You know what, i think you're exactly right, due to the strange outputs i was getting, very astute mr. Immibis.

    Well, did you try using the Alchemical Construct? It is far better to use that one than using the Crucible directly.

    I'm Afraid i have not tested in it an alchemical construct yet, i am fairly certain that would work just fine, i'll test it here in a bit though,

    Side note, I really like seeing a informative GUI when using multiblocks, helps to understand what's going on, though much to my Chagrin, the Electric blast furnace, and the large boiler's guis leave much to be desired when compared to say, the bronze plated blast furnace, or the small coal boiler, any possibility of seeing those guis (or similar) being added to the controller blocks of the multiblocks? Or at least a progress bar on current actions.

    Hey greg, regarding your Thaumcraft 4 integration, the recipe for cobalt (an alchemy recipe) works fine one at a time, but if one attempts to do multiple operations at once, it only gives the output of 1 operation, and the cobalt nuggets are consumed, rather than being used to craft more cobalt. (Eg: throw in 10 iron nuggets, and 5 flint, enough for 5 operations, then throw in 5 cobalt nuggets, you receive only 3 back, instead of getting 15)
    Can anyone else confirm?

    Thanks again :) Yeah, i have it so it receives charcoal once it's attached buffer tanks get to 1/2 full, until it has max of a stack of fuel, which i believe works quite nicely. The problem i'm having now is that my furnaces can't keep up with charcoal demand, i suppose i need to finally make an electric furnace rather than use the basic steam furnace hah.

    Edit: By the way, has anyone noticed some ore's outputs at certain stages of processing is inconsistant with the end product?
    Eg: Tetrahedrite impure dust and purified dust produce 1 ingot when smelted, but if centrifuged/washed in cauldron the smelting output about halves. It's like this with most ores that produce nuggets when smelted rather than ingots (Not magnetite/Vmagnetite though, since that cannot be smelted) Oversight Maybe?

    Thanks SpwnX, Also, I constructed a Large bronze boiler, and got it working alright, but i noticed something, that i was unsure if it was a bug or not; Is it intended that the boiler will consume fuel even if it's output hatches are full of steam? If so, that's fine, i just use conditional statements via Steve's Factory to limit it's consumption.

    Edit:Experimenting with ore processing, i noticed something strange, i'll give an example to explain; Tetrahedrite ore, if smelted makes 1 copper ingot, if macerated it becomes crushed ore which smelts into only a few nuggets (can't remember offhand) if you hammer that crushed ore, it becomes impure ore dust, which can again smelt into 1 ingot, the really confusing part is that if you clean/centrifuge the purified/impure dusts of some ores, the output goes down, eg with Tetrahedrite the regular dust smelts into less metal than the impure/purified dust equivalents. I noticed this with a number of ores, which i could provide later if wanted.
    This seems like an oversight, though i'm not sure.

    Hey greg, I was watching a documentary on Niagra falls, and it struck me, there's not really a good water power generation method in any mods (save rotarycraft) for a few reasons
    such as; Water is easily moved around, and able to be duplicated, allowing for very easy and potentially exploitable power generation. Due to this, the IC2 water mill is very lackluster in it's generation abilities.
    To remedy this, i have a few ideas, First of which is for GT to spawn it's own water sources, which blocks that are similar to water but different (eg: River/lake water) in that they cannot be bucketed around, and it doesn't make infinite water sources, what this would do would be to force players to build water power stations near to the water supply, or to pump it to the station. The height/distance that the water travels in it's flowing form would determine how much power could be produced in such a way, causing players to build dams and have water flow down to increase it's kinetic energy. (and of course for GT to have it's own water turbines, preferably multiblock structures)

    The other idea is similar, just using existing water, which i think is less balanced than my previous suggestion.

    (Ps, why are Eu/t called such, why not J/t or watts?)

    Cheers for reading.

    Hey, so a few quick questions,

    1: If i transform step up- 32v to 128v at one amp it turns to 250 miliamps, so how is that handled in mv machines? Do they just require 4 packets of that amperage?

    2 Converting 1c2 eu to Gregtech eu requires a transformer adjacent to the energy source, does this just change the energy forms, or does it also do a step-up/down in this method?

    3 I was noticing my cables catching on fire when my machines were hooked up to 1x tin wire which have 1 amp tolerance, so my question is: do the cables require an amp rating equal to the amp input of all machines hooked up to that line, even if not active? (eg; 5 rolling machines, none one would require a cable with a amp tolerance higher than 5)

    4 Do transformers have internal losses in gregtech, or are they loss-less?

    Electric Tools have 25x durability now and are even faster, but everything else still the same.

    Thanks mate.

    Also, is there a real use for Magnetite other than it being 1/3 iron? One would assume that it should be necessary to magnetize iron rods before magnetizers, yet redstone fills that void (I mean, if it is having ambient current run through it, it would have some magnetic field to use, but still)
    And is Vanadium only useful for making Vanadium Gallium wires? The whole Meta-material system is awesome, but it makes understanding progression a bit harder.

    Hello everyone, i was wondering about the state of electric tools in the current GT. Do they still work the way they used to? (Ie, 10x durability, requiring eu charging, cannot be repaired) Or is there some way to repair the tool in question without breaking them down first. Cheers in advance,
    By the way Greg, i absolutely love your mod, i have and always will support you!

    PS: Why is there still the convention of Eu/tick when we have amperage and voltages? seems a mite silly.

    What did you create then? The name is so familiar. You've been on the forums before. I believe you created a mod of some relevance.

    Nope, no mods made, i'm a GT Vet, been i followed it for a number of years prior to my military service, i didn't bother much with minecraft during that time, hence the hiatus. I do remember you though. With a different less Katawa shouju avatar lol.

    Blocks requiring a compressor is in DynamicConfig.cfg
    "forcing one to use the GT circuits" I'm not sure what you mean by that...
    Tinker's Construct and GregTech have had a few conflicts over the last year, and have mutually removed any interactions between them.
    For Bronze, the (GT) Steam Smelter works.
    There should be a 'comments' section or some sort on the donation box
    Welcome Back (i have no idea who you are :P )

    Ohh, it's in the DynamicConfig? My apologies, i was just presented with a huge mess (Makes sense given that i have 197 mods installed in parallel) The wiki's description of the cfg files is rather out of date in my weak defense.
    I could be wrong, but after installing GT, trying to view any circuit from any mod just redirects me to the circuit recipe from gregtech, that's okay i guess, but i really preferred the days where all circuits from any mod were usable among each other including in GT. I'm afraid i'm not at a point where i can actually test whether those circuits remain craftable. just peeking into the bronze age at this point. It would really help if there were seperate NEI listings for the steam machines, even though they run off the same lists. and for whatever reason, some recipes aren't viewable immediately, ie clicking the bronze gear recipe shows all the machine methods, but not the hammer, clicking the gear again displays it. it's rather quite curious. or i'm just being silly, one of the two i suppose.

    And about Tic, is there any way i can jury rig the config files to detect it, or have the handlers just been plain disabled/taken out?

    Edit: Huh, is the dynamic config supposed to repeat? because i think it contains 4 iterations of the same thing. It's 15,000 lines in Notepad ++ which i don't quite think is right.

    Oh wow, a lot has changed since i last used this mod about a year ago... Really digging the bronze age so far, although correct me if i'm wrong, i thought that gregtech circuits used to play nice with the other mods, rather than forcing one to use the GT circuits, and my other nitpick is about the blocks requiring a compressor, i thought that used to have a config option associated with it.

    But so far, good show ol' chap :D

    Tinkers' construct doesn't seem to show up in the unificator.cfg, even deleting it and relaunching minecraft, this isn't a huge issue, but it means i don't have unification on any bronze i smelt.

    By the way, i attempted to donate 8 euros to you under the name benjamin joel mauer, but i saw no option to give a minecraft username, did i miss something?

    While they are certainly The most efficacious method of green energy near future, I still believe that other sources such as solar wind and water are much more green in the long run. Reactors still put out a fair amount of unprocessable material. However, once we get fusion in the black commercially, oh boy. :thumbup: