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    Wha? Railcraft overwrote RIron with Steel? I'm almost positive this was never the case. If ever they were interchangeable that was a massive bug. Steel is MUCH harder to get than Riron. Riron is just Pure iron, whereas steel has a small amount of carbon in it. Also, i believe minecraft works with an Override system, in other words, if greg modifies x recipe, then another mod that also modifies that recipe, is later in the load cycle, greg's would be overriitten.

    Edit, in machine recipes both metals work in many recipes for me. (ie machine block)

    Hey Greg, can you make the Machines not actually "consume"* the item it is processing? Or at least add a stop button, because if your power generation does not equal 128eu/t You are forced to disconnect the line, to finish that operation. Otherwise it takes infinite energy and does nothing with it. I realize there is a config to stop that behavior, but i like playing with the harder features.

    * The machines take the item, and you cannot take it out, therefore allowing for infinite power loss.

    Also, thebest, What has been Removed? Nothing to my knowledge, so why should there be lower tier items?

    Kane, you should just make a Super-UBER hardcore server, that only the brave like we will play on :D I already play with everything hard, except for the small stack size. (since i'm too lazy to change the config XD)

    And i want the freakin' Xycraft ores to be wayy toned down, just increase the drop amount soaryn, sheesh :P

    Greg, could you perhaps change the way nuclear reactors work? I would really like them to be bigger than just a max of 7 blocks, and move the internal components, to actual blocks, that you have to assemble. (and increase dramactically the power of uranium, because the reactor would be wayyy more expensive)

    4x Nikolite ore = 1 diamond dust = OPed :P trust me on this lol

    Isn't it 1 tiny dust? so it would require 16 nickolite ore to equal one diamond dust, which is somewhat limited in it's uses. Afaik you cannot automate the mining of blocks of nickolite (or any other drop block) I'd say that it is pretty darn balanced. especially as they occur around the same layers. I have way too many diamonds as it is on my playthrough.

    Some of you have been talking about Blutricity to eu, how is this done exactly?
    I know you can transfer Bt-Mj with her engine, but how about Mj-eu?
    Unless the electric engine has changed, i am a tad flummuxed lol.
    (also, is there info on her engine's conversion rates?)
    Loving the new additions greg, furthermore, i am very curious as to what this game you are making is about.
    Anything by you i am sure i would love :)

    Not sure if this has been suggested yet, but how about a jetpack that uses a lapotron crystal, (maybe something like steel, or titanium too) that also has no limit of height. because i find it somwhat odd that everything else has an upgraded version, but not those :P

    Heh sadly though Quoted from a site about nuclear energy
    "Fusion systems cannot melt down or explode since the fusion reaction only acts on a small amount of nuclear fuel at a time and can only occur if suitable conditions can be created and maintained for a sufficient time. If any part of the process does not work perfectly, fusion will not occur. In contrast, in a fission reactor, fuel is added in bulk and the reactor controls the rate at which a chain reaction occurs; if the control mechanism fails, the reaction can run away and a meltdown can occur."

    Without coils , if you are able to trigger a fusion reaction it may go out of control and consume atmospheric hydrogen and start creating a star (like the sun). Your house would be vanished along the world.

    Well in most cases yes, unless you were only fusing say, 1 picogram of D20, and tritium. this would generate a very tiny reaction. (comparitively)

    Progression should be a smoother journey. The Fusion Reactor should be functional with no coils, but the power output is greatly diminished and it only works with deuterium and tritium. Each additional fusion coil increases total EU output and EU/t, as well as unlocks additional recipes.

    Just going to point out that if you tried to attempt fusion with any coils to sustain and control the reaction, you would either blow up your building with searing plasma, or much more likely, nothing would happen, i do happen to agree that there should be more progression to the reactor, as it currently only needs one set of coiling for a reaction, it would be nice if we could either/both use more coils to make a complete Torodial Reactor, or use different coils that use things like Superconducting magnets, or the even more intriguing, piston powered fusion reactor. :D

    Also, is it masochistic to wish that ALL heat related generators would generate steam, like in real life? Also, i Request more multiblocks! 1^3 meter blocks get a bit old after a while, so why not a 10^3 m generator for burning tonnes of coal at a time? which would then produce oodles of steam for use in our much more believable factories :)