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    Try slabs, maybe. They are transparent blocks, but I'm not sure if the code is "no blocks above solar panel" or "no opaque blocks above solar panel". Considering that you can cover solars in glass and they still work, I'm pretty sure that a slab would work too. However, I suggest that soon you move to nuclear if you live in an underground cave.

    Well, I liked the BC-IC2 Crossover mod, but it's incompatible with Equivalent Exchange for some arcane reason that has something to do with the way EE saves block IDs, and I'm too deep into my LP to ditch EE. On the good news side, it appears that TehKrush of Plasticraft fame has picked up MFR, so maybe he'll be nice and update Power Converters for us. Who knows.

    I have a challenge for you. I want to find some way, using most likely Redpower but maybe Buildcraft to make an auto farm that plants, harvests, and mixes crops when needed. It should be able to plant new crops, deweed crops, and harvest crops only when they are completely grown. I have some slight inklings as to how to do it, but I'm going to need help. My end goal is to be able to have a machine that will be able to start with only vanilla MC farmable-items in its chest and end with at least one seed packet of every type new crop, up to Aurelia with minimal midpoint human interference. Scale doesn't matter, so whether it consists of fields stretching to the horizon full of things making the resources needed or if it can fit in a chunk doesn't matter.
    A few ideas I thought of that could help:

    • Deployers. USE THEM. OFTEN. They are mankind's greatest hope for automation.
    • Filters could be used to detect once a plant harvests something, what it is and then direct it to an area to be planted or stored.
    • Cropnalyzers aren't actually needed if you already know what combos make what. This is good because this machine will not be able to work them.
    • Sometimes, you might need to use a piston/block breaker to get rid of the crop, and sometimes, you will need to just harvest them with a deployer.

    Good luck. This is gonna be a big ol' machine we're building.

    Maybe not an addition of the machines, because there's now a vanilla IC version (no matter how power-sucking), but the compressed panels are SO useful. The server I'm on, pontusedberg's, is almost unplayable right now due to some people attempting to supply their MassFab needs with solars. THE LAG.

    Oh yeah and: next post is OVER 900.

    I remember Electric Minecarts. Most ill-conceived, buggy, feature ever in the history of IC. And crystal chargers. Oh, crystal chargers. And the nanosuit plus.

    Plasticraft got updated and has SMP now... might be a pretty cool mod to add to the list if it doesn't conflict with any of the ones we have already. Also, I have been getting a lot of "beta holes" on the tempmap recently (when it looks like a big hole down to the void, not like the Xray hole thing). Anyone know why?

    Edit: speaking of cool mods with SMP, the Portal mod has SMP too... :D Wanna see what kind of load it would put on the server?

    Edit 2: just tried to connect, and it seems like the server requires Planes, WW2 guns, and Vehicles to join? Anyone care to explain? Is this the TROLOLOL thingy going on? Not an IC server, just some stupidity with Flan's mods until the map gets fixed?

    Uhh, the image is broken for me, but I really do think that things like this show how Redpower is superior to BC. Except for those times when you want to do really weird shit with your things when you move them around, the automatic routing is far better than having to babysit your items along the route with iron pipes, overflow catchers with obsidian pipes, and the like. However, Buildcraft is still used as the dominant mod on servers due to RP's lack of autocrafting and mining systems, namely a quarry.

    Back in IC1, the whole nuclear industry worked like this: find uranium ore, make reactor, stick the ore in reactor to enrich it, and then stick the uranium ingots in the reactor again to get EU. You could also take your uranium ingots and make nukes with them and f**k s**t up.
    IC2 nuclear industry: get uranium ore, make reactor, chambers, coolant cells, HDs and plating, find design that gives good EU/t and doesn't overheat, compress uranium ore into ingots, stick it in cells, stick them in reactor, get EU/t. You can also use the refined uranium to make nukes and f**k s**t up.
    Much less boring, and I'm glad the IC2 team gave it its update. However, I did like the realism of having to refine uranium into a different product in a reactor before it could be used. The new "compression" method would make sense for uranium (U-235/U-239) in a reactor, but for making bombs? Nuclear weapons are made IRL almost always out of nuclear refuse (AKA plutonium, AKA P-241), not good potential energy filled uranium. So, I propose this: from now on, nukes are made by taking a Depleted Isotope Cell, extracting the Isotope, compressing the refuse, and then putting the new product back into a cell and into a reactor, like a breeder. Then making a bomb out of it. Perhaps to offset the cost of the extra processing, nukes only require one plutonium? Another bonus: the added complexity means that it is even HARDER for terrori- griefers to get their hands on super scary weaponry! So whaddya think? Does it need more balance? Do you think that this idea is good, but it should be more integrated in nuclear science so that it doesn't only apply to crazies who make nukes? Or should this idea be forgotten forever, doomed to the pits of the Nether?

    If you can run a reactor so resource intensive as to have almost a full perimeter of HDs and 16 uranium cells, you should be drowning in uranium by now. (Unless you cheated materials, in which case why care about efficiency?) If you want to be frugal with your uranium, just make depleted isotope cells and then enrich them with coal.

    OT: just use an HV transformer to step it down to 512 EU/t, and then send it through glass fibre. Make sure you have it so the 3-dotted end is facing towards the reactor, feed it RS, and hook up your cable.

    I was just joking about griefing bluebear... Also, there is a really bad set of fails in the store. There is an infinite money exploit that is as follows:

    • Make 16 IC credits,
    • turn them into $100,
    • buy a basic machine block for $100,
    • turn it into 8 refried iron,
    • make 32 IC credits.
    • ????
    • Profit.

    This lets you double your money easily and infinitely! It needs to have the store prices rebalanced!
    Also, the LV solar arrays are selling for 16000 and the HVs for 1000. Just a little flipped. I got a stack of HV arrays in 15 minutes with these tricks, so it really needs to be fixed. Also, can you put some items like :Mining Drill: or :Wrench: or :Batpack: or :Mining Laser: or :Chainsaw: or :Jetpack: and so on for sale at the store? Or can I have permission to do it for you?

    Maybe if the admins actually gave a couple people who actually PLAY op status things would go smoother. Or maybe a whitelist. I loved the feel of the server before FaggotMcGimp bluebear went haywire, but if it's so open that the best I can do to "stop" him is follow him around and take screenshots of him smashing things (and not upload them because Imgur is down in a SOPA protest) then it might be better to just go to another server and start anew.

    NEW IDEA: We find out what bluebear's server IP is and fuck up his server instead.

    Thebluebear is griefing the server currently.... I have been following him and I have been following him, taking screenshots. He is currently demolishing len997's compound. He will not stop until "len and louis apoligize for making fun of him for his dad having cancer". This sounds like bullshit. PLEASE, PERMABAN HIM! He has caused irreparable damage to the spawn and multiple times I have had to stop him from putting up quarrys, etc. He needs to be stopped! I can post the screenshots of him flooding len's base on imgur if you ask. His IGN is "thebluebear" without the quotation marks! Ban him!