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    shika: what... happened here........ the damage cant be another bomb. mmmmm..... theres no sign of a large amount inferred radiation. looks like am going to have to fix this.

    *shika's arm turns to wood and his fingers extend into the ground. all of a sudden trees start to grow around him*

    ?????: chaos!!!!! but how are you alive it cant be you......

    chaos: not time to explain, come with me fellow clan member

    nick: oh two vs one. not fair

    chaos: oh well your coming with us

    *chaos opens a portal and grabs nicks head and pushs him into it then ????? and chaos run into it*

    (am ending the story of this char)

    Shika: hmmmmm.... after the bombing everything been's so boring. security been uptight so i cant sneak out a night to hunt

    nick: ohhh.......

    *all of a sudden some purple eyes appears out of the corner of nick's eyes*

    chaos: hi!

    nickyou...... mmm... what you look different

    chaos: of course, future spambot leader. not allowed to cross timelines are we

    nick: what about the others.....

    chaos: in finished them off

    nick: now after me i see

    chaos: yep pretty much so lets so you compared to the spambot leader version of you

    *????? drops the body on the floor and pushs lucy off electos*

    lucy: a mysterious one. why do hide your face you .... bitey one

    ?????: thats not going to work on me

    lucy: oh really...

    lucy struts over to ????? and starts to lift the hood off him when all of a sudden two giant hands made of energy appear and trap lucy. ????? releases sarah*

    ?????: are you ok?

    sarah: Yes! thank you

    ?????: what the helll!!!!!!

    *a portal opens, chaos and three others are fighting at equal shoot out*

    chaos: we need to seal his power in the paradox sword now

    chronos: we must! this has gone too far

    order: let me prepare the seal

    landros: this is for your own sake

    nick: ONE DAY!!!!! i shall get revenge.... even i dont have my power i will find i way to destroy you. ill build an army of terror

    chronos: SEAL OF THE GREAT LORDS!!!!!

    order: he still has enough power left to teleport

    chaos: he dosernt have enough power to choose time and space. it will teleport him randomly plus if e does teleport it will use up all the power left

    landros: lets go...

    chronos: ok

    *chronos, chaos, order and landros open a portal and enter it then close it behind them*

    nick: DAM YOU ALL!!!!! THIS IS JUST A GAME TO YOU!!!!!

    *nick faints. ????? runs to him and flips nick over his/hers shoulder and carrys him back to blasters house*


    The past always comes back to haunt you


    What is your future my be another's past

    *everyone has left except chaos*

    chaos: i may be powerful, i may be immortal and never grow old but... the price for such thing is greater than you will ever know. i can never love, never feel and never understand pain. ive watched world burn in front of my eyes and not being able to do a thing about it and the worst things is when somebody you know burns in front of you

    *chaos starts to cry*

    chaos: i hope he succeed for mine... and your sake. i hope he never lives my life. its time for me to go...

    *chaos places his hand on the coffin and vanishes*

    Chaos: nicole am sorry i killed regiki but i had to.....

    *nicole whispers in chaos's ear*

    nicole: I know the truth.... because you are him. when i scanned both of you your DNA was shockingly similar

    *chaos looks like he has not aged. chaos walks to blasters glass coffin. chaos smurks*

    chaos: so it was here all along and i hope regiki succeed this time

    chaos went to mt melter and placed the paradox sword in the core with a note to regiki saying "you must not let blaster die and to kill chaos and the high spambot leader with this sword. YOU MUST NOT LET BLASTER MAKE THE FINAL MOVE".the paradox once placed exists in every moment in time but in the same space. after chaos travelled the universe searching the universe for time-space vortex back to when regiki was born or rather when he was born.

    chaos:am sorry regiki but.... your time has come

    *regiki losses control oh his right arm and stabs himself in the heart with his sword*


    chaos: ill tell you soon...

    *regiki's body flops to the floor*

    chaos: i could not help it... it had to end this way

    *the taint emarled starts to react wildly and regiki's body picks itself up and rips the sword out. the wound heals*

    chaos: i have full control of this body now its time to do my work

    *chaos throws the taint emarled at blaster*

    *regaos cuts his hand with a pocket knife and grabs his sword. the golden hilt of the sword starts wrapping around regaos. regaos point his sword at the high spambot leader*