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    regaos: uph...

    *regaos dahs and picks up the girl then dashs to nicole*

    regaos: look after her..

    nicole: ok, i love you

    regaos: and i love you.... if anything remember with this fragment of my body

    *regaos rips a fragemnt of his body from him*

    regaos: its time to die high spambot leader

    high spambot leader: its time.....

    * every spambot and spambot ship in the universe starts to fuse with the high spambot bot leader*

    spambot leader: you tr....

    spambot leader 2: aitor!!!!

    spambot leader 3: ARRRRRR!!!!

    spambot leader 4: ill kill you, you bastard

    * the fourth spambot leader manges to break away but the metallic machine breaks to reveal a human girl*

    girl: where.... what where where am i

    regaos: DANCE OF CHAOS!!!!!!

    *the flare blitz becomes larger and more powerful*

    Blaster: thanks, regiki

    regaos: am not done yet..... ARRRRR!!!!!

    *regaos flys up to the flare blitz and uses his own hand to push it*

    sarah: is he insane

    regaos: PARADOX SWORD!!!!! with CHAOS TITAN FORM!!!!!

    *regaos turns into a giant creature then a golden sword appears in his hand*

    high spambot leader: how many tricks did that chaos have i wonder? i wonder where he learnt them... maybe ill have extract the information from you!!!!

    regaos: take this!!!

    *regaos smashs his sword into the high spambot leader leaving a huge crater in his armour. after using that attack regaos is forced into his normal form again*

    high spambot leader: luckily for me you cant use that attack much can you?

    regaos: TEMPORAL DISTORTION!!!!!!

    *all of a sudden regaos disappears and reappers behind the high spambot leader. theres a starch mask running through the high spambot leader

    high spambot leader: you can power up i see so can i. HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

    *the high spambot leader chest turns into a huge ring and his arms extend and energy collectors pop out from his arms. a unknown crystal appears in his head. his legs disappear.*

    high spambot leader: hahaha

    *the high spambot leader grabs blaster but order and regaos combine there power into one*

    regaos + order: TEMPORAL DIMENSIONAL RIFT BOMB!!!!!

    high spambot leader: dam you

    * the high spambot leader drops blaster and regaos summons a shield under him to break the fall*

    blaster + regaos + order: UNIWATER DESTROYER!!!!!!

    high spambot leader: how can you hope to win

    Regiki: its time

    Chaos: ok but one more thing. my brother, scott its time for you aswell

    *Chaos places his hand on scotts chest*

    Chaos: the seal is already damaged. this will be easier. AWAKEN MY BROTHER. ORDER! AND REGIKI FUSE WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Chaos and regiki fuse and scott turns into order but has full control this time*

    regaos: wow i feel amazing but why cant i hear chaos anymore.

    * the chaos fragment falls to the ground and turns to ash*

    regaos: chaos is already gone.. he just did this for me to help save minecraftia. somehow i feel the same. memories i never had are flowing through me but somehow am in those memories. my mother. my farther. brother, sister. order,agony

    * chaos teleports to blaster and the others*

    chaos: sorry. i cant face him alone. even i cant. i see you have quite the crew now. i remember being forced to use my taint powers and nearly destroying the digital world and you saving me... WAIT i have said too much shit

    tainted regicole: i dont care how long this takes i will win for everyone..... max POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    * a tainted aura starts to appear around tainted regicole and purplish lighting starts coming out of his body. his flesh also is starting to fall apart*

    tainted regicole: i cant keep this up for long or ill die.

    spambot: prepare to die

    tainted regicole: NOOOOO!!!!!!!

    *the spambot can not handle the amount of pressure from tainted regicole and starts to collapse into itself *

    tainted regicole: I ... I... WILL NOT FAIL

    *tainted regicole slams down a wall and sees scott died*

    tainted regicole: I FAILED ... i failed no no no no i failed I FAILED

    *tainted regicoles max power limit starts to rise. his flesh stripes away to reveal spike and tentcles. his hands turn into huge claws and eyes turn pure red*

    tainted regicole: DAM YOU!!!

    * tainted regicole runs up to the high spambot leader and cuts his right arm off and cuts his eye*

    tainted regicole: THERES MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM

    high spambot leader: please kill yourself

    * the high spambot leader grabs tainted regicole with his left arm and little nanobot start crawling out of the high spambot leader and into tainted regicole*

    tainted regicole: WHAT ARE YOU DOING....

    high spambot leader: taking that from you

    tainted regicole: NO! NOT THIS TIME!!!!!!!

    *tainted regicole rips his taint emerald from his chest and throws it at the chaos fragment container. the emerald starts to react with the fragment and chaos starts to appear but tainted regicoles body flops to the ground*

    high spambot leader: no no no this should not have happened. wait a min. there's one trick left

    chaos: hello old friend

    high spambot leader: how will you fight with part of your body that exists in this dimension

    *a wall in the high spambot leaders chamber starts to glow, blaster and the spambot leader watch and suddenly the wall explodes. Tainted regicole is floating in mid air with the taint emerald stuck in his chest*

    Tainted regicole: sorry blaster for disorbaying you but this had to be done. hey high spambot leader i shut down your little surprise machine. ive seen a prototype of it when we where at mt melter

    high spambot leader: HAHAHAHAHA would i ever make it that obvious

    Tainted regicole: what... WHAT DO YOU MEAN

    high spambot leader: look all around you

    *the room starts to melt and little red gems appear out of the melted mess. the gems start to glow and the melted mess transforms into loads of spambots*

    Tainted regicole: you where just using minecraftia to piloshper stones!!!!!!!

    Regiki: why after going this far he leaves us behind, why? he cant except to beat them by himself. i dont care what he says am coming aswell

    *regiki transforms into tainted regicole*

    Tainted Regicole: Portable hole!!!!!!

    *a hole appears in the shield over minecraftia and tainted regicole flys through. the hole closes behind him*

    Tainted Regicole: Vis thrusters at max vis output now!!!!!!

    * tainted regicole starts heading into spambot space*

    sorry ive been away but its hard using a family computer after mine melted. i like to point nicole died in order to save regiki. she merged with his taint power to give regiki some extra power after the spambots machine drained him dry

    Nicole: Am sorry regiki am so sorry i have to do this......

    Regiki: what.....

    Nicole: data sync with your taint powers

    Regiki: dont... i can send your data to blaster

    Nicole: But you will die....

    Regiki: i cant let you

    Nicole: DATA SYNC ACTIVE!!!!!!!

    Regiki: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

    *regiki starts to transform*

    tainted regicole: WOW..... this is cooler than the last but i can not let nicole do this for nothing

    *regiki has huge chunky vis thrusters for feet and two tiny thrusters on his back. the taint crystal appears in his chest and his skin turns hard and purple. giant spikes appear from his head and his hair spikes up. his eyes change shape and start to glow . massive fangs from his top jaw appear. ancient metallic armor appears all over him*

    tainted regicole: i MUST stop this.......

    Nicole: Wake up... Wake up... Wake up... Dam Regiki

    Regiki: huh whats going on

    * regiki looks around and sees the glass cover is smashed and regiki steps out of the tube. he falls to ground straight away. he sees creature with glowing eyes in the background and purple goo everywhere*

    Nicole: we need to leave

    *regiki wakes up as the drugs wear off in metal tube with a glass*

    Regiki: WHAT where am i...

    spambot leader: welcome to my factory

    Regiki: what do you plan to do?

    spambot leader: something with you and these digimon

    *regiki looks around and sees beaten up digimon in metal cages*

    Regiki: why am in here??

    spambot leader: your too dangerous even for me. active the seals and crystallizer and cryo tube

    *giant rings start to appear around the tube and crystal starts to spread around the rings*

    Regiki: ar.... its cold in he...

    *regiki falls asleep while the tube get cooler*

    spambot leader: active project takeover

    * the rings start to glow aswell as regikis eyes and a huge energy beam shoots up through the tower of the factory up into the sky. the digimons eyes start to turn into regikis eyes and get weird purple symbols all over them*

    spambot: sir, the computer cant handle it

    spambot leader: i dont care

    spambot: sir.....

    * the computer console explodes then the rings and crystal that surround regiki shatter. a massive shockwave of flux comes out of regiki and taint starts to grow*

    spambot leader: shut it down NOW!!!!

    spambot sir... we cant

    spambot leader: then come with me to the escape portal!


    spambot leader: spambot leader 3 to high spambot leader. mission abort. it was failure. we cant control the taint yet it spreads too quickly.

    *As Regiki enters the digital world, nicole returns to a gantlet form and regiki taint power disapear*

    Regiki: i dont remember it like this when i left

    *theres a huge metal tower with 4 colossal genrators with corrupted digimon in a cage*

    spambot: found you!!!

    *before regiki could anything the spambot drugs him*