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    Regiki: Taint crystal break the boundaries between human and taint

    Tainted Regiki: Your no match for me like that


    *scott keeps lashing out at regiki but keeps missing*

    Tainted Regiki: your anger has blinded you. you cant hope to win like that

    *scott has wrecked the entire room but no hit regiki once*

    Tainted Regiki: do i really have to do this..... TAINT BLAST with TAINT TENTACLES!!!!!!!

    *tentacles wrap around Scott while a bolt of energy restrains him*

    Tainted Regiki: calm down then fight me. btw aaron isnt dead i just... put her to sleep for a bit

    Regiki: Scott sorry about earlier but i needed to to set this up so we could try and get the darkus crystal out of you. i first noticed something was wrong when you turned into order more than often. the people you killed was golems i disguised as people using taint flesh. the tainted version of me gave me the taint crystal so i could do that.

    Regiki: Please Leave

    * regiki uses a spell on the drone.The drone exits the room*

    Regiki: So.. you nearly killed them all like you did with the others. i know these locks arnt good enough for you so ill give you tighter ones

    *taint tentacles wrap around scott*

    Regiki: Lets see....

    *Regiki places his hand on scotts head and enters his mind*

    Darkus crystal: ooh, a guest

    Regiki: ill be more than guest to you. taint crystal restrain the darkus crystal .

    Regiki: dam.... he got away.

    *Blaster is about to grab regiki's shoulder when regiki teleports*

    Regiki:When everything is said and done.Still looking for answers, if only one.Turn my back, the urge has gone.Left with no reason, we come undone

    *Regiki is hovering over a temple*

    Regiki: so this is the temple where my emerald belongs.... Taint Temple

    *Regiki starts focusing all of the vis around him into the emerald making it unstable then fires a giant beam of energy into the sky that hits a spambot cruiser *

    *the 2nd regiki looks weaker than the first*

    Regiki: We.. Cant live without one another, join me even though i did not beat up

    Tainted Regiki: i agree

    *the discolored falls from the sky into regiki hand the 2 become one*

    Tainted Regiki: we are regiki. i am regiki.

    * regiki now has horns and orange cat eyes with harden purple skin. claws instead of hands and a long sword in his right hand*

    Tainted Regiki: NOW DIE!!!!

    *regiki stabs Agony in the heart*

    both Regiki's: ARRRR YOU MONSTER!!!!!!!

    *as one gets anger the other one does. the 2nd regiki mutates even more an starts to spread taint all around*

    Regiki 1: Why? Why did you kill them. they are trying to help me so i would not hurt you guys but it looks like i have to hurt you scott!!!

    Regiki 2: ARRRRRRR!!!!!!!! WAAAAA!!!!!

    *Regiki 's seal completely breaks and the taint comes pouring out from him then regiki teleports behind scott while the other regiki teleports in front*

    Regiki 2: FEAR.... ME!!!! ARRRRR

    Regiki 1: you went to far


    Regiki 1: you can not be forgiven

    Ellie: you ready tough guy!!!!

    freezer: time to summon your taint self also i forgot to tell you. you have to quit blasters team and join ours.

    Regiki: ok

    * a discolored regiki appears with mutations all over him*

    Regiki: ...

    * the two regiki's suddenly burst into a flurry of punches at each other then let off a gaint vis bomb at each other which destroys the frames carriers bridge*

    Regiki: ARRRRR!!!!!

    Tainted Regiki: dont deny me!!!!!!!!! you are only denying yourself

    Regiki: blaster am sorry i came here but i need to go back to our world

    Blaster: well i want a proper reason later. you can go

    *when regiki enter the portal his gauntlet disappears *

    Regiki: am back.... i need to call them

    Tainted Regiki: so you do accept me

    Regiki: yes

    Tainted Regiki: here have this

    * a weird discolored emerald appears in Regiki's hand*

    Regiki: Ready!!!!!!

    * 6 pillars appear around the frame carrier then a purple aura appears around regiki also the emerald shoots up out of the frame carrier*




    ????: sup

    ????: looks cute :)

    ????: my who do we have here

    Regiki: hi guys. so you guys can help me come to terms so to speak with the taint inside me

    ????: yes

    ????: my name is tom

    ????: MY! name is ellie

    ????:hpm... elliot

    ????: am the boss. freezer

    ????: benji

    ????: am the one they call cryus

    *a glare of light appears behind blaster and the group*

    Regiki: Hi guys!!!!

    Blaster: wheres Nicole?

    Regiki: Here

    *in here. regiki lifts his arm up to reveal a blank gauntlet*

    Regiki: watch this!!!!!!

    *regiki presses a button then he starts to transform. two hairs strands grow bigger into a blade pattern then his eyes change shape. giant bone spikes appears on his. some nano and holographic armour appear with a sword and shield in his hands*

    Regiki: Nicole? Nicole?

    Nicole: yes,

    Regiki: where are you?

    Nicole: in here

    *regiki looks at his gauntlet*

    Regiki: how?

    Nicole: you made me from code. everything turns to code in the digital world.

    Regiki: how come I have gauntlet like the others

    Nicole: I may not be a digimon but am just code and data like them and you are my partner

    Regiki: Nicole I know blaster said not to go to the digital world but do want see it?

    Nicole: I don't know about this...

    Regiki: come on

    Nicole: ok then

    *regiki and Nicole sneak into the teleporter*

    Regiki:whats happening !!!!!

    *regiki wrist starts to glow and a gauntlet appears. Nicole starts to disappear*

    Gauntlet: Connection confirmed, partner bond complete.

    Regiki: Nicole?!?!

    Nicole: yes

    Regiki: nicole see this....

    * a plant and crystal lay together then all of sudden they fuse together*

    Nicole: thats beautiful!!!!

    Regiki: thats not alll

    * the crystal plant shatters in dust and sparks of energy fly out*

    Nicole: may i ask what was wrong you earlier....

    Regiki: This!!!!

    *regiki removes the top of his chestplate and reveals a seal on his chest*

    Nicole: what is this

    Regiki: a seal to prevent the taint from taking over me and escaping

    Nicole: theres so many cracks....

    * her hand touchs regikis chest. regiki blushs*

    Nicole: is there anything i can do

    Regiki: dont worry about me anyway wanna use this modified blink spell . it can blink us into other dimensions.

    Nicole: ok

    *regiki removes her hand and places his chestplate back on. regiki cats the spell and they vanish*

    Regiki: where they hell are we

    Nicole: this does not look normal. theres allot of decay

    Regiki: ill check the records to see if anybodys been here before

    *regiki press some buttons on his armor*

    Regiki: theres no number but the name of this place is the chaos realm

    Nicole: NO no no it cant. this brings back memories from the first war but i dont remember any decay here.


    Regiki: i know that voice!!!! where are you

    Chaos: everywhere

    Regiki: dont hurt her

    Chaos: what ???? i dont want to hurt anybody

    Regiki: reallly

    Chaos: here you go!!!

    Regiki:huh what gam.....

    * regiki get a image of powerful spambot leader with a fragment in his hand *

    Chaos: you see, i fought the spambots before with blaster and his A.I N.I.C.O.L.E. when i died a part of me was left behind and my soul and energy where connected to it. the chaos in your dreams is not me but the high spambot leader pretending to be me using part of me that was left behind.

    Regiki: ok...

    Chaos: dont believe me i helped blaster. ask him!

    Nicole: that is true

    Chaos: i cant do anything pyscially but i can still help you . i will now break the seal!!!

    Nicole and Regiki:NO!!!!!!!!!!!

    * a massive blast of energy gets released from regikis chest then his hands to claws and his eyes turn fully orange. his skin turns purple and hardens. his belly expends x 10 and grows a mouth on it. 6 tenctles come out of his back. his jaw bone becomes wider and razor sharp teeth size of sharks come out.*

    Tainted Regiki Stage 1: arrr....

    Nicole: what have done!!!!!

    Chaos: wait... Regiki control it. you are stronger than it!! beat it

    Tainted Regiki Stage 1: Must save Nicole..... MUST SAVE everybody KILL ALL SPAMBOTS ARRRRRRR!!!!!

    Chaos: they are 4 stages to his taint form. you must eat eat and harvest taint to get to stage 2 and 3. he will continue to expand as he eats more. so i would get a big ship to carry him but dont worry in stage 4 the energy is released and he turns a majestic powerful creature with lighting speed movements. just think stage 1 to 3 are the cocoon then stage 4 is the butterfly. Oh and bye

    *regiki and nicoles teleport back*


    *Regiki looks normal again and nicole hugs him*

    Regiki: i said dont worry

    nicole: you know i will

    Regiki: yeah

    Regiki: its so painful. the crack on seal has start to open faster than before.....

    *regiki suddenly grabs a metal rod and crushs into a pile of dust*

    Nicole: are you ok????

    regiki: am fine... just using up allot of vis making you biological. oh i see my clothes fit you just right. wanna go to the bridge?

    nicole: sure

    *we head to the bridge finding scott and a girl*

    alice: mmmm..... theres not quiet right about that other girl scott and you should be more wary of him. he has a deal with a lord. the lord of time, chronos.

    regiki: who is this scott?

    nicole: shes a wither mage

    Regiki: with knowledge of reanimation and control over vis i think pull this off.....

    *regiki skin starts to crack and sizzle*

    Regiki: nearly there!!!!!!!

    *his eyes start to glow orange*

    Regiki: digital to bio conversion nearly complete

    *his armour starts to fall off his chest and reveals a seal which is stating to crack*

    Regiki: there

    * a light shines and a timid girl gurls up on the floor with no clothes on. regiki helds out his hand*

    regiki: you should get something on.

    girl: access database for answer!!!! what....

    *the girl looks down*

    girl: .....

    regiki: i turn you into a biological creature nicole

    nicole:ok... regiki

    regiki: just call me regi. you can borrow some of my clothes for now

    nicole: ok

    *on the bridge*

    Computer: A.I missing

    Blaster: N.I.C.O.L.E come in

    * blaster starts heading to the server room

    Chaos: why.... do you do this? what is your goal?

    high spambot leader: I want to become everything!!!!!!!! i want to be the destroyer and creator. everything will be apart of me.

    Chaos: even so why use me?

    high spambot leader: they fear you

    Chaos: that is just wrong. i dont care if they fear me just dont hurt them!!!!!

    high spambot leader: get the nuke ready.

    spambot leader 2: yes sir

    Chaos: i will not. I WILL NOT ALLOW THIS!!!!!!!!!!

    * the fragmment in the high spambot leaders hand starts to glow. a transparent figure appears*

    Chaos: i dont have long in this form. it not even that powerful but it will do to finish you off quick and snappy

    high spambot leader: hahaha....

    * a machine comes out of the floor and traps chaos in it and all of a sudden he disappears and returns to the fragment*

    *on the carrier*

    Regiki: Vis camo

    *regiki disapears*

    Regiki: time to find the server room then locate nicoles files.

    *regiki finally finds the server room and uses portable hole on the door*

    *regiki puts his hand on the server and starts to chant something*

    N.I.C.O.L.E: Blaaddster.... sromthing i10110100 happening 100101010101

    Computer: Intruder in the server room!!!!!

    * red alarms go off everywhere*