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    That's great.

    I want something that forces the natural occurrence, Lightning, constantly and everywhere within a 20 block radius of the machine.

    Tesla Coil doesn't force nature to do it's bidding. It just goes 'poof' and things die.

    Yeh, might be slightly off-topic, but this does annoy me, I'd like to see the Tesla Coil actually emit lightning instead of the puff of purple smoke we have atm...

    Either way, fix the luminators :P

    Read 4 pages of the suggestion forum, nothing about luminators at all that I can see. Also, i had no idea they were going to be reworked, so don't bark at me ;(

    Also, I know lightning rods are a stupid idea, and would never expect to see it in IC2 ;) ;)

    PS, can you try to be less of an asshole? It's not the most appealing thing in the world, and just makes me more inclined to give up on IC2 and convert to something like RedPower


    I'm currently building a small town in Minecraft, and am annoyed by the way Luminators currently have an internal storage unit without the ability to turn it off/take it out. I just spent 3 hours trying to design a light detector using solar panels, MFE's, mass fabricators and redstone repeaters, to end up discovering that Luminators won't turn off when the current is removed because of their internal storage.

    I would like to be able to use Luminators like real lights, so they turn off when a current is removed, and turn on when a current is applied. This would be useful for my street lights in my town, as well as being able to build a mob spawner that can be luminated when not spawning mobs, etc.

    I know in MineCraft 1.2 we now have Redstone lamps that fulfill the same objective, but Redstone is not as easy to use as IC2 cabling, and not as flexible either.

    I'm not suggesting that the internal storage should necessarily be removed, but maybe adding a GUI with the ability to turn it off if you don't want it.

    Surely, just having a trail of redstone, with a redstone torch at the end, on top of wooden planks, placed over the top of the reactor would work? Obviously it needs to be hooked up to an inverter before connecting to the reactor, but as soon as the wooden planks burn, the restone torch proviging the signal is disconnected, making the inverter power the reactor, shutting it off.

    Sure, you'll lose a lump or two of redstone into your reactor coolant pool (if there's coolant still there by then), but it's better than a crater in your map where a reactor used to be.

    16/10/2011 16:58:55.479 [0x0-0x125125].com.Mojang Specifications.Minecraft.Minecraft: java.lang.RuntimeException: EnergyNet: EnergyBlockLink corrupted (ic2.common.TileEntityElectricBatBox@f7d41f [-248 65 96] -> ic2.common.TileEntitySolarGenerator@1e0312b [-248 68 95] -> ic2.common.TileEntitySolarGenerator@1a27d4b [-248 68 95])

    Whilst that has indeed fixed the problem, it seems rather redundant, as i have a large (12 unit) batbox array about 10 blocks away from the solar flower :s

    Also, if it's not a bug (or indeed is a bug, but hasn't been fixed), It might be an idea to post the fix/workaround on the wiki, as i saw no reference on the wiki to this problem (or indeed a bug report or any reference to this limitation anywhere on the forums)

    |i have built a solar flower a la this design, with space to walk underneath it. The problem is, if i put wires away from the stem, they do not conduct energy. There is nothing wrong with the flower, because it will power a furnace directly attached to the stem, but it will not power anything attached to cables branching away from it. This also seems to affect any sort of energy generating device, as it also affects a wind farm i constructed, making it useless.

    This is on IC2 v1.15 on Minecraft 1.8.1

    This is, IMHO a very serious bug, and renders the mod completely non-functional for any type of power grid design.