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    Hey there,

    A friend and I just restart a server with the new GT6 alpha, we get our second crucible and mold (first one kill me xD). I have a question for the can we reverse the chisel on them ? Can we change a mold chisel for a plate in a one for ingot ?

    Thanks for the answer :)

    You cannot unchisel a mold. Once chiseled, it is chiseled forever. You can however melt down molds in the crucible to get the raw material back (although you can't really do anything with the clay scrap from ceramic molds yet so this only applies to metal molds).

    are the ratios the same as if the ore is washed? NEI's not showing any smelting recipes for impure limonite dust / impure banded iron dust / impure magentite dust. I tried substituting the impure dusts and followed the "clean" dust recipe in the crucible, but it didn't work. (i.e. i put in 4 impure yellow limonite dust and 1 dark ashes and melted it, but it woudln't pour into the mold when i clicked on it).


    If you look in the advanced tooltip of any item, such as an impure dust, it'll show you how much of each material it has. When you put it into the crucible it'll turn into the equivalent amount of those materials, and you can then smelt the shit out of it using normal crucible whateverness.

    I would like to know if the download version that you give in that post is also good for a server. Because we want to install GT on our server. I've downloaded the version and had config it, but I don't know if I can use the files from my Pc and install them on the server.

    Most forge mods, including GregTech, can be used on both the server and client. If you do use it on the server, then all the clients need to use it as well.

    To set a parameter to null, literally pass null to the parameter. Like this

    mods.gregtech.Mixer.addRecipe(<minecraft:clay_ball>, null, [<minecraft:sand>, <minecraft:cobblestone>], <liquid:water> * 100, 100, 16);

    You can't just skip a parameter. If you don't want to output any fluid, then you have to pass null for Outputfluid.


    The fourth thing is an ON/OFF switch for the Machine. It doesn't only turn the Machine off, but also eventual Motors/Heaters/Engines/etc which are directly adjacent and pointing into the Machine. (this doesn't apply to lowtech things like the Burning Box)

    Will this turning off feature also extend to things that are directly adjacent and pointing into things that are directly adjacent and pointing into the machine? Or does it only apply to things that immediately power the machine and not indirectly?

    This is an awful bug. Such behaviour has no logic. How even gt was released with such flows? And who even made the code to make it work such way...? As a programmer i blame him.

    It's not a bug, it's just how the system was designed. The GT electric system works by pulling energy from the nearest energy source that hasn't reached its amperage limit for that tick in a deterministic manner. As such, if you have multiple battery buffers, it'll pull from the closest one first, only pulling from farther ones when more amperage is requested than the first buffer can provide, or if the first buffer runs out of energy.

    Sorry if this seems like a newbie question (I haven't played IC or GT much since the release of minecraft forge for 1.7.10) : What is rotational energy with respect to this mod and is it compatible with rotary craft? I had noticed it in the changelog just now and wasn't sure if this was something new or even which of the mods added it (greg-tech or industrial craft).

    GregTech has a bunch of energy units such as HU KU RU. They are all 1:1 equivalent with EU. As far as I know, there aren't any mods that are compatible with the GT energy units other than EU. It is possible that one day RotaryCraft will add compatibility with GT's RU but you'd have to ask Reika about it.

    I should also mention that the platinum ore texture is either missing or the name is not aligned to what the code references.
    This isn't a huge game-breaking problem, but it sure does make platinum ore look "interesting"

    Go install Waila so you can see which mod that ore is actually from so you can make sure your complaint is directed at the correct mod.

    If you want to solve the endgame problem, you just gotta make something super epic that requires achieving silly fusion levels of power. Say... hiding a stargate somewhere underground in a 10km radius around spawn and to get it working again would require a fusion reactor. Then you can relegate a lot of content from other mods like twilight forest and stuff to dimensions only accessible through stargates.