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    erfectly inside one Chunk) for the inner Wall (and hidden wiring), this helps me a lot, as I often miscalculate needed Space for the Wiring.
    and a Construction Space of 14x14 in the inside.

    For the height I suggest 7 in the Interior

    hello, can you please send me a screenshot? i can't understand how is your house

    The second slot is designed to put tin in while you're macerating copper to get more bronze ^^.

    its weird, i can't macerate cooper and tin ore into bronse.. and the machine is bugged.. for example it doesnt turn off if i remove the lever (i need to turn it off before remove it) and other weird things i can't explain..

    i am using last build of ic2, the last version of this mod

    and i am also using compact solars, gregs tech bc and other addons for this mods

    hi, does someone knows good designs for IC2 houses?

    in my first world i had a small house with: 1 bedroom which there was a bed and a lot of chests, the main "living room" where all ic2 machines was placed on a "main wall" with a small room behind it with wires, mfu\batbox units (and solar paines in the roof of that little room)

    i am bad at design... and now i wanted to start playing Build Craft, and gregtech machines.. so i need a new house

    i like simple houses which have almost anything close and don't need to move a lot around the house to get the stuff i need...

    my first house was based on this wiki picture which i really loved

    can someone provide me with some examples (either world words, or schematics.. or pictures showing how to build..)

    i also love to use solar painels on the top of the house or a part of the top (now i use compact solar arrays mod)

    i am a new corner in the industrial craft stuff

    i agree with the OP

    i had used the wiki so many times to find info on recipes and what to do etc,

    but it seems the wiki is not that usefull sometimes..
    when i read an article and i see thoose jokes, i skip them, i really don't care abou them, i thought that someone can find them funny maybe like.. but i personally hate them.. my english is not great and i don't understand a lot of them, but come on, i come for the wiki to read info, not "jokes".. i don't care about them

    usually i am playing industrial craft, and i have the wiki open for see the recipes or read what exaclty does a machine i didn't tryed yet..

    there is a lot of recipes missing in the recipes list, like the materials and etc..

    i know,"why don't you ad it blblabla", but come on you expect the new guy who doesn't know much about the industrial craft to write that info

    about the UUmatter recipes, i don't agree with the OP, they are supposed to be semi-secret, i personally tried to find them myself and i had found about 10 recipes alone (but then i get tired and searched in another website luls)

    some info is really hard to find, like the info about what exaclty is voltage and how it works

    i had trouble to find voltage was actually "packets" and not eu/t, when i had 6 solar painels in one tin wire i really get confused why it didn't explode, and just after some search i could find about the packets... i mean the wiki doesn't give easy links to that information, it does for some of the recipes, but not for mechanics..

    here is a design i taked from here (this forums)

    here is my attempt to follow this design:

    so, after some time, the reactor goes RADIATION EVERYWHERE BUM *EXPLOSION" DEAD, and i can't find a reactor defibrillator :C
    i am glad i did a backup of my save before starting the monster

    i'm using the new beta 1.112, does the planner needs to update, or it never worked with some crazy designs? :C


    to something below 4096

    i am an idiot or something is really weird, i changed all to 4050-4055 range and it worked..
    stupid stupid, i did readed the out of bound thing but didn't taked it literally, i thought ids range was up to 20.000...

    but btw, is there any tool or way to convert my word to another IC2 ids?

    thank you very much really, and sorry if i was a little like "annoying kid".. or something like that, i was getting frustrated..

    i changed all the IDS from computer craft, here is a picture BEFORE install computer craft ( with my map working on IC2)

    here is the 2 logs after putting the computer craft:

    ID's i had used on computer craft cfg files:

    and just to be sure here is my IC2 cfg file:

    so, i had changed the option in IC2 where it says it will try to look for new free ids to true, and i installed back computer craft, now the game is like 2 minutes ago stuck (not responding) i don't know if its working or crashed with no log but i will try to wait more time and see if it does something good

    edit: it crashed, i will try to get new ids, and see if it breaks my map..

    The Yes and No Screen is saying that the World and your Minecraft uses different ID's.

    hello, yes i thought so, i made a backup of the world and i am trying random fixes, i pressed no, and the server shuted down, i didn't tried yet to say yes, but i will try everything i know

    so, i just updated to 1.4.6 and the new in beta IC2 1.112

    i had a world, wich i had so much work on it,
    and then i installed computer craft (1.481), the game just crashed after that.... so i deleted the cfg files i had in the config folder, an then magically, the game was working

    i tried to load my map and then a forge corrupted menu happeared with 2 buttons "yes" or "no"

    i find out the IC2 jut generated diferent ids in the cfg files newly created, so i am guesing forge was asking me about some block id missing stuff

    my question is, how do i install both mods without breaking my world?

    i tried to change computercraft block and items id to diferent new ones wich are not on the cfg files, and it just keep crashing :C

    can someone help me, i was trying to use computer craft and industrial craft at the same time but it crashes after mojang..

    minecraft version 1.4.6

    forge: Build

    IC2 version 1.112 (from this post)

    computer craft: 1.481

    crash reports:

    txt file: