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    That Code has changed since I copied it over to the Thread 4 Hours ago. That is why I included a copy of the original in the Spoiler below, to prevent you doing things like that after I sent the Message.

    If you look one folder up, you will see that the last change for the code was "a day ago".…c/tconstruct/plugins/misc

    Please explain the Part where you remove the whole Mod from the google event Bus.

    Google's event bus was designed to have parts registered and unregistered. All you need to do is give it an object to (un)register and it proceeds as normal.

    To be clear, only the ore dictionary file is unregistered. The rest of the mod is intact.

    I can shorten them a bit.

    Shortening them does not solve the problem. People are reporting your suggestions as bugs. The bug reports are what I want gone; that's the whole point.…ins/misc/
    This code unregisters GregTech's ore handler. It was tested extensively enough to know that it does not crash, explode, or do anything other than lose some data from GregTech. This is rather crude; we've been discussing altering the lists that contain "improper values", adding them to the ignore list, etc.

    If I were to change the code on GregTech's end, I would write all of the offending entries to a file and leave a note in the log. As-is the entries can take upwards of 100 lines, sometimes more.

    I should also note that this code is in the highly unstable, development version of Tinkers' Construct. It's not meant to be used on servers or stable worlds.

    Berries - Tier I
    - Basic plant, grows very fast
    - Needs sunlight, not torches or glowstone
    - Drops a few berries when harvested
    - The berries double as both food and seeds
    - Can be found in the wild. (if possible?) Nope, as cropblocks dont occur naturally
    - Appear as vines when growing, vines with berries when ready
    - Sometimes has spines/thorns, damaging mobs that walk into it (but not much)
    - "food", "basic", "sunlight", "wild", "spiky"

    Tomatoes - Tier II
    - Basic plant, grows at medium speed
    - Bred from berries. (Big berries? lol)
    - Appear as vines when growing, vines with tomatoes when ready
    - Drops few fruit on harvest.
    - "food", "basic", "red"

    Potato - Tier I
    - Basic plant, grows slowly
    - Appears as a bush while growing, bush with blue flowers when ready
    - Harvesting when not ready yields less or smaller potatoes.
    - Hardy plant, very resistant to trampling and bugs
    - Drops a medium amount of food when harvested
    - "food", "basic", "hardy", "early harvest"

    Topato - Tier III
    - Hybrid plant that produces both potatoes and tomatoes. (These really exist without a name)
    - Appears as a bush while growing, bush with tomatoes when ready
    - Harvesting when not ready yields only potatoes
    - Yields about half as many tomatoes and potatoes as either base plant, but produces both so it evens out.
    - "food", "crossbreed"

    I have the same problem with no sound. The sound and music are actually stuck on Off; trying to increase them from the options menu crashes the game with an "out of memory" error.