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    Hey. I wanted to use this mod in my ModPack but its in 1.4.7. I'm trying to find a download link for the earlier version for it but it looks like you only keep up the current versions. Can you also put up the older versions please?

    All versions that were ever public are on the wiki download page (

    hello , in 1.14 version i have a bug such as when i put anything in charge slot it momentally charges not using any eu , but when i wear it it uncharges faster then in a second.

    That shouldn't be happening... I'll look at it.

    Dunno why I've been putting this off so much. Regardless, here it is. Download link in main post.

    -Fixed crash when upgrading Exo Solar or Exo Static armors
    -Fixed discharge module not using the correct amount of EU
    -Added Armor Assembler upgrades- one for survival, and one for creative.
    -Updates for Minecraft 1.5, unstiched textures and all that tedious stuff.
    -Added functionality for Transformer upgrades to reduce an item's charging tier thanks to changes in the IC2 api
    -Added tooltips to all the upgrades, showing what they can be applied to
    -Added a custom logger. Not a big thing you'll notice, but the console output looks different now.
    -If the flight turbine module is NOT installed, you can turn the jetpack off by pressing the ` key.
    -Added support for advanced solar panels: Upgrades for the Advanced, Hybrid, and Ultimate Hybrid panels, and recipes to convert the ASP solar helms into equally upgraded nano/quauntum helms (including EU amounts)

    Can you add support for special armors (
    It would definitely allow some interesting combo's ;) .

    I see no need for full support for that. Most of those features are already available from the currently existing combo armors.

    Thank you that you find for me time. Could issue your new version fashion and on 1.4.7? I consider that for the server using success version 1.5 with fashions is yet stable.

    Let me just make sure I understand you- are you saying you want a config option to disable each bow mode?
    Yes. I will need to switch off explosions and fire (fashion of nano-bow) as they cause a loss out of zone pvp.

    I don't think I will backport to 1.4.7, I don't have a copy of the 1.4.7 source so it would be a lot of undoing and I don't want to have to maintain two versions. Sorry :(

    UnixRano, you can add shutdown of some nano-bow modes in settings?
    I use MCPC, nano-bow causes a loss to other players where pvp of a zone isn't present by means of fire and explosions.

    Thanks in advance!

    Sure! I'll add that to the 1.5 version. I was going to wait until ic2 had an official release for 1.5... but i might just release it this weekend anyway.

    Let me just make sure I understand you- are you saying you want a config option to disable each bow mode?

    Hello, you can help me?

    That's a known bug that has been fixed already for the next version. For now either edit the nbt tags (i believe the ones for production are solarProd and staticProd) or upgrade it to an electric item before applying an upgrade.

    I can't play with this mod :

    Update to the latest version, 1.13 and a half. It fixed that bug.

    Quoted from "palrab"

    I can't play with this mod :
    It would be more useful for us if you copy-pasted the log in a spoiler.

    It would indeed, thank you for pointing that out. Too bad people don't scroll up at all when they report a bug, because if they did then that wouldn't be the 2nd or 3rd time i've 'fixed' the same problem.

    Update your IC2, as it says in at least 2 places.

    I have an error when trying to make anycomboarmor(in thi case upgrade solar helmet)

    if this is my fauls somehow please tellme how to fix it

    That's a bug that's already fixed for the next version.
    I forgot that some of the items that can be assembled aren't electric (the exosolar and exostatic, to be specific) and I ran the code to update their damage bars based on the charge level on anything being produced.
    Since those aren't electric items... it yells at me. It's fixed in the next version. For the time being, either edit the NBT tags of the items (I believe "solarProd" and "staticProd" are the two for production, i'll confirm when i get home if i remember) or combine them with nano/quantum armor before upgrading.

    What Is the max eu solar or static upgrades can generate?
    Will Quantum combos like the Solar QuantumSuit Helmet still keep the effects for example will the Solar QuantumSuit Helmet still protect you from harmful potion effects like the QuantumSuit Helmet does?

    1- Max is 512, configurable.
    2- Yes.

    How to use armor assembler I did not go

    Put in the two things you want to combine. If you want to make a combo armor, make sure one of the two items has an Exosuit upgrade module installed (Ex: ExoLappack + jetpack or Exojetpack + lappack will both make Lapijetpack). If you want to upgrade something, just put in what you want to upgrade and what you want to upgrade it with.
    If you're positive that you're doing all that correctly but it still doesn't work, update your IC2. You need to have later than version 1.115.208-lf. You can get versions on the IC2 jenkins page here , just make sure you get one from before the 1.5 update.

    Found a slight bug, discharging when using ulti nano armour says it uses 100000EU but actually only uses 100

    I fixed this already, it will be released in the 1.5 version (which is almost done, but still needs some testing).

    IC² nightvision is already implemented, it just lacks a recipe and a sprite.
    You maybe can add your own and use its code as base.
    Instead of solar panels, how about improving static boots to generate 5 EU per block ?

    Like I said, I'm waiting for them to release their night vision goggles. I'm aware they're fully functional.You can increase the amount of EU the boots generate with upgrades already. I agree with the IC2 guys that the static boots should be weak, considering how easy they are to make. It's not supposed to be any remotely substantial power source; it's just a bit of extra free energy for walking around.

    When you say 'use the same recipe as the normal solar upgrade, but with gold or fibre glass cable', I assume you're talking about the solar production upgrade? If so, using the same recipe (6 refined iron, one solar panel) and replacing the copper cable with glass fibre doesn't do anything. I assume I'm missing do we craft better solar upgrades?

    Its for use with compact solars. You replace the normal solar with the solar array you would like to use, and then the cable with either gold or glass fibre if its an MV or HV.

    I have a strange bug.. XD. <-- IC2 v1.115 installed but getting the crash NoClassDef Found :(

    Update to IC2CA v1.13 and a half. I released it with incomplete features specifically to fix that error.

    I know this is an addon for Ic2 but this mod was also originally made for the annoyance of changing armors so I suggest you add the ability to combine helmets/solar helmets with thaumcraft goggles of revealing since without them you can't see thaumcraft items but they provide very little protection.

    I like that idea, I'll look into it.
    Can't promise anything for a while though, I've started 1.5 update and there's no going back :P.

    I've run into an odd bug. When I right click on a Modular Force Field System projector while wearing the Solar QuantumSuit Helmet (item ID 30770:25, non-upgraded), the MFFS GUI shows up for a half of a second, and then I crash to desktop with this error.

    From the stacktrace, that looks like its more of immibis' fault than mine, but I'll investigate either way.