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    But I don't know any equivalent of collectors (not counting drones from some computers mod, but they are surface ones AFAIK).…aft/224125-pneumaticcraft

    Pneumaticcraft have an immersive drones with programmable behavior. If I known about Pneumaticcraft in time I start to develop tunneling shield I wouldn't dare to introduce collectors.

    wormzj wrote:

    The problem is, during electrolysis the molten salt is not comsumend, and if you use regular pipe or cells both the salt and the target fluid will be drained

    You can use IC2 pump or something alike directly attached to electrolizer. It will drain only that fluid which it already contain.
    EDIT: Update:
    - 0.619 - Removed explosion radius limitations. Explosion calculation optimized (reduced memory usage). One more detonator and explosive pack recipe. GT6 recipes for both chemical reactors and cryogenic distiller. Max stack size of muffle furnace is limited to 32. A lot of old features are removed.
    Also video:

    Just testing the electrolysis, how do I prevent the wire from catching fire while maintaining a reasonable processing speed?
    I've set the voltage to 0.125x and it still burns, if I set it to the minimum the progress will be too slow.

    Use thick copper cables. You can craft up to 135 sq. mm cables (I should fix GUI here \/ ).

    Also can you make it possible to automate the electrolysis bath, like dumping the fluid upon receiving a redstone signal?

    It is possible to drain electrolysis bath as any other fluid tank.

    I forgot that I removed frequency generator. It is not needed anymore. Bugs are fixed.

    Also I would like to remove blower, tunneling shield, redstone signal switch box and collectors in next version. This will reduce size of a mod and amount of code I need to maintain. If someone need them speak now. If someone will need them after 0.619 release I will release them as separated add-ons.
    I did a mistake by throwing all my experiments in a one big pile.

    GregoriusT Exactly. At first I was using only RecipeInputItemStack. In time I realize that I need to use to RecipeInputOreDict as well there was already a huge amount of old entries. Of course, all new recipes are registered in a proper way.
    I could rewrite all recipes, which involve graphite, just don't want to rewrite them all.
    Only graphite cause troubles?

    The Sap Bucket does not have a Container Item, aka Empty Bucket, meaning it gets used up by anything.

    I'm sorry, same as for gases I have no idea how to fix this.
    Here is how I am doing things:
    A code which is adding a bucket for rubber tree sap in preInit stage if IHL:

    1. if(type.haveBucket)
    2. {
    3. Item bucket = new ItemBucket(block).setTextureName(IHLModInfo.MODID+":bucket_"+type.fluidName).setUnlocalizedName("bucket_"+type.fluidName).setCreativeTab(;
    4. GameRegistry.registerItem(bucket, "bucket_"+type.fluidName);
    5. FluidContainerRegistry.registerFluidContainer(instance, new ItemStack(bucket), FluidContainerRegistry.EMPTY_BUCKET);
    6. }

    A code to check fluid containers (in a second slot of "Ore dictionary item scanner"):

    A result of such check:

    Gregtech version: gregtech_1.7.10-6.04.07

    Coagulator recipe in nerfed. Slower 4x times, also give out 22 time lower amount of rubber per bucket.

    Its obvious explosion vectors precalculation storage. It uses a HUGE amount of memory in a sake of performance.

    Vectors precalculated and stored in two dimensional int array. A number of "columns" is equals to

    1. 1<<bit size*3-1

    Each "row" contain two values. For a default amount of bits ( 8 ) it will be 2^(8*3)-1=16777215 rows.
    Each row have a 12 byte header + 4 byte integer x 2 = 20 bytes. Total size of array is 16777215 * 20 + 12 = 335544312 bytes or 320 mb.
    Maximal explosion radius in that case is 2^8-1=255 blocks.

    If we use bit value 7 it will be 40 mb and maximal explosion radius in that case is 2^7-1=127 blocks.

    So either change this value in config to

    1. I:explosionVectorSizeBits=7

    or increase server memory allocation.

    I honestly have no idea how to fix this.

    System.out.println("Is hydrogen gaseous? "+(instance.isGaseous()?"Yes it is.":"No, it's not."));

    Minecraft console output:

    1. [16:30:22] [Client thread/INFO] [STDOUT]: [ihl.worldgen.ores.IHLFluid:<init>:65]: Is hydrogen gaseous? Yes it is.

    IHL surely need some attention.

    Outdated "hasEngine" field removed from list of synchronized fields.
    Saltwater block is back (fixes worldgen).
    Lab electrolyzer texture fixed (no more "(M)" due to no more necessary engine)
    Lab electrolyzer GUI now have two spots (over an arrows) to launch NEI integration recipes GUI.
    Iron workbench now accepts only tools in tools slots.

    Now I'm doing it twice just in case:

    How could I check it in-game?

    On unrelated things:
    Look what I have found:

    bigger than IC2 nuke?

    By looking at it from another angle, why IC2 nuke explosion aftermath so small?
    Thank for testing it. According to this:…errain/
    Ore drop method of Terrafirmacraft ores is not different from Gregtech one. And IHL explosives work perfectly fine with GT ores. Algorithm designed a way that piles will be created on a last non destructed block, touched by blast wave. It could be a far away from explosion source.
    Related visual glitch with native copper ore is weird. It seems that blocks need to change internal state to be re-rendered correctly. Currently explosion update only fluid blocks. Would you mind to try place a glass block near glitchy ore and check if they will be re-rendered correctly?

    piles produced with items in rather than just voiding the drops to avoid lag.

    Indeed. That exactly what I am thinking about when I decide to make drops tileentities instead of entities.

    EDIT: I just tested TFC explosion drops:

    Works fine to me.
    BTW its first time I actually launch TFC and it's looks amazing. Stone age is like someone extract my thoughts form brain and bring them in mod (and made mod even better than my thoughts). Too bad there is no NEI support for stone knifes and such.
    Still can't find any ore to check a visual glitch you mentioned in PM.

    EDIT2: Found one:

    Not my fault. Glitch still here even without IHL and even if I remove blocks around by hand. Though appears rarely.

    Another tack: are these resin sacks working properly? I attached them to the rubber tree, but they appear to be empty even after long wait.

    I checked work of a sack at localhost server and it seems to work fine to me.
    Be sure that all conditions are fulfilled:
    1. There is a Hevea leaves attached to trunk.
    2. Leaves is lit up (by sun or torches).
    3. Last trunk block stays directly above a vanilla Minecraft dirt block.

    Could it be that related rubber tree is not an original IC2 Hevea tree but some other mods tree?