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    So.... It's no surprise to anyone that I have been absent for some time now. Real life has a way of getting in the way of things like minecraft and minecraft modding. I have several other more important projects going on (none of them minecraft) that have been taking up my time.

    It should also be no surprise that IC2 has been updating for over a month now and I have been unable to keep up with it. I have been looking at the errors that have been appearing lately and I can see they are all caused by incompatibility with recent IC2 updates (because I was not around to update).

    I have received a lot of praise from the community for the work that I did and I really appreciate it, you are all great. Every time I read that someone wanted to use my mod or enjoyed using my mod I felt accomplished. But I will be unable to continue development in line with the pace of IC2.

    With all that said, I have been talking with some of the IC2 team about the possibility of open sourcing Advanced Reactors. The code uses some of the IC2 internal reactor algorithms (for compatibility reasons) so I have to check with them regarding their copyright before any code is released. It may not be possible, we will see. If it is not possible I would like to find another modder that could keep Advanced Reactors moving forward without me. I know that not only have the updates been terribly slow, but there have not been any major features added in quite some time now.

    While I am awaiting word from the IC2 team about open sourcing, any modder interested in taking over can pm me and we can talk about code. I have been having trouble with notifications on this forum so you can also try to pm me on the MC forum (user is ProgrammerHero).

    I'm receiving the following crash when AFTER I added GT to my pack. I'm posting here because the crashlog mentions Advanced Reactors. I am using AR version 1.02, IC2 experimental build 239, and Gregtech 4.04i

    Indeed you were right, there was a problem with the lead plates (I still support my old obsolete lead plates just in case), the conflicting recipe has been removed and it loaded fine for me so you should be ok. Updated the downloads on the first page, 1.0.3 addresses the problem.

    Oh... When I tried IC2 experimental yesterday it was too much of a mess to run on our server, any chances of a 4.01lf update for automation as well, until IC2 exp settles down more?

    I uploaded a pre2 for IC²1.118.401. It includes the BC pipe + AE bus support from the experimental build. As always, report any errors on this thread.

    While I was updating I noticed a possible bug in the experimental build where you can't use AE to insert into chamber blocks. I have fixed that in this build and I just have to update the other build, I will build and test that in the morning.

    It is still not possible to use any Inventory Managment Mod on the reactors (like AE or BC), or am I doing something wrong?

    I can manage to extract items with many mods (routers from FZ, transposers from GT, nodes from Extra utilities), but I cannot insert items in any way I have found so far, which is a shame

    Updated. 1.0.1-exp includes support for BC pipes and AE buses.

    Do be careful: the IC2 fuel rods stack in v2.x and if you pipe them into a reactor they will stack inside the chamber (classic and advanced reactors). If IC2 manages to fix the bug it should be easy for me to fix it on my end (if it doesn't get fixed by what they do).

    Have fun with your new features and let me know if they don't work correctly.

    Edit: I should also mention there were a couple of small changes to the IC2 api recently (nothing serious) but if you have a problem with Advanced Reactors try deleting the ic2 folder inside the jar.

    !!IC2 2.x build!!

    I finally managed to sort out my IC2 experimental problems and get a working build. The new e-net updates meant I had to restructure how I was updating reactors when chambers were added - so more code changes than I should have needed. If you try out the experimental build and find any errors please report them and I will try to fix them. I will watch the thread closely for the next week or so for bug reports. I am also watching the IC2 experimental jenkins and will update if I see something that affects the reactors/e-net.

    Almost all of my tests did pass, but its quite possible I missed something important. I did notice one error - you can place entire stacks of fuel cells in the reactor and they will all take durability damage but will only output as 1 cell. I am still trying to figure out what I did differently than classic reactors for this.

    I will also continue to maintain the old IC²1.x branch (1.0.0pre1) but since its been field tested more extensively, I anticipate it will need very little attention. Once IC²2.x becomes fully adopted, I will re-release the experimental jar as pre2 with any required bugfixes.

    Hopefully future updates will be faster, but I'm pretty sure I said that before and didn't deliver :(

    Have fun! :)

    Why not offer your help to official IC2 devs to beat the experimental branch reactors into working order? Perhaps even integrate some of your own mod features into it.

    The thought has crossed my mind to try and get integrated into core, but I had not considered offering to help with IC2. I dont' know if I have much to offer other than my reactors - but an interesting idea.