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    I read through the entire Plant Idea thread and I have some ideas that I think are different so here goes. I'm mostly brainstorming here.

    [Growing Vine]

    • Tier: 1
    • Description: It's like the Vines that generate on chunk creation in Swamp Biomes, only these will grow from the plant block.
    • Appearance: Default in game Vines (vertical from the top of the block only.)
    • Gain: Can harvest with Shears for Vines just like the vanilla Vines.
    • Attributes: Default in game attributes
    • Special Abilities: None
    • Notes: This is just a Vine that grows, since the vanilla ones won't regrow if you cut down the tree and plant a new one. These will only grow in Swamp Biomes, only on the surface, and they require an adjacent block to grow taller. For example, when next to a dirt/stone wall, the vine will grow vertically until it reaches the top of the wall and stop. The same goes for trees. If this is a lot of work to code then never mind.

    [Glowing Vine/Mushroom]

    • Tier: ?
    • Description: This is a Vine that grows on the flat surface of walls like the Vine above, except this Vine only grows where there is no sunlight and it gives off a small amount of light. If the code for the Vine above is too difficult, then make it a Mushroom instead. (I saw that someone suggested glowing grass, but this idea is specifically for creating a very faint glow in caves, etc.)
    • Appearance: Ideally like glowing algae growing on the wall (if Vine), it could just be a glowing Vine/Mushroom.
    • Gain: Potentially some natural atmosphere for underground environments. It wouldn't just be pitch black or well lit anymore. You'd occasionally encounter caves with these "plants" growing that create pools of light and allow you to see, but don't give off enough light to stop monsters from spawning. You *could* plant these, but I'm not sure that many players would. Possibly could be used for cross-breeding for something in the future.
    • Attributes: You can't eat it or use it to craft anything
    • Special Abilities: It glows slightly
    • Notes: Possibly could require water within 25 blocks or something, but I don't know.


    • Tier: 1
    • Description: A plant that only grows underwater.
    • Appearance: Tall and wavy, similar to real life seaweed.
    • Gain: Probably similar to Reeds as a fuel source, but not useable to make Paper.
    • Attributes: ?
    • Special Abilities: None
    • Notes: Primarily interesting as a plant that grows underwater. Requires water for at least three blocks in all directions to grow. Maximum height of 3-4 blocks (sometimes stops at 3, sometimes at 4). Feel free to expand with higher tiers with better uses if you like.


    • Tier: 4?
    • Description: Similar to Rice in the real world.
    • Appearance: Not sure. I guess kind of like grass that's two blocks tall, with one block underwater and one block above water.
    • Gain: Rice Seeds, Rice
    • Attributes: ?
    • Special Abilities: None
    • Notes: Only grows in water *1-block deep* with dirt on the bottom. Will slowly die in water deeper than 1 block. Seeds planted on tilled soil (irrigated or not) will sprout and then die. Rice is a food source, but before you can eat it, you have to combine Rice with a bucket of water (you get the bucket back) on the crafting grid, and then cook it in a furnace. This will give you Cooked Rice. Since it's harder to grow, much harder to automate, and must be cooked, it's worth more than Wheat. It should either fill up your Hunger bar more, give you more servings per Rice, or both. Also, instead of simply cooking the Rice, you can put the Rice in a Macerator to make Rice Flour. Add a bucket of water to the Rice Flour on a crafting grid and place the result in a furnace to make Steamed Bau (people familiar with Chinese food will be very familiar).

    Higher Tier Food
    - I think you could do interesting things like combine Flour and meat and then cook it in a furnace to get a Meat Pie that'll fill up more of the Hunger bar than Wheat and meat on their own.
    - You could also use your new plant blocks to create plants that can be used to make a new soup that requires cooking in a furnace, and thus fills up more of the Hunger bar.

    Weak Armor from plants

    A couple of people suggested things like Flax, Cotton, and Flax, but I didn't see anyone suggest using them to craft armor. I could see using such plants to create something similar to Leather armor or perhaps even slightly weaker, but from harvesting the plants instead of killing animals.

    Additives for crafting

    I think a lot could be done in the future by creating plants that don't actually have a use on their own, but the harvestables could be mixed with various types of dusts to create something else or something better. For an example, think of how Bronze is made by combining Copper and Tin dusts. Now imagine making something similar, only you mix some dusts and harvestables together to make it.

    I already pointed out that i have tried wrenching them. The Wiki page lists no tool for them.

    Since I'm the one who started listing tools in the first place, and a couple of other people have now started doing it too, I'll just say that if something doesn't list a tool, it means that either nobody has identified what tool it needs or nobody has updated it yet. If it says "N/A" for the tool, that means that no tool is required. Note that the tool listed is generally the minimum. So, if it's a stone block, it should list a Wooden Pickaxe, even though any pickaxe will work. The Wiki only differentiates between pickaxes, and is not concerned with different types of shovels, hoes, etc. This is because there is never a situation where you can only dig something with a diamond shovel, for example.

    So, if someone tests a Bronze Wrench and finds that it is indeed the tool to use on Luminators, you can mention it in the Discussion tab for the Luminator on the wiki and someone will update it.

    Well, as stated in the post, it has either same or better strength than diamond drill, but instead of 120 uses with diamond drill, it has 200 like the normal drill.
    Might not sound significant, but I would love it.

    Hmm, I really didn't get that from the original post. Oh well.

    Now that I know what it's about, I guess I don't really have any thoughts on this.

    I believe I read (correct me if I'm wrong) that Alblaka doesn't want to implement things like this that already exist in Buildcraft. That's the reason that was given for not wanting to add pipes to Industrialcraft.

    Personally I'd be very happy if I was simply allowed to hook a Buildcraft waterproof pipe up to the Geothermal generator instead of having to use the buckets in an item pipe. It's not the cost of the buckets that concerns me. It just looks a whole heck of a lot cooler. Also, it feels really disjointed having to use buckets for this one thing and not for other things I want to do.

    I think simply reducing the power production of solar panels won't accomplish anything, because then people will just build even more of them. That's why I suggested changing not the solar panels themselves, but rather the cables that connect to them. If the power loss was changed to floating point instead of integer and calculated per block rather than 1 EU per X blocks, then the size of a solar array would automatically be limited.

    Don't know where you all live, but here in the USA food comes in Steel cans. They do have a Tin coating, but no Aluminum is involved. The only Aluminum cans are the ones for soda and beer.

    Also, if it was added then I would certainly want it to be named Aluminum and not Aluminium. :D

    Quick question: Are you wanting a new Light Bulb instead of fixing the Luminator?

    A lighting system that uses electricity rather than being "free" would be nice, but I think the perception is that most players wouldn't use it since they would choose the free (Torch, Redstone, Glowstone) light source every time. Also, since they run on EU, and atm IC doesn't seem capable of sending fractions of EUs, it would have to use 1 EU per light. That seems way too expensive. Then there's the packet transmission calculations per tick for all those lights, and if you're talking about a city that could add a fair amount of work for the CPU/server.

    I imagine something like this: You have a Light Control Panel that's 1/2 block that can have up to X number of lights assigned to it. Then you have the lights themselves, which have a GUI that allows you to set a number, which has to match the number on a nearby Light Control Panel in order to operate. Lights must be placed within Y range of the assigned Light Control Panel. No wiring between the Light Control Panel and the lights is necessary. The Light Control Panel then must receive electricity via wire. This would then allow individual lights to have < 1 EU consumption because they all get added together at the Light Control Panel. The panel would require a minimum of 1 EU to operate any lights at all.

    Once that system was in place, then you could start looking at fancy features like replacing the on/off switch with a dimmer switch. It would be cool if it could be coded in such a way that the visible light could be reduced while still telling the game that the light level is high enough to prevent mob spawning. Add whatever cool ideas are desired to make it competitive with lights sources that don't require electricity.

    Do you mean that the GPS would also show the time? That starts an entirely different digital watch suggestion :D

    I just meant that I think any of the features being suggested here should be an upgrade to the Clock, not a separate device. Industrialcraft upgrades a lot of vanilla items so it makes sense to upgrade the Clock. Likewise, the Clock is used to make a map, so it really fits. I was not thinking of displaying the time in digits.

    EDIT: Actually, it could be a Compass instead of a Clock. Don't know why I didn't think of that before.

    As well, if BC fixed up it's interface-usage, generators and other machines should now work quite fine with BC pipes, permitting you to automatize the charging process, anyways.

    Hmm... Buildcraft 2.2.2 was just released and it says it should work better at connecting with machines (IC). It also has an available download of the pipes.api so mods can include it to more easily ensure their stuff will work with Buildcraft pipes. Maybe now we'll be able to pump lava to Geogens.

    It doesn't make much sense for a nuke to spawn Nether mobs, now does it?

    Sure it does if you imagine it tore a hole through to the Nether world. You have to imagine there's a one-way portal down there after a nuke explosion that won't be drawn because we're not going to ask for art for that. (Actually it's not that imaginative for anyone that's played DOOM).

    Or, for the unimaginative to see it another way, if blocks that cause damage per tick puts out too much CPU strain, then use mob spawners instead. You still get an area that's very dangerous and damaging.

    Besides, according to the Wiki a Battery Pack of six RE Batteries is being added. No need for six slots on the GUI when you have six batteries that can go in one slot.