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    I will test that.

    Gonna pre-respond here and let you know I am aware of why exactly this would happen - there's currently a recipe to turn a Niter Crystal into 2 Saltpeter. I assume you are registering my Niter Crystal directly as Saltpeter, and then doing all of the Ore Dictionary magic.

    I'm already removing this conversion as the intention of Niter was really to allow for crafting of gunpowder, and having the recipe to convert to Saltpeter messes a few things up.

    Due to my geniality, I finally found a Way to unificate the Output of Thermal Expansions Machines (and to adjust some of the Outputs to match the Macerator equivalents), by just using the API of it. The weak point for that Hack was Minecraft itself, and the possibility of setting all 3 values (ID, Amount, Metadata) of an ItemStack even after its creation, making the "final"-Statement completly futile (well not that compeltly, I cant add or remove secondary Outputs using that Method).
    Machines now explode when on Fire. This happens randomly, so that the Fire has time to spread to other Machines.
    Some Bugfixes and Recipe additions were ofcourse also happening.

    Greg, I'm sorry, but I have to question it when you say API only. I'm pretty sure I know what you are doing, and at minimum, you had to decompile TE to get the variable names to then hack the recipes using reflection. This isn't a weakness in Minecraft, it's a weakness in Java.

    I am willing to look into altering the TE API to allow for this kind of stuff without resorting to these reflective hacks. I'm honestly not thrilled that you went ahead with this before asking me to work alongside you, which I am willing to do.

    Also, Greg, are you planning in rebalancing TE in gregtech? Right now, it's pretty useful for all the cell emptying/filling recipies, but otherwise it's one of the most OP mods out there... pulverizer is better and cheaper than macerator, induction smelter is cheaper and can do a lot of blast furnaces work (like pyrite smelting). And the buildcraft-energy battery, which completely breaks MJ power system with it's OPness (although this last one doesn't really interfere with gregtech).

    It's really not. If you are specifically talking in the context of TE next to GregTech's rebalanced IC2, I have added 3 separate recipe-changers for the Pulverizer and Smelter - you can require that the Machine Frames use Steel instead of Iron, you can require Gears instead of Ingots for all machines, and you can add a Diamond requirement on the two "OP" machines specifically.

    As far as the Pyrite thing goes, that's actually Greg adding that recipe - I'm not doing it. He adds quite a bit of functionality to TE machines when installed alongside his mod, and that's actually pretty cool - he is obviously under no obligation to do so.

    The MJ energy storage is one whole bucket of fuel. That's it. It's only OP from the perspective that you are going into BuildCraft with the preconceived notion that MJ-based power has to be awful. It obviously does not.

    Having said all that, any attempted "forced rebalance" will not be met with enthusiasm on my end. This is a modding community, we should be able to interface with each other on a reasonable level and change things to make the game better overall. I made sure to fix the Iridium issue on my end, and I'm sorry that it ever cropped up - my design didn't really account for metals of that rarity.