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    If anyone comes up with a good alternative idea, we could solve this.

    Automatic coloring?
    If you place a cable to a side of another cable, that has for example red color, then the placed cable will have red color too.
    Simple and effective. In the source code this will be two or three lines of code. Or more if you wants to test if the player has a painter with right color and damaging the painter after placing the cable.

    Your heat callculation isn't correct. Uranium produces 50heat only if is surrounded with 4 uranium. This is correct only for 28 uranium in center, but on sides has each uranium only 3 others uranium, and for corners has only 2 others uranium.
    Total heat is lower:
    28*50 + 22*40 + 4*30 = +2400 h/s
    With cooling (-33) is total produced heat +2367 h/s

    And effeciency is 4.44

    FourFire: You're wrong. Water block will evaporate at 50% heat capacity. In this case it is 10450 heat.
    If you have cold reactor is enough insert 5 lava bucket for 10k heat.
    At 35% heat capacity is reactor still cold. At 40% heat capacity begins burn some items (wood, wool...)

    Delerium76: The reactor plating gives only 100 heat capacity to hull. Alblaka says 250, but it is wrong. In source code for public version 1.00 is only 100.

    I am getting the following error when trying to start Minecraft with your mod. Happens both if I put it in Mods/ and directly into the jar. After googling a bit and installing Java 7 it works now, but I think most people are still on Java 6, might cause problems for more users.

    Thanks for feedback. Now is uploaded recompiled version for java 6.

    Though question-how did you make it? Last I recall, the API hasn't been released yet.

    I used MCP 4.3 for decompile minecraft.jar with Modloader, ModloaderMP, MC Forge and IC2.
    I attach patch file for decompilation issues in MCP with MC Forge and IC2 files.
    Extract this file and copy minecraft.patch into "MCPfolder/conf/patches/" and overwrite file.

    Name: Thermometer
    Summary: Thermometer for measuring heat of nuclear reactor.
    Default Item ID: 31000, 31001

    Setting the optimal working temperature for "breeding" type of reactor is difficult. Don't know what temperature has reactor. He not reach the 9000 heat or is near the explosion?
    This thermometer is answer to all of your questions. It shows you the current temperature of the reactor and when begins evaporate water or melting surrounding reactor.
    WARNING! The thermometer was not originally designed for measuring high temperatures. High temperature can damage it.

    Normal thermometer measures the temperature of a reactor.
    Digital thermometer measures the temperature of the reactor and displays other temperatures (water, lava) and can be recharged.

    Just put it in your mods folder.
    Files for 1.15 working in 1.23

    Coding & Sprites - Nargon

    I am a terrible sprite artist, if someone wants to make better picture, he is welcomed.

    Your reactor is Mark II-1 C

    Ashenwolf calculates heat correctly. But using time-unit "ticks" isn't good, because Game has 20ticks per second, but "reactor" recalculates heat only 1x per second. Mixing game ticks and reactor ticks is bad. Much better is use for reactor time-unit: seconds.
    Uranium cell lifetime is 10000 "reactor ticks" (or 200000 game ticks) = 10000s

    Your reactor has +35 heat/sec.
    After full uranium cycle he accumulates 35*10000 heat and distributes between 1x hull, 14x HD, 30x coolant cell = 45 elements
    35*10000/45 = 7777 heat in each coolant cell, HD and hull. Then needs cooldown before next cycle.

    Mark V B (625s), Effeciecy 3.00, 18 Uranium Cells, 540 EU/t
    good effeciency, high EU/t

    Mark V B (625s), Effeciecy 3.10, 20 Uranium Cells, 620 EU/t
    better effeciency, very high EU/t, but still capable running about 10 minutes

    Mark X Perfect Breeder, 9k heat, 1 Uranium Cell, 4 Depleted Isotope Cells, Water cooled
    Yes it's possible make Perfect Breeder 9k heat with water cooling, but it's difficult set heat to 9k.

    Here is some of my reactors designs:

    Mark I-O C, Effeciecy 2.00, 2 Uranium Cells, 2 Reactor Chambers, 40 EU/t, Air cooling (4 blocks)
    Good starting reactor, effecient and cheap

    Mark I-O C, Effeciecy 2.33, 3 Uranium Cells, 4 Reactor Chambers, 70 EU/t, Water cooling (11 blocks) OR Water cooling (9 blocks) & Air cooling (8 blocks)
    High effeciency on Mark I

    Full Reactors (6 additional chambers, full water cooling (20 blocks)):
    Mark I-O D, Effeciecy 1.5, 8 Uranium Cells, 120 EU/t
    Less effeciency, but Mark I and 120EU/t :thumbup:

    Mark II-8 C, Effeciecy 2.50, 4 Uranium Cells, 100 EU/t
    Average effeciency, good EU/t, 8x full cycle before needs cooldown

    Mark II-7 C, Effeciecy 2.00, 6 Uranium Cells, 120 EU/t
    Less effeciency, but 2 is still good, higher EU/t

    Mark II-1 B, Effeciecy 3.00, 4 Uranium Cells, 120 EU/t
    High effeciency, Mark II, but he is capable only one running before needs cooldown

    Mark III B (2500s), Effeciecy 3.00, 8 Uranium Cells, 240 EU/t
    Good effeciency, high EU/t

    Mark III C (2500s), Effeciecy 2.00, 14 Uranium Cells, 280 EU/t
    Less effeciency, higher EU/t, a bit faster cooldown

    Mark III C (1250s), Effeciecy 2.50, 16 Uranium Cells, 400 EU/t
    average effeciency, high EU/t, short running, but it is still Mark III

    Block name:
    I don't know. Maybe Small/Medium/Large Cooler.

    Copper and Gold are good heat conductors. Use them for external reactor cooling, like water/air. Gives better cooling then water, not evaporate it, but is very expensive.
    Each block in 3x3x3 reactor's cooling space provides 1.25 - 1.75 external cooling.
    Reactor with 6 chambers and 20x air block cooling (0.25 each) = -18h/s
    Reactor with 6 chambers and 20x water block cooling (1.00 each) = -33h/s
    Reactor with 6 chambers and 20x small cooler (1.25 each) = -38h/s (720 copper ingots)
    Reactor with 6 chambers and 20x medium cooler (1.5 each) = -43h/s (360 copper ingots and 360 gold ingots)
    Reactor with 6 chambers and 20x large cooler (1.75 each) = -48h/s (720 gold ingots)

    P = Carbon Plate (for durability)
    H = Integrated Heat Dispenser (for better heat transfer from reactor to outside)
    A = Advanced Alloy (for durability)
    C = Copper Block (block, not ingot, heat conductor)
    G = Gold Block (block, not ingot, better heat conductor)

    Small Cooler (2x Carbon Plate, 1x Integrated Heat Dispenser, 2x Advanced Alloy, 4x Copper Block):
    Each block provides 1.25 external cooling.

    Mediuml Cooler (2x Carbon Plate, 1x Integrated Heat Dispenser, 2x Advanced Alloy, 2x Copper Block, 2x Gold Block):
    Each block provides 1.5 external cooling.

    Large Cooler (2x Carbon Plate, 1x Integrated Heat Dispenser, 2x Advanced Alloy, 4x Gold Block):
    Each block provides 1.75 external cooling.

    You can craft only charged version of mining laser. You must use charged energy crystal. Recipe for uncharged mining laser is missing.

    Black screen? I don't know why. I tested: Force Update, delete META-INF, install ModLoader, ModLoaderMP, Industrial craft 8.55_02, and my hotfix. Run minecraft and game working. I don't know why you have black sceen.

    Try this new hotfix:
    contains mobile charger hotfix and new recipe for uncharged mining laser
    And if still game giving you black screen, run minecraft with console and copy crash report:…-modding-tips-and-tricks/