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    It's not done but I would like if you had recommended some blocks

    Also I am not a artist so textures might look derpy

    I am trying to make a override proof api

    My Javac doesnt work right I am using a friends computer for now

    P.S Do you want to help I am working on the addon to be for ic2 1.115




    How about a nifty Factory Block turns your messy BC factory to less mess than RP factory

    pretty much Blocks/items



    To craft FactoryBlock coolant cell is advancedMachineBlock Solar panel is HighlyAdvancedMachineBlock mining lazer is MFSU and chainsaw is SuperConductorWire

    :Coolant Cell: :Solar Panel: :Coolant Cell:
    :Mining Laser: :Chainsaw: :Mining Laser:
    :Solar Panel: :Solar Panel: :Solar Panel:

    Then to make the machine get the factory block and put with machine example: FactoryBlock + AutomaticMacarator

    The all in 1 machine you get all 9 machines above together

    To make core get FactoryBlock + Gregtech Computer

    One day i loaded the Mfe os i made on redpower

    i saw a video it was just a dick on camera when i shut down the computer when it was back on it just said:

    E<>error @file.kerne------------------

    Perhaps a virus is here :(

    Connecting to for repair

    Connection (NULL)



    :Recycler: :Reactor: The release will not come until i get the block name of the thing better than a mfsu :Reactor: :Recycler:

    approximate release date: march 10th 2013

    also i am needing the eu source code to make the thing better than a mfsu and i hope you a good val's day :Nuke TNT: :)





    there will be some other versions later its experimental i need some testers for the 0.1 - 0.9U versions :Recycler:

    example 0.(number) U = version ultimate the U versions will come after the 0.(number) versions and then the 1.0 and on and on

    I made a beast reactor its to hard to explain just pertend the mfsu is the reactor the copper wire is wire and the adv machine block is filter the glass fibre cable is deploer and the solar is red power tube and the water cell is any infenite water source the mfe is an mfe

    :HV-Transformer: :Cable: :Cable: :LV-Transformer: :MFE-Transmitter: :thumbsup:

    ps i sepent 7 hours making this it make 100000 eu per sec use buckets to cool doen use 20 the rest :Uranium Cell: cells put timers next to the filters the top one is output the bottom is input

    ok try this and it will work

    :Quantum-Helmet: :Bronze Helmet:

    :Quantum-Bodyarmor: :Bronze Chestplate:

    :Quantum-Leggings: :Bronze Leggings:

    :Quantum-Boots: :Bronze Boots:

    :Nuke TNT: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: I am making a addon for ic2 so far i thought of iridium crystals also i thought of something better than a
    also i need a cool name for it though

    and i am making a up grade of quantim but i still dont have a name for it and also a oil generator so install buildcraft so you can get the oil ill pm phamir to add a emc value for the ic2 oil im adding for ee3 once possible i will add a iridiumpack ( jetpack)

    the iridium pack will be released in 0.2 : :Nuke TNT:

    recipe for iridiumtron

    l = lapitron

    c = adv circut

    = mfsu

    = energy crystal

    = iridium plate


    L = iridiumtron

    it can store 100000000 eu

    sorry im not done yet with the addon but ill release when the iridium crystal is done and works

    sorry for the bad english im italian
    :Industrial Diamond: