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    Forge 1.14.2 is out now, any news on this? :(

    I am Maki. a fan of your mod ic2 and i really enjoy playing on this
    straight to subject. 1.14 is out since long time by now same as 1.13 which is out nearly 1 year + and still no updates for this mod to be compatible with those releases which brings me to a question.
    did this project stop ? because mod if left out with no releases nor news regarding that. and me and some of other minecraft players who love this mod really wants this mod on 1.14 with the new updates that are out and we see your work on it.
    Thanks for dropping by and i hope getting any news or updates regarding this mod (since forge for 1.14 is out hence i am asking)

    First of all, the project is very much not stopped. 1.12 has run the bulk of its lifetime so releases for it have largely slowed down.

    Second, 1.13 was only ever short lived in terms of possible modding, and for the whole of its lifetime Forge has been incomplete to the point where starting the port was inadvisable.

    Thirdly, whilst Forge may be out for 1.14.2 it is far from complete. Shearing sheep for example dropped shears instead of wool until recently for example. A 1.14 supporting version is in the works and there will be (more) news once there is anything notable in terms of progress.

    If you have any more questions feel free to ask them here, otherwise all I can suggest in the meantime is patience ;)

    It's maintenance most likely, it was working two days ago and Player has had no public plans to stop it any time soon. No doubt it will be restored as soon as he's around again to do it. In the meantime you can get the normal builds as well as the API and dev versions from Curse.

    The pump will draw from all connected fluid blocks in a 64 block radius around it, and it searches from the same direction each time which is why you'd notice the same source block would drain when facing a given direction. I normally recommend doing 3x3 pools with the pump above as it will normally never be able to completely drain a side of it out although that is at the expense of being much bigger. There might be cheaper unlimited water sources in your modpack though.

    This used to be a problem on servers, it appears the client has acquired it too. Whilst the teleporter aims to teleport above itself by half a block, until the new chunk arrives the player falls which causes them to sink into the destination teleporter. It is probably worth trying having a second player sit by the destination teleporter and see if it is the client receiving the chunk which is slow or its loading it that is the issue.

    That is the ideal solution, but then the server has to worry about whether a player is about to enter the square and thus whether it needs to know about the sound or not. Especially for sounds that only play once (like a wrench or treetap) it could even end up playing the sound late for a player that moves close enough after the sound started. Whilst they are only minor problems, it's minor problems we're still plagued with now so it'd be nice to fix it properly.

    Also the client will always have the final say on whether a sound is audible, if it doesn't want any sounds (or even just very quiet ones) we're not going to force them on people in SMP ;)

    I've always been of the opinion it's better the choice is there for people to make rather than them being there by default. Like advanced and compact solars, (as well as Gravisuite to a lesser extent), they're subtly changing the balance of later game from being substantially more efficient than normal machines overclocked to the equivalent speed. I dare say the induction furnace is only there to provide a clear improvement over the vanilla furnace.

    The sounds are sorted in distance away from the player, but if you're not near enough to receive the packet sometimes some sounds won't start playing. The opposite effect can happen to with ghost sounds that never end. The logistics of fixing it are a little annoying as it would involve all players in the world receiving all machine sound updates just in the off chance they'll go near it. As for your issue in particular I guess all the sound files could be replaced by a single one and then the only fighting you might hear is one machine being louder than the other rather than having a different sound too.

    What about the Upgrade Slots not working or to be precise, why cant i use Overclocker upgrades and others in the machines? I am using the latest 1.12.2 Update

    Advanced Machines can't be overclocked deliberately. If you want more speed either you can make more machines to parallelise the work or overclock a normal machine for the appropriate power increase that comes with it.

    I found u have a mod that makes compatible Industrialcraft energy and Buildcraft energy named: EU-MJ-Engine

    In discord today they sent me to this page:

    But im a noob in minecraft modding started learning about it like 3 dais ago and i cant find in that page where is the .jar that i need to put in the mods folder, can u help me? =)

    You'll want the releases tab, all the versions designed to be used are uploaded there. The newest one is here.

    Looks like this was missed in the General Discussion section rather than support, the answer is the same as here: Ultimate Reloaded uses a completely different recipe set deliberately (hence it is using the Classic profile rather than Experimental), I'd recommend double checking recipes using JEI to see how they've changed for the things you're trying to make.