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    There should be a jetpack item from Modular Powersuits that is attached directly to the power armour like all the other upgrades for it are. IC2's jetpack taping is unrelated to the rest of MPS and shouldn't really be supported for its power armour. Ultimate Reloaded didn't replace the tape recipe too, so all the recipes that appear use it are a little misleading in that they can't be used as the item (and therefore feature) is disabled.

    Uh.. How would I craft the lappack if it's not available in IC2 Exp anymore..?

    Uhhhh small oversight, although the Ultimate Lappack being made with an Energy Pack is almost as strange.

    Why player takes damage when there is a radioactive item in inventory when a player is in gravi armor? (bad english i know=) )

    with quantum armor this is not

    It was

    IC2 doesn't have an API for marking armour as radiation protective, that is planned to be added though

    crashes with latest Ic2 release

    estebes moved a pair of enums internally which has broken the tools, should be a quick fix

    You definitely need the EJML-Core jar, IC2 is the one creating that every time Minecraft starts (which is a good sign up to the point that IC2 must be reasonably intact). If it's crashing still though like albijoe says we'll need to see what the crash report says before it's possible to help with it.

    The newest version for 1.7.10 is here. So long as the extension is a .jar it doesn't really matter what Windows thinks it is opened by. If it is crashing though the crash report would be helpful (and quite necessary) to be able to help further into why its crashing. You've downloaded the dev version instead of the normal one, replacing it with the one I linked should be all you need.

    You'll want to remove the old version when you add the newer one but otherwise yeah it's that simple. If the modpack is already using the new version it wouldn't have the April Fools switch still in. Theoretically so long as you've got a newer version than the server it would let you in.

    Not that is should matter by now as it should have switched back on its own even with the old version.

    Once again Speiger has looked but failed to observe. A little like me and the forum ;)

    First, you can make your own profiles! Just because IC2 happens to come with only two doesn't mean it's only limited to two. Any profile.xml files in a folder or a zip within an ic2_profiles folder in the root of your minecraft instance (ie the same place where mods, config, logs, etc. is in) will be loaded by IC2. Every file mentioned by the profile is positioned relatively to the profile.xml, so you can pick between organising everything nicely in directories and dumping it all into the root.

    Second, a full profile XML is (currently) defined as

    All tags except name, style and extension can be repeated as many times as desired, and only name is technically required to define a valid profile (style and textures both default to NEW).

    Additional profiles can be selected within the main IC2 config by their name as it describes (which you'll remember is case insensitive). Duplicate profile names will log a warning and continue to use the first profile registered with the name. If the profile in the config can't be found it will log a warning with all the profiles it has managed to load and will continue using the default (Experimental).

    On 1.7.10 (so long as you're not using IC2 Classic or Uncomplication) the limits are always ignored, you can move as much power as you want using any cable you want. Any limits the tooltips might mention are effectively ignorable.

    If you're using stock IC2 the power limits aren't enforced on 1.7.10 anyway. If you're using Classic or Uncomplication though I don't think there's an option to ignore it whilst still running with any other enet limitations

    I checked that with the chamber, it returned true for has reactor, but nil for all the get methods, which was what prompted me to post that.

    Most strange, if it has an attached reactor to get the values from it shouldn't have trouble doing it. I presume wrapping the reactor itself is getting valid values rather than nil too?

    And how would I do the Lua table thing? I'm not really experienced with Lua

    That was an idea for the addon to give you a table as a return value for a getReactorStatsesque function. Just a concept to allow much greater monitoring (if you were so inclined) without having to add dozens of individual functions. Although of course individual functions are friendlier to performance when being polled frequently.

    You should really consider making a place where we can get all your tiny addons and such (like FullDrop and this one), they are REALLY useful!

    I don't think I've made that many in the grand scheme of things. Normally it's just a need comes up for something small and I've got time to make it.

    hen I wrap a reactor chamber, I can't get any outputs, when I call getEUOutput() on a chamber, I get nil, even though there is a reactor attached. Is it a bug, or 8s this my fault?

    What's the result of hasReactor on the chamber? If it's managed to attach properly it should be true (otherwise that would explain why it wasn't getting anything else).

    could you also make a method to get the tick remaining on the fuel rods? This would possibly be an average...

    Given it's Lua you could get a table of stats like minimum remaining time, time remaining per slot, etc. Maybe that's encouraging micromanaging a little too much though? ;)

    It's worth noting that if you're not already comfortable with Java making an addon is made harder, as you've got to understand what Minecraft, Forge and IC2 are doing (to varying degrees) to get everything working as it is. Equally if everyone is suddenly into making reactor addons I can make an example mod just to give an idea of how things works; would be more about demonstrating what you need to do to work with IC2 rather than teaching Java but if there's interest I can get around to it.

    The video was posted a little over a week before the pack was, and there were additional recipes changes between when it was recorded and when the pack was publicly released. Relying on the IC2 wiki using the default recipes therefore is not necessarily the best of ideas when the recipes have been changed (repeatedly) by the modpack; hence blindly aiming for iron plates for example might not actually be what you want to do. I'd strongly recommend looking at the recipes of what you are aiming to make to see how they have changed, rather than the individual components you expect to need (given that said components might well be different).

    It's not IC2 adding these recipes as far as I'm aware, it is almost certainly Railcraft itself (especially if you're only using IC2 and RC). I would suggest making an issue on the Railcraft Github if this is actually the balance it is currently using given that it is certainly worth double checking to say the least.

    I tentatively agree with the first part of this - in 1.7.10 a simple design with 1 uranium rod and 1 heat vent shows 8 HU/s output (in the reactor gui), but in 1.12.2 is shows 160 HU/s. I was hoping for confirmation from Chocohead, but he has yet to respond in the GitHub issue. Confirmation from someone else who has knowledge of IC2's inner workings for multiple MC versions would be nice - in-game testing doesn't entirely rule out the possibility that the output was buffed while things like HU to EU conversions were nerfed to match.

    The fluid reactor output units have been an issue for a long time now. There is disagreement within the code too about whether the value is meant to be in HU/s or HU/t, fairly certain in one 1.12.2 build it was switched from ticks to seconds to account for the fact the output value was 20x too high despite the EU value being correct for being per tick. I'm not aware of any balance changes modifying fluid reactors that much, only the slight rationalisation of the steam boiler which could theoretically have changed the heat consumption rate of designs slightly to be more predicable. I'd presume if 1.7.10 was showing conveniently 20x less than 1.12.2, the 1.7.10 value is in ticks and 1.12.2 in seconds (which I think it is in game, would have to check though).

    It seems that Chocohead only goes on the forum every day - He has not replied to anything in IC2 bug tracker for about a week.

    I still check the bug tracker daily but often won't flag things unless I've actually looked into them in case someone else beats me to it. There's a collection of things that need fixing that FTB Ultimate Reloaded found too which will probably all get fixed together. Although some of the bugs on the tracker are easier to deal with than others.

    Since I've seen a couple of requests for this might as well make it a little more official. Tiny ComputerCraft addon that means wrapping a nuclear reactor as a peripheral will now have the following methods:

    • getHeat - The current reactor heat

    • getMaxHeat - The heat amount the reactor will explode if reached
    • getRawEnergyOutput - The amount of energy the reactor is producing before converted to EU
    • getEUOutput - The amount of EU the reactor is producing
    • isActive - Whether the reactor is current running
    • isFluidCooled - Whether the reactor is fluid cooled

    Wrapping a reactor chamber offers all these methods, and hasReactor - whether the chamber can find the reactor it is attached to