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    "Peace of Mind", the code against GT was sent to graveyard. GT won't suggest oredict names to TiC items anymore.
    1.7 may change things related to oredict names, on mDiyo side (actual fix of oredict names as suggested by greg). [ChickenBones might be included]

    It seems that they got to a consensus and everything is over, for now.

    My point about selectivity still stands, but I guess I'm glad nuclear war is averted for now. It was a good compromise, anyways; I'm just taking that.

    You won't get reports regarding that anymore soon. That is the only thing I'll do. The other Mods will still receive it.

    How is this even going to be implemented? Just simply remove TiCon-related messages? That isn't solving the issue. That's just appeasing the person who's speaking out against it.


    You guys need to sort out your problems rather than pulling things like this. My suggestions:

    Greg: Make those error messages of yours explicitly state that they're from GT. If you do that, you won't need to post errors selectively. Warning people about other people's mods is... A bit annoying.

    mDiyo: If Greg takes my advice and fixes the issue, I'd remove that code ASAP. I even suggest removing it even if he doesn't fix it, although I'd understand either way. Good thing it was just a dev build that caused the issue, eh?

    I'm trying my best not to take sides here (despite being somewhat biased here). I just don't want anyone to fight over such a misunderstanding!

    In the current version, the right-click function of the Vajra is very buggy. Rather than give a usual silk-touch drop, it gives the literal item ID of the block, which leads to getting normally unattainable things, like farmland, piston heads, off redstone torches, and the like. You can use this to duplicate doors and beds. You can break unbreakable things with it, like Nether Portal and End Portal blocks.

    Just wanted to let you know, it seems advanced machines aren't currently compatible with the new Ejector Upgrade. Items aren't ejecting.

    The Buildcraft Hopper is worse in every single aspect, compared to the vanilla Hopper. It has one slot less, It can only move Items downwards, It doesnt respond to redstone Signals, Its not Comparator compatible, It doesnt work on vanilla ISidedInventory and it looks ugly with these Diagonal Parts of the Model (Y U NO MORE LIKE CUBE).

    Well, the Buildcraft Chute (recently renamed) is a lot faster than a Vanilla hopper, and is currently more compatible with other mods through sheer inertia. But I do agree; I've turned off Chutes in my server.

    Now, the GraviChestPlate is supposed to charge up items in upon use, yes? If that's true, there seems to be some items that this doesn't work on but still can accept EU, like Applied Energistics Matter Cannon and the Modular Powersuits Power Fist. Is this a bug, or is it already known?

    Looks like my Minecraft crashed after trying to open your GUI. Of course, it's probably just because I'm doing it on 1.5.2, but still...

    I'm using Forge build .688, by the way.

    Here's the error:

    I have installed the newest update, and I am shocked and outraged with the new recipe changes. This arguably makes the Advanced Solar Panel, a item made usually in small amounts in the early game, into a ridiculously expensive item requiring UU-Matter and Iridium! I can see it being more balanced on multi-player maps, but it makes just about any other method of power generation more cost-effective. I can see this change being placed into the hard-mode recipe list, but in the default mode, I do not see it as fair. I beg of you, please, if nothing else, allow us to reassign the old recipe in the configuration, because as-is, I'll be finding other ways to make power on my server.