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    Composite plating makes more sense on the basis of the fact that it is a high operating temperature, designed to accelerate bursts of radiation through a crystalline redstone medium. Carbon nanotubes are a lot lighter and rather tough, and in the world of ic2 a very good conductor of energy shields, however, carbon based materials for the most part are notoriously bad for containing mining level heat dissipation. It's a similar reason to why none of the reactor components are carbon plate, that i'm aware of at least.

    I guess it may be a good idea for me to suggest recipes, too. Alright.

    The Hydroponics Tray
    :Rubber: :Rubber:
    :Treetap: :Extractor: :Treetap:
    :Empty Cell: :Advanced Circuit: :Empty Cell:

    The tray would likely have a shallow indent on the top, which would show vague hydration levels by displaying a pool of water (or lack thereof) in it. Crop sticks would be placed there.

    This thread can be used as a generic location for making your crop related ideas.
    Here is what i have:
    -For a lot of interesting ideas, check out
    Anyway, now for individual suggestions:
    -Allow growth of plants that have features independant of their type or harvest stats. For instance, one strain of wheat/watermelon/whatever glows weakly, macerates to bear a tiny uranium dust, releases Weed-Ex into nearby soil, is thorny and hurts on contact, etc.
    -Allow growth of plants outside of cropsticks, primarily for non-harvest or breeding usage. For instance, a breed of brambles that you made to be especially spikey.
    -Plant mutagen, likely crafted into a can using some manner of bone meal combined with tiny uranium dust. Plants growing in a mutagen treated tile will suffer hwalth penalties, but the stat shift from breeding it into the tile will be more random and extreme, with a higher chance of new species or strains.
    -Hydroponics tray. A machine which acts as a high-tech crop location of such. Cross breeding and the like is significantly easier, and can use power (comparable to a lamp) to give read outs on it's hydration and nutrition levels, automatically administer water and fertilizer to player set levels, emit light (similar costs to the electric light) at specific user-set levels, and has a slot to place a block in for "block below " requirements of certain crops. The block itself occupy the block below the crop itself, and would resemble a machine block of sorts with a water tray on itself, and would accept liquid and item pipes.
    -Kudzu weeds. A strain of weeds that can be made via labored or very unlucky (as in, careless spraying mutagen everywhere) mutation of normal weeds. Once it fully grown, it breaks it's cropsticks (replacing it with a Weed Core block) and begins to rather rapidlu spread, breaking cropsticks and torches in it's wake, trapping and suffocating any mobs and players that get caught in it for too long, entrapping items and breaking wooden doors slowly. It will only spread out to a specific maximum distance from it's core, and is weak against swords, hoes, chainsaws, and is extremely weak to fire and Weed-Ex. The spreading will cease completely when the core is broken.

    These are just a few of m ideas, and were a bit inspired I guess, what do you think?

    One thing I like about github which albaka may not so much is that anyone who can read the files can branch it. And perhaps eventually someone else makes a branch that's more popular than Ablaka's working IC2? I dunno how ablaka would think of that, I'd like it but i'm not the one who's getting all famous over a mod.

    I'm deriving the water mill clogging with easily cleanable barnacles idea from something I watched the other day. Was a show that explained what would happen if all humans suddenly vanished, and one of the last places to still have electricity after everything else would be around hydroelectric dams, namely hoover dam of interest. It wouldn't stop because of breaking down from no maintenance, rather, it would actually stop because it got stopped up with barnacles, causing it to gradually shut down if it weren't cleaned out.
    Plus, there's gotta be something to prevent water mills from becoming no effort power sources after it is set up.

    Another idea for water mill barnacles: Water Mill Cleaning/All Purpose Cleaning laser. Zap in a sweeping motion to clean out solar panels and water mills free of debris rather than having to do so by hand at very little EU cost! Hayo!

    But these are just ideas yeah, I like the idea about watermills getting pressure, perhaps increase it's efficiency with that proximity to lava as well? Would make some nice risky builds with that.

    Oh, woops. My bad.

    EDIT: Though, admittedly, that topic speaks on machines and their breaking down, while here I'm suggestion basic maintenance and decrease in efficiency without it.
    Speaking of which,
    Solar panels: Accumulate dust, which hinders operation. First level of dustiness is invisible, and reduces efficiency by a tiny bit, as to make a player more inclined to wash off their Solar panel arrays every so often. Could perhaps get occasionally scratched and more rarely broken when tread upon by mobs/players without rubber boots.

    Thoughts and ideas?

    Something so that the long term slow generators aren't so prone to becoming time/bed = power with a single bulk investment?
    Namely, some ideas being:
    Water Mills: You'd have the surface of it be "overgrown with barnacles". This'll just gradually block it off and make it slower, should take a spectacularly long time to form, and take a quick second to clean out?

    Wind Mills: I'm not sure, greasing? Perhaps just attracting lightning somehow would be a nice way to make "maintenance" as it is, though I don't know what else would be fitting.

    Can't think of much at the moment for geogenerators, same with coal generators, which may not even need maintenance as it is. Nuclear reactors already have maintenance in spades.
    Any other ideas? Do these seem reasonable?

    Hopefully not... I hate having to use fission reactors to power the forcefields I use to pen in all the mobs I have from 'Mo Creatures and the Fossils and Archeology mod (I use the Modular Forcefields Plugin, BTW, MUCH easier to use than default Shield Generator).... I usually end up forgetting about the reactor, up until it explodes or fatally irradiates the area around itself.... Or runs out of uranium, and then I have a T-rex eating all my horses and shit....

    And thus, Jurassic park movie style.
    I'm hoping this mod updates to 1.2.3 instead of 1.2.4, because I'm gonna miss out on a lot of mods if I have to update as well.

    "Modifying vainilla items are usually frowned upon, unless you have a real god damn reason to do so. They are fine the way there are no need to nerf them, after all this is a industrial mod not a illumination mod" That's why I said that it should be configable, so that the people who want their luminators to be any more useful than torches can get that at least. :/

    "And yeah moveable light sources are a pain in the butt, use dynamic lights (Made by Atomik Striker in the Minecraft Forums) if you want to carry a torch to light your path."
    The difference is that it would be a DEPLETABLE moving light source, as to make some use of the many EUs you've been getting rather than having an infinite + 1 nightstick just because you put a bit of coal and a torch together.
    Edit: Everything in classic "" in this post because I keep messing up quotes.

    if you ask me finite torches sound like a pointless nerf there are lots of other ways to make the game harder for yourself but there is no point forcing that desire on others.

    I wouldn't EXACTLY call it useless or forced, as it'll make luminators more useful and desirable and as well as be configable hopefully?
    And perhaps to make it simpler on torches is that they don't drop when they burn out, but become innactive torches, which it'll be easier to 'recharge' by right clicking it with a coal or charcoal?

    Two suggestions I'd like to make. First, possibly a directional light source (or nondirectional if needed be) that is held by a player and lights up their surroundings powered by electricity? (obviously already made in other mods, but it'll be more HAYOish because it's industrial and electrical!)
    And for two, perhaps there could be a way to make vanilla torches deplete slowly over time, become gradually lower powered before dying out and perhaps drop as ashes? (just as a placeholder, I'm not sure what IC would use ashes for but it maybe be emergent with time) This may make industrial lighting be a bit more relevant in gameplay. Obviously config-able because of the people who will obviously complain about such a change.

    And for last, config options for luminators to change energy consumption and storage pwease? :3

    There should be a subsection called general general discussion! Something where you can just talk about stuff, not explicitly minecraft related. Such as the world or that new game that came out recently or pictures you've drawn of your dog or what have you.

    Hrm, I can't help but feel minecraft get's unplayably boring. I know I've spoiled myself with a pile of complex making mods like IC2, RP, BC and the like, but it's just so fun!
    Doesn't stop me from saying "Config all the things, Alblabla!". But my whining about how I can't simply shut off lights when I want to/move them without loosing them forever is either plain annoying and/or outdated. So I'll just say thankyou for the mod. :Tin Can:

    Personally, and not just to bug Albabla, I'd suggest a default off config option that makes normal torches burn out after a while (mod for that somewhere, but I think it's vastly outdated), make glowstone emit significantly less light (par/just about RS torch?), and config on Illluminator storage (personal preference, I want to be able to experience a power outage when there is a power outage).
    Yay for immersion when my MFSU explodes and I have only a wimpy later going to possibly be added in flashlight to guide my path.

    And if you can it, you can have a stack of 64 in your inv, and you could freeze this (in this case with the freezer), to force it, having it longer fresh, also this would make food so that it basicly fools out after a time (atm. in my mind -> half a minecraft day.), and freezed and canned food can hold 2 days or something until you can throw it away (or eat it with like a 50% of getting good poisend').
    Sounds like something usefull..
    I'd like that to have it in Minecraft ^^.

    Half a minecraft day and two days respective area bit short, yea? Possibly a varying 3~6 day rot time for uncanned foods, time elapsed rotwise would be slowed by about a factor of 3 when the food is refrigerated, and cans possibly containing them indefinitely if covered, needing to be opened be a durability based tool (iron and tin can opener with durability?).
    For any of this to be useful, though, canned food will have to start also refilling hunger instead of health.

    Hm, thinking about it, if Alblaka were willing to implement over time food rot and make them unstackable, that'd make canned food more useful again(especially if it satisfied hunger), as well as possible leeway for adding in a fridgerator powered box machine that held food and kept it fresh for long periods of time. Possibly could even be used to cool reactor parts and such as well.
    Would this need a new suggestion topic?

    (for balance reasons, plus IRL freezers have a tendency to take a bit of power)

    All things considered, Smelting machines also take quite a bit of power IRL, no?