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    I think I prefer your suggestion for now, gonna add a fixed energy loss, and maybe some other stuff in the future, good news, version 1.0 is hopefully going to be ready by tomorrow!

    Except that calculating sunlight requires spherical geometry. Anyway, a power transmission system would probably involve lasers, so there would be no spread. The energy loss would be a fixed amount based on the conversion and some slight increase based on the properties of the substance transferred through, (opacity, density, ect.) anyway, a mostly fixed loss would be useful for this sort of purpose, so that it becomes a reasonable alternative at extreme range, but very impractical over relatively short distances.

    Is there something supposed to be hard to understand? What I see is just basic spherical Geometry, nothing what causes headaches like sunlight for example.

    Wait, Gregorious, you understand the mathematics behind it? Could you do me a huge favor and put it into understandable Java code for me? Seeing as I don't understand it... It would be a real help :)

    Try GregTech :)
    I suggested those months ago to vanilla IC2, Greg added it, but they're ... kind of UP ^^

    Oh fair enough :P

    If you could draw up some calculations for that, I will sure as hell try add that in :)

    Way too much EU to know what to do with? Tired of MFSU's? Well look no further...
    I present to you, Extra Energy Storage. For all your energy needs.

    Lets begin:

    Ionising Induction Storage Device
    This suped up battery can store up to 100,000,000 EU! But thats not all, it can also keep your items charged as a batpack would do, all you need is to have it on your hotbar and all your electricals will begin charging from it.

    X Y X
    H F H
    X Y X

    X = HV Transformer
    Y = Induction System
    F = Ionisation device
    H = Advanced Control Circuit

    Induction System:

    I C I
    W A W
    I C I

    I = Shielded Iron Core
    C = Induction Coil
    W = 60K Coolant Cell
    A = Advanced Circuit

    Ionisation Device:

    C U C
    N O N
    C U C

    C = 60K Coolant Cell
    U = Quad Uranium Cell
    N = Thick Neutron Reflector
    O = Advanced Control Circuit

    Advanced Control Circuit:

    L A L
    C O C
    L A L

    L = Conductive Iridium
    A = Advanced Circuit
    C = 30K Coolant Cell
    O = Control Circuit

    Control Circuit:

    C R C
    O R O
    G R G

    C = Electronic Circuit
    R = Redstone
    O = Copper Ingot
    G = Uninsulated Gold Cable

    Shielded Iron Core:

    A U A
    R R R
    A U A

    A = Advanced Heat Vent
    U = Rubber
    R = Refined Iron

    Induction Coil:

    G G G
    R R R
    G G G

    G = 2x Insulated Gold Cable
    R = Refined Iron

    Copper Iridium Alloy:

    I I I
    C C C

    I = Iridium Ore
    C = Copper Ingot

    Conductive Iridium:

    Compress Copper Iridium Alloy

    Version 1.0 hopefully will be available later in the week


    Planned for upcoming releases:
    -Multi-block energy storage structure
    -Long range EU teleportation