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    Sorry for the inactivity, everyone! The source code in the GitHub repository should compile for 1.6.2, however I will not be making an official build of this source. I am currently hard at work on MFFS 2.5, which is undergoing a major rewrite to catch up with many changes that have come to Forge, IC2 and Minecraft in general. It is still going to be a little while, but I will be including retrogen of Monazit ore - so you can feel free to start your worlds now!

    sanity check request. is the defense stations npc kill mode not working for anyone else?

    thought maybe it was a cross mod issue until i ran it by itself to no avail, so either i broke something or it really isn't working. as simply asking is a lot faster than creating yet more instances.. well here we are.

    I just verified that it is working - is it linked to an MFFS Capacitor and running? (If it is running, the border should be red). Make sure that it has a Redstone signal, or is set in Switch Activated mode and then activate it with the Multitool in Switch mode. Also, do remember that it must be linked to a Security Station as well, which must be active (have a valid ID card set as the Master).

    Is this with the latest version, Keyboard?

    I do plan to overhaul the way field generation and upkeep is handled - this is going to be my top priority with the mod coming into this next week. As it stands (and as you stated) it is fairly inefficient, particularly when multiple fields of significant size are running concurrently.

    Can there be sort of a renewable way of generating force energy?

    Again, we are looking into this. We are considering several ways to handle force energy generation that doesn't involve Monazit Ore/Forcicium. However, we also want to make Monazit/Forcicium the preferred/least expensive method for maintaining a forcefield. It's going to take a fair bit of balancing and planning before we come to a decision as to what we'll use.

    Can you add more ways to generate force energy?

    Searge and I are looking into this already.

    Firstly, I want to say I am still using the version for MC 1.46 in the FtB Ultimate Pack, so this may no be relevant, but if you haven't made any changes besides updating it to work with MC 1.51, then this may still be relevant.
    Since the compact focicium cell allows the generation of forcicium from raw energy, it should be possible to automate power-based FE production with any automation mod.
    The problem here appears to be that no automation capable mods (Applied Energistics, RedPower, BuildCraft, GregTech, etc.) can access the cell charge slot from any side, all sides appear to connect to the forcicium slot.
    If that were changed by, for instance putting the bottom side connected to the cell slot, automation would become possible.
    If this has already been updated, carry on, but if not, it seems like the least code-intensive way of allowing power automation. That or allowing reverse-mode operation for the Converter like there is for transformers.
    Any kind of automation would be better than doing it manually.

    That isn't a bad idea at all, and I'll make sure to look into that when I update MFFS to use the newer ISidedInventory interface. Unless Searge gets around to doing it before me, this is something that I'll have to work on next week - I have finals this week, and they take priority over everything.

    Also, what the heck does the button in the upper right corner on the extractor do? I can't find any documentation on it.

    The button in the upper-right corner of most MFFS machines controls what method is used to power them on/off. With the redstone torch, it sets the machine to expect redstone control for turning them on/off. The power icon indicates that you want to use the MFFS Multitool in Switch mode to turn it on/off. Finally, the computer icon means that you want to use an MFFS Control System to enable/disable certain machines.

    is there any chance that there could be added a spherical containment force field ? i really don't like the normal cube. I think its a bit to boring.

    There are several projector modules available, including walls, spheres, and cubes.

    Dont forget to insert the Block you want to replace into the Function, which declares the replaced Material (Block.stone in this case). Otherwise it can't generate in UndergroundBiomes.

    Yep, that's the overloaded constructor I switched it to. Also, I've moved the Ore Dictionary registrations for Monazit and Forcicium into load, so the warnings you said were because of GT should be away with this fresh build.

    While I certainly like your idea Blaster, it causes problems with one of our key goals: we want to keep MFFS2 as backward-compatible as possible. Implementing a tiered system would take require us to redevelop large portions of the mod and would take an absolutely massive amount of re-balancing. Perhaps in the future we can look into something like this, but for now and with this version of MFFS, I think we'll look more into options along the line of what stretchydeath suggested.

    Focicium could act like an amplifier like scrap does for the Mass Fab.

    Already does. :p

    Force fields could be generated without forcicium at a much greater energy cost. That way, players can choose between the item processing infrastructure or a greater energy production infrastructure.

    Sounds like a fairly decent balance to me, honestly. Searge and I would have to play around with the balance of it first, if we choose to go this route, but this would let us satisfy both groups IMO.

    The Forcicium Requirement should be a numeric Config, to allow diffrent amounts of it, to be required. Also the Energy Requirement (if not already configurable) should be a numeric Config to increase the Energy needed for Force Fields if that helps with balance on PvP-Servers for example.

    The Force Energy cost is already configurable per-field-block (along with multipliers for the initial creation cost and certain addons), and we've got customizations for how much EU equates to how much Force Energy (for the MFFS Converter), so this wouldn't be difficult.

    I've updated the beta to to fix compatibility with IC2 304. Note that MFFS now currently requires 304 or later. Nothing else has changed at the moment - the only difference between and is the IC2 API update.

    I've also restructured the attachments so that there will be fewer mistakes with people grabbing the wrong version.

    You have to wait for IC² to stabilize before.

    Currently there are 4 MFFS versions :
    Thunderdark MFFS (father of other three MFFS "versions" , discontinued as he stopped modding)
    Immibis MFFS (First child, when thunderdark switched to modular items instead of modular blocks)
    Calclavia MFFS (Second child, when thunderdark stopped modding and gave calclavia the rights to make his own MFFS, which got modified to an UE addon instead)
    Minalien MFFS (Third child, when thunderdark gave minalien permission to continue his mod, keeping it an IC² addon)

    The one correction I have to make is that it's not just me programming this maintained version - it's both Searge and I. :p