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    I have this issue aswell but for me ICBM caused it, the second I installed it ever time an ICBM item is visible in the NEI with others it glitches out random other items though I don't care enough to persue a fix as I have bigger issues to fix first.

    You may not know that , but i have those issues with icbm , gregtech , Thermal Expansion , Electrical expansion ,flan's mod and railcraft, but i see some items/blocks in theese mods , but only some of them :( i didn't have it before using GT

    Hello. When using NEI at version 1.5.2 i have such a bug as i see bad textures instead of normal textures for Gregtech and some other mods.But there is such a thing as when i firstly go to the page where they are situated , for some ms i can see normal textures . then they change to bad textures.Images attached.If it helps , here is some information about everything:

    If needed , all versions of all mods and all configs may be uploaded by me.
    P.s everything was fine before i installed gregtech , also some other mods'textures are bad.

    What i think about this

    is that you may use 1.14.1 version if you're running a lower one on 1.5.1 . Please PM me and i'll try to fix it on my own + include version , mod versions etc .
    Also please put that large crash log on google drive for watching, or mediafire for download or put that under a spoiler with that magic SP button and putting the log between the two tags .

    Hey there, I`m not sure if its already in it by now, but in 1.4.7 (1.13 and a half) There was a problem about the hover mode. You had to keep the mode key pressed, unlike the normal jetpack, where you just switch the mode once.
    If this is like that with a reason it's ok, but could you try and add aconfig optionb for this anyway?
    Greets, Shadow
    Oh, and maybe make this possible with the nanobow too (pressing once for mode switch) because that didn't work for me too in 1.13 half and 1.4.7.

    I didn't have any such errors in 1.4.7 and 1.13. Make sure that your controls are well configured and don't provide 2 actions at once and change them if you want. In 1.5.1 such an error doesn't take place at all.

    i did this , and now an error like no class found for that items.

    i have , but they aren't named with ic2 part. The only industrial mod that can be connected with MFFS , but i don't think that it adds cells.
    Full mod list :

    Coremods :

    I updated everything to latest , but minecraft crashes even now.

    I got a crash after i installed GregTech addon. That's not IC2 , it works fine. As i understood from the crash-report , it's because of cells .
    Log included.If not seen in Attachements , here it is :