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    THX 4 DA PORT!!!!! but seriously now, I'm not sure how hard it is to do but all of the stuff is named like "" approximately how hard would it be for you to rename the items "Benzene Cell" or explain to me how to do that?
    No but seriously appreciate the port man!
    I presume it is the LANG file but when i open it up i are be confuzzled.
    Additionally the item descriptions are wrong (the little comedic text bleow some items)

    I still use it but have never experimented with the configs much. I'll look into it.
    Pretty sure advgenserverpatch.jar is a fix for the long standing missing classes for SMP.

    yeah i know i compiled it and uploaded it here, i still haven't made a new server to test this, also to my old (way, way ,way ,WAAYYYYYYY old) post does advgen work with fallen core 4.0.3 server side?, im testing it because i wouldn't have a downdated version (4.0.2) unless i needed it for something... checking ot see if shit breaks brb,
    trying 4.0.3 (minimum to run defence)
    and 4.0.5 (latest update)

    4.0.2 crashed when placing "defence" chain link fence, interesting that it didn't crash when placing barbed wire from his mod, also im not sure if it crashed when i palced the first one down, or when i placed the secodn one down and they tried to connect, it seemed to be abouta tick delay so possibly it was trying to load it as a climable surface and fallencore4.0.2 didn't have a ladder reference. but i know that 4.0.3 is broke with advanced generators, also before showing the crash log it gives you a pale blue screen for about 6 seconds (never happened to me before now) ... EDIT: UGHHHH!! this also corrupted my world -_- ... t(-_--t)
    4.0.3 crashed on start up
    4.0.5 crashed on start up
    (im not posting crash logs unless someone asks because otherwise it will be a waste of time)

    imm try to remove the defence code from 4.0.3+ and shove it into 4.0.2 or replace the 4.0.3+ advgen files with the 4.0.2 ones.

    tried replacing 4.0.5's FCore.class with 4.0.2's, that was where advgen was complaining about a problem
    got the same crash...

    moved 4.0.5's FCore into 4.0.2, didn't crash but black screened, looking at the .txt .
    all i've figured out is i'm like 60% sure it has to do with FCore.class between the different versions, but then again i have no fricken clue...
    if anyone wants to help jsut reply to this asking for crashes
    I'VE BEEN WORKING ON GETTING YOU SHIT WORKING FOREVER literally i have posts about bugs for easily more thn 6 months on all your posts
    so if you see this at least respond why you can't come back!

    if this doesn't work im going to ask my coder friend to have each mod reference a different"F4113NC0R3"

    does anyone still use the 1.4.7 version of this mod? if they anyone does i could use some help, first off in the configs the slag gen is set to 125 which produces an insanely overpowered amount of EU so when i change it to .25 it produces the amount specified in his posts (25%), so after i figured this out i immediately did the same update on my server but it doesn't change it, also this worked on already spawned worlds in singleplayer, but in multiplayer it doesn't change, i think this may have something to do with the advgenserverpatch.jar i have on here awhile ago ... i will try to create a new server with the configs correct and see if that fixes it, if anyone knows how to fix this please share, if not looks like im BETA testing for Master801 XD!

    not sure if implemented or not, but have metallurgy as a unificator target in configs. it would be nice also if you could also have the chemical composition on others mods ingots/dusts.
    EDIT: wait that would be impossible, you would have to edit every mods ingots, nvm Greg XD. but still metallurgy as a unificator target please.
    also can you add centrifuge recipies to the metallurgy alloy dusts, to get the two original dusts back, also when you smelt/macerate/pulverize the metallurgy tools could you make them drop the ingots required to make the tool, again sorry if this has been implemented or refused (for some reason) i'm just trying to make the future users of the mod happier XD

    no problem but do you know of any servers that use frogcraft?

    here is the next one

    the first one i slightly understood that it was missing a class but when i unzipped it the class was there?
    also F4113NB345T I would love it if you fixed this version so server owners like me can use your mod hassle free (if you look through the forum you can see that i am desperatly tying but i dont have your modding skills ;(
    testing again to see if i get yet another crash report :S
    nope got the same crash ... anyone know hwo to fix this?
    gonna try the ats&bdg.jar fix with 3.3.0 just to see if it works trying it with 3.2.2 gives me the above crash
    yusiang1998 said something about f4113nc0r3 4.0.2 imma try downdating to that and try again
    YEAH! I DID IT ! kk it crashed due to an id conflict gonna quick fix that and hopefully shit will start working again XD
    just patched for the server ty chocohead, supercreepertime, yusiang1998, F4113NB345T, and shadowlife
    heres what i did if anyone wanted to know
    unzip your minecraft.jar then copy ats.class and bdg.class somewhere else
    zip them up then rename it to advgenserverfix.jar (make sure its not otherwise it will not work) and drop that into your FML mods folder
    however to get this to work you have to downgrade to advgenerators 3.2.2 and f4113nc0r3 4.0.2 this fix does not work with 3.3.0 or 4.0.5
    hopefully i could help

    i attached thee server patch below remember advgens3.2.2 and Fc0r34.0.2

    Something like this to fix it I believe. Never used the mod on a server so, I'm not completely sure still :wacko:

    hmm i tried that but i think i put those classes into the mod itself not the mod folder... ill go and test it right now
    missing a different class file redownloading the mod ... missing the scontainerlaggenerator.class even though i see it in the file when i 7zip it ;(

    got two different crash reports on two different runs here is the first

    What are you wanting exactly?

    sorry ... this mod is broken for multiplayer in version 3.3.0 but about 5 posts above i quoted a yusiang1998 who said that there was a way around this however i cant understand it because it is quite vague also he says that the version 3.2.2 works if you remove (this is where i started improvising) the ats.class and the bdg.class from your minecraft.jar and put it into the mod ... however i don't know where you would put these classes... also the mod works on single player, untested on lan, and has a known problem with server , which this guy apparently fixed... whne you start the server the crash does say something about missing the bdg.class so i supposed that he knew what he was talking about but it didn't work
    thank you for help

    just thought of something small you could easily add ...

    • make metallurgy 2 alloys compatible with you alloy furnace and redpowers alloy furnace ... just better integrate metallurgy

    • small piles of metallurgy dusts

    • hightier metallurgy dusts need industrial blast furnace

    • make their fantasy metals able to craft the magic energy absorber make an electric abstractor (maybe)

    • also more uses for bitumen, tar, potash, magnesium, phosphorus, and saltpeter

    • bitumen macerate into bitminuoes sludge or make them ore dictionary compatible (metallurgy and traincraft)

    • maybe like have an adamantine drill

    • add metallurgy to the unificator targets list

    • btw when you added in the plate bending machine you removed the rolling machine recipies is there a way to turn on the rolling machine recipies again? (config)

    • also while im here balance mekanism osmium and add osmium power tools...'

    • also industrial grinder recipe for traincraft crude oil .. produce 1 oil cell 2 bitminuos sludge maybe some gravel

    • industrial grinder and pulverizer recipies for metallurgy where you could get small bonus dusts

    • something made from a pressure plate, hopper and a player detector and probably aluminum plates that when walked over could remove any combination of armor inventory and hotbar

    • hazmat suits block UE radiation

    • advanced solar panels' sunnarium dust and centrifuge recipies

    • irradiant uranium dust and centrifuge back to uranium dust and 8 glowstone dust

    • centrifuge recipies for metallurgy and factorization dark iron

    • dark iron dust and an industrial way to get it

    • underground biomes compatibility in macerators and crafting recipes

    • biomes o plenty amethyst dust and recipies

    • ars magica use in magic energy absorber

    • liquidUU support?

    • liquidXP support?

    • runic dust mod centrifuge to lower level dusts

    well thats a pretty long list hopefully you like a few of them greg XD lol i originally came here just to post the first line XD

    Not completely true.
    His profile says

    But his last post was in april, so real activity is gone like for 3 months.
    - Shadow

    hey sorry for double posting but i wanted to quote you that way it would notify you (hopefully) because it is unclear if you understood that guys instructions from ofrever ago ... but he replied to you so im assuming that you have it fixed for multiplayer!