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    I like how this forum is has lots of modders and they all contribute for a better community. :3
    @MPa = Mega Pascal, aka pressure. Thus if 0, nothing gets compressed.

    By the way, make a new thread for the ported addon (if you intend to maintain/develop it), unless you want to incorporate it to your main addon (like Greg did with braintech crops).
    Heavy Industrial chemistry (in processing of stuff, useful chemical reactions, chemical waste) is something that GregTech lacks, so if you guys further develop this addon it would be nice.

    Something that would be really interesting is enviromental damage of industrialization... i wonder if it is possible to properly simulate soil, water and air contamination.

    That's our target! But recently I don't have any time for modding QAQ

    Cool t osee you're alive! Looked at your project, it looks really cool and I like the resistor mechanic :D Uhm, your frogcraft source has many "par1, par2" parameters, is that intended or did you once decompile your mod and github it? :D

    I upload my original source code to github...... those par1, par2 stuff may come from forge......

    I was happy to see that someone update my mod to 1.6.4

    I was so busy at the moment, dont have to time to do any modding

    By the way,
    I've come up with a idea about a entirely new energy network, that can improve the efficiency a lot(Don't have to do calculations in every ticks, just do calculations in some ticks - change of the energy network happens, eg. machine attach, detach, battery runs out)

    See this project at github, it's called SimElectricity, 1 of my friend and i have been working on it for a while, it can works now, but there are still many issues(eg. cable rendering, model of transformers and rechargable battery boxes)

    I don't want to come off rude, but the "bug" Rika0_0 was mentioning is a fully intended feature of the experimental builds. It is still being modified, but works as intended. Since the experimental builds will become official builds once they are stabilized, I suggest that you (Rikka0_0) start porting your mod to be compatible with the experimental builds and save yourself the hassle. Also I am completely for more tooltips.

    Frogcraft for experimental IC will comes in a few days!
    After that I will pause my mod development and looking at changes of IC2 experimental

    also a suggestion you could try formatting your mod like gregs and putting like what elements/eupertick/packet size etc. in the tool tip i think it would really help a lot of people out XD!

    What i'm doing is trying to make GregTech style machines~~~

    1.4.7 version is impossible as I have to rewrite a huge part of fluid support(used to be called liquid system)
    I almost die from updating 1.5.2 to 1.6.2
    Sorry for that QAQ

    Today 1 just add some new feature to my mod(1.6.2 version) , you can have a try

    And I found a ridiculous bug in IC2 experimental, when you put 5 batbox together and it can explode a MFE!!!
    That's a amazing bug!!!I first noticed this when I was looking at the new api of ic2 experimental.
    The author of the energy network seems to mix up the voltage and power!!!
    From my perspective, the corresponding relationship to the real world electricity system should be:
    Voltage: Eu per packet(Size of a packet)
    Current: Number of packet per tick
    Time: How many ticks have been past
    Power: Total Eu per tick (Eu/p times Number of packet per tick)
    Work have done: Power times tick have been past

    I'm sure other developers and players already found or noticed this problem, I hope the IC2 experimental development group should fix this as soon as possible!

    Ok, I've tried this mod, here's my observations and suggestions:

    1. The industrial macerator etc only need 32 eu/t to run, am I correct? if so can you provide a config to increase this number, TBH they are pretty strong machines.
    2. Can you provide a config for more expensive recipe of condenser+its components? IMO, they are too cheap...

    And thanks for the mod..

    i had a big progress in developing of the 1.6.2 version!in the new version
    And when GT is installed, my mod will use GT components such as plate in the recipe

    PS: my friends and I love GregTech so much~~~~~~~~~~

    In theory, there is also Unversal Energy of GregTech. But that is 1:1 to the Energy Units of IC².

    Actually different mods have different covention ratio for ic2 power and ue power
    sometimes players can use this to make a generator that has a ridiculous high output without using anything and never stops

    (Example: IC2 energy---power crystal---->Steam-----ue turbine---->ue energy---power crystal--->IC2 energy; this routine can amplifies the ic2 power for hundereds of times OAO)

    This addon is cool. I hope that it develops well.
    Suggestion: Synthetic Paint/dyes, that can be used in-place of any dye. Including the production of Titanium Dioxide for the White paints/lighter paints, and an ore, likely Ilmenite, that can be processed into Titanium Dioxide (and byproducts). However, this would not break GT balance, as the titanium would still have to be separated from the dioxide via whatever process, and an industrial blast furnace is still required to produce the titanium ingots, if a user wants to do that. It would just make the raw form a bit more common, but that is nothing to worry about (as using different mods/addons that add their own ores, including multiple types of Copper/Tin, even some Aluminum and others, does not break balance via adding more ores).

    Good suggestion!
    Add some ore contains TiO2 and can be used as white color dye
    And after centrifuge/electrolize you can get TiO2
    TiO2 will need 2500K with 2hydrogen in the GT blast
    Sound good?

    PS: In my server explosives are banned, so it's painful to look for the only ore contains Ti

    Could you please add a config option to the next release which allows us to set the Max EU/p and EU/t usage for your industrial machines (Similar to immibis's advanced machines mod) so everyone can fit the advanced machines into the right tier for each persons mod pack.

    My industrial machines are much more expensive and sink more energy than advanced machines, my machines can accpet 128eu/t and does NOT support any upgrade(diffent to advanced machines)
    I'll add some optionss for changing the tier of Industrial machines~~~~

    Good suggestion! I'm going to add it!

    I already fixed this bug!
    When I first develop this mod, I just test it with BC pipes, the next version it should be compatible with vanilla hopper, GT and AE