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    Idea: Have mobs called Solaris Guardians, when you kill them they drop the solaris crystals and a chance of that element's darkus crystal. Maybe even an armor.

    Blue Crystal: Makes you able to breath in water.
    Black Crystal: Makes you invisible.
    Yellow Crystal: Spawns lightning.

    Spambot Mothership: A ghast-like mob which spawns spambots, flies around, and shoots tnt.
    Also to use the crystals you should make a 'mana' item which you can craft or something.

    Scott: Come over here, you guys.
    -They come over, letting me hug each one.-
    Sarah: I never thought we'd all be here...
    Flaras: I know.
    Scott: I'm glad it's over.
    Kai: And we've recovered... Mostly.
    -She looks at me tenatively, and I laugh.-
    Scott: I told myself I wouldn't get emotional...

    -Scott's POV.-
    Scott: It's the 50th year anniversary of the defeat of the spambots... I think we should go pay our respects to Blaster at his tomb.
    Flaras: That's a wonderful idea.
    -I smiled, seeing our children in our living room. We lived in New Mojang, but it was nothing flashy. I saw my daughter Eleanore, who had Flaras's red hair and my purple eyes, and my shy son Thomas. He had my brown hair and my purple eyes. Our family was wonderful, and so was Aaron's. She ended up settling down with Hayden the Enderborn.-

    -At his tomb.-
    Scott: Blaster, you were one hell of a leader. I remember your mantra: No regrets, but nobody's perfect. I hope you're comfortable up there... I thank you for heeding my mother's warning and letting fate bring us all together. You and me, me and Flaras, you and her.... Everyone. I didn't agknowledge it then, I was just another kid touched by war. Imagine the rivers of blood shed by dictators trying to control a tiny portion of the planet... It all led up to this... Thank you. Thanks to you, a found a home down here and up there, I love space, and I discovered it the year after it all ended. I thank you..

    -Third Person POV-

    "Scott had seen such things he went unwillingly mute after that. He was extremely traumatized by his time in the war, dying, being reborn, etc."

    "When he left the group, he wandered the country side for a year until he found his place, helping the people he found. People would speak of the "Shadow", a mysterious silent hero. He finally found his place: At an observatory, looking up at the stars, with a girl named Angela. They would later fall in love."

    "Kai and Maria never found their place, but they found it in the reconstruction efforts. Together, Kai and Maria helped rebuild Mojamg City."

    "Aaron was lost when Scott left, but Hayden the EnderBorn was there for her. In a month, they were dating. She didn't miss her brother, though."

    "This was the the end of all Scott had ever known, and it was gonna take adjusting. He never knew anything other than war, trying to serve as a reminder to future generations that war is hell."

    Scott: Oh god...
    -I'm in intense pain, I'm seeing horrible things.-

    -Scott's mind.-
    Scott: Oh god...
    Flaras: Scott, help me!
    -Flaras is pinned under a beam of metal. I hear Sarah yelling.-
    Sarah: Please.... I just want to die.... END THIS ALREADY!
    -Sarah has a piece of rebar puncturing her neck. I hear Aaron yelling.-
    Aaron: AGH!
    -Aaron's stomach is disemboweled, her intestines hanging out. She's in so much pain.-

    -Real life.-
    Scott: SARAH! SARAH!
    -I've accidentally tackled Sarah to the ground, shaking her and crying.-
    Nicole: Scott-
    -I have the look of a wild animal in my eyes.-
    Kai: This can't be helped... He's seen a lot of horrible things... He might have PTSD, or something. No guy in his twenties should ever experience what he has in his life.

    Scott: AGHH!
    -I lay on the ground, feeling my atoms being ripped apart by a dimensional rift. I'm in such intense pain that I black out, my body growing paler and paler, colder and colder.-
    Flaras: SCOTT??!?!?! NO!! THIS ISN'T HAPPENING!!!
    -She's shaking my body, crying. I see only Aaron in my mind, the sole reason for living. The only thing keeping me fighting.-

    -Scott's mind-
    Aaron: Keep fighting!
    Scott: I-I can't.... it's cost me too much.....sister. YOU DIED BECAUSE OF FIGHTING!
    Aaron: Without fighting, I would've never met you....

    -I throw my spear into the patch of exposed skin, and it pierces through it. Once it touches the taint crystal, it reacts violently, sparking bolts of electricity. The High Spambot Leader is yelling in pain.-

    Scott: Vechros, you bastard. You let the spambots in, killed my parents, killed so many people. It's about time you be punished by... ETERNAL DARKNESS!
    -As I yell this, Vechros crumples to the ground, being released by Blaster. He is sweating, and panicking.-
    Vechros: No.... PLEASE, NO!