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    Scott: the Nearest spaceport is 2 blocks away. But, there are Bots. Better get going. This place is falling apart from the attacks recently. Bombardment, lasers, you name it. -I lift my backpack and grab all my important stuff, like my sword and wands, and head out the door. -I pull out my sword, just in case.- Scott: Looks like it's clear... HEY!!! -suddenly covers my mouth after I hear gunfire.- Where is it- -a bullet richochets off of the wall and hits me in the head, knocking me out but not penetrating my armor.- -A blackout later, waking up in the same spot, a sweep team comes through.- Soldier 1:We've got a live one! Soldier 2: Looks like an- enderman? Scott: Help.... Got hit by a bullet richocheting off the walls... -Soldier 1 helps me up, her arms lifting me up onto a gurney, and I see her nametag: Celeste.- Scott: Thanks. -The gurney is lifted by the team, dragged to the military encampment at the port.- Guard: Another one? Celeste: Yeah. Says his name's Scott. -I blush, both embarrassed and slightly attracted to her. My gurney, much to my relief is pulled in quickly- Scott: Hey, Celeste? Celeste: Yeah? Scott:Here's my info. -Again, blushing as I hand her my number, my com link number. Celeste: Okay?..... Scott:I'm tired, I should probaly get to bed. -When I'm sleeping, I have a strange dream.- Scott: Where am I? -I feel
    a tugging sensation in my gut, and I realize its The End.- Shadow: Hello, welcome home... or should I say, HELL!! -I'm suddenly paralyzed as the abomination of a creature jumps at me.- Voice: We need some help over here! He's shaking! -suddenly light rushes through my eyes, and I'm sweating all over and shaking, and with a sick feeling in my stomach.- Doctor: What happened? Scott: Nothing... Bad dream. Doctor: This is extremely unnatural. Nurse: Sir- We need you at bed 18, the patient's running a serious fever. Doctor: Fine... Scott: I need to get outta here...

    Scott: Looks like there's some bots outside my hideout.... Oh! Hi everyone. Living in my hideout. Anyway, gonna take out some spam bots with my new sword. I found it underground. Dunno what to call it. Spambots: He's in here! Scott: Oh god. -I grab a blue sword that looks kinda glowy- Scott: My magic has been gone for the longest time.. But, I feel it now. And it feels good. -spambots rush into hideout- Scott: Die!! -my sword misses the first one, but he gets sliced in half anyway.- Scott: YOU BRING LIGHT TO MY CAVE? YOU MUST DIE!!!!!!! -this time, it throws a grenade, but I block and it flys back at him, killing it.- Scott: This sword must be... THE SWORD OF THE ZEPHYR!! -something lights up on my wrist- PDA: Sir, it appears that your magic has regenerated. Scott: Let's kick some scrap.

    Hey, can anyone give me a recap before I start writing? (Might as well start now.) Scott was peering over a crucible. This taint- This he could fight! He could destroy it... But it would take time. As far as he knew, his home, the End, had been overrun. He had to. He couldn't lay down and watch minecraftia die.

    Hi guys, sorry I haven't posted in a while. Name: Scott Age:25-32 (Honestly never thought about it, he's weird.) Bio:Not much is known about him, other than that he made a Twilight Portal and sought refuge. From the start, he has proved a (semi) valuable part of the team. He met Blaster when he got captured, and destroyed an entire dimension on purpose. He is not human, but a human-ender hybrid. He claims not to remember his past, but he must be hiding something. He is a Mage, and likely got his powers a). He's part enderman and b), The Twilight Forest. He hunted down the monsters, and disappeared in the third season. (Aka I got lazy/busy.) He is likely to come back. (Does he count as a major character? if so, please include me in the comic/writing/whatever someone wants to do.) Sorry I've been so off-topic.

    -Inside the ship, the whole crew is nervous. Meanwhile, I'm going through my usual gear.-
    Scott: I have an idea....
    Blaster: Yep?
    -I pull out a chainsaw blade with green uranium ingot teeth attached to a gryoscope for a motor that can be on for a long time, all attached to a nano saber handle.-
    Blaster: Scott. Why.... Just why and how do you get these things.
    Scott: Umm... Meet the ExU2, AKA The Excecutioner 2, Plus uranium teeth.
    -We resume our frame carrier travel, a ship following us at a distance.-
    Blaster: X, shoot that ship down.
    Scott: No!
    Blaster: But...
    Scott: It's a drone I designed in Mojang City, made of frames, and they can bomb, mine, and spy.

    -I arrive at the spacecraft where the war counsel is going on- Robot:Do you have security clearance? -starts scanning his retina, then it grabs him by the wrists- Robot: YOU ARE UNDER ARREST FOR DIMENSIONAL MISCHIEF, AND THE DISSAPEARANCE OF THE TWILIGHT FOREST. -Suddenly, Blaster appears and talks it out with the robot.- Blaster: That was a close one. Also, where were you? Scott: No idea. All I know is I need to help. Execbolts: This is? Scott: Name's Scott. I need to see my files, since I need to examine something. Blaster: K. Coming right up.

    -Mojang City is in ruins, and the spambots are charging into our territories- Voice: Wake up- WAKE UP!!! -I jump out of bed, only to find my wrists handcuffed to the bed I'm in.- Scott: What the hell- -I look over,to see the voice as a floating orb above my bed.- We had to restrain you- You were resisting the- err.. slight gene modification. Scott: Um... Orb: Well, we had to remove the part of your genetic code which contained the magic gene. You went crazy and flux was forming in large amounts everywhere, and the gene contained raw Vis, so we had to splice it out. Scott: Wait- so where am I? Orb: The Clockwork center, basically a time machine. You were teleported to here, and the trauma team had to deal with you. Time travel tends to be... Kinda dramatic. Scott: So what now? Do I get to go? Orb: Well, we have to send you back, and wipe your memory a bit. -A white flash blinds my eyes, and I appear in the middle of Mojang City square, which contains a mound of spambot bodies.- Scott: Heeellllllooooo?!?!?!?? -A group of spambots come around the corner- Spambot: KILL HIM!!! -I end up running under an overpass, towards the spaceport- -A ship is activating its engine, and I manage to bolt through the door before it closes- Pilot: This is Omega, asking for clearance to take off. Scott: Sorry, but I have to. Pilot: Wait wha- -before he can finish his sentance, I whack him on the head with a wrench, and he collapses- Scott: AI admin override 1337. AI: Where to? Scott: Blaster's location. I think we need to talk. Oh, and go back to that spaceport once I get off. Apologies to the pilot. -I zoom into the sky-

    -wakes up in a medical bay, head pounding-

    Scott: What happened?

    Nurse: It appears that although you turned back into a human, you are now half-Enderman.

    -I see my face in a mirror, my body now half-human, and the other half enderman, emitting purple particles-

    Scott: And the other part, the reason why I feel like my head is exploded?

    Nurse: Oh, one of the weird experiental lasers blew up in your face while you were firing it.

    -A doctor pulls up-

    Doctor: Oh, and a short-range ICBM attack. It also appears you can now tracks heat with your Ender Eye, and you won't be in combat for a week or two.

    Scott: Ugh....

    (In the timeline collapse, I was turned back into a human. just saying.)

    Scott: Blaster- I've found mysterious shards of paper which have magical knowlage on them, and one is particularly interesting. The Arcane Bore- A mean mining machine which runs on a Wand of Excavation and a Thaumium Pickaxe and the Vis around them. It shoots out a laser, and since the bots are made of metallic alloys, It can pretty much pierce the armor.

    Blaster: Sounds interesting, if you can make several, we can put them up as turrets on buildings.

    Scott: Will do.

    -a shuttle pulls up to the trenches around Mojang City, and I walk into it.-

    Blaster: Scott, how's it going?

    Scott: Not too good. However, I did hotwire some MFSU'S to Greg's power line.


    -I pull up to the barracks, people looking in wonder at the enderman in a Q-suit-

    Scott: Time to get to work.

    (Oh btw sorry guys for not posting for awhile, school got in the way.)

    -a broadcast hacks into blaster's channel-

    Blaster: NICOLE, who is hacking into it?

    NICOLE: It appears to not be a spambot....

    Scott: BLASTER!

    Blaster: That sounds familiar, almost like .... wait... Scott.

    Scott: Yeah, um... I kinda need to go to Mojang City. Also, I managed to research more magic, which is always good.

    Blaster: OK, sending a shuttle to you.

    -it pulls up, opening the door for me-

    Scott: To Mojang City, and fast.

    -The Slip-Drives activate-

    -when I arrive, I see a group of soldiers getting swarmed by the spambots.-

    Soldier: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

    -I pull out a staff, pulling my hand up and pointing the staff at the spambots, chunks of earth and stone flying towards them at high speeds-

    -the spambots retreat, leaving me and the soldiers in an abandoned city block with lots of craters in the ground-

    Scott: Blaster, I need a medic and an escort to the barracks. I want to help.

    -I doZe off, only to hear banging on the door as I wake up.- Me: Yes? -I find an elderly man in a robe at the door- Man: Sorry if I interrupted you, but I'm the Monastery leader. Me: Ah, Blaster told me to come here. -We walk into a temple made of old rebar and stone- Me: I came here to prepare to fight. Man: Oh, yes, I heard the reports of the monsters. - I show him my tools and weapons, the old man having a surprised look at the end- Man: it's not possible.... These weapons are of Twilight Forest descent. -him pointing to my wands- Me: Okay? Man: These are powerful and ancient tools. Take care of them. Also, there are several tools which you should have- The Pick of the Core, and The Sword of the Zephyr. However, there is a slight problem we have. Me: What? Man: The Naga's in the courtyard.

    Me: I'll need to charge my science equipment. Blaster: Oh, and we outfitted your shuttle with a few extra MFEs. Me: Thanks, I almost couldn't use the hyperdrive there. -I board the shuttle- AI, take me to the Forested Mountains. And don't use hyperdrive this time. I want to relax.-I pour myself a glass of lemonade from the shuttle's minibar.-

    As it turns out, the Minoshroom's body kinda distinegrated... Blaster: Well it was still killed, good job Scott. Me: Thanks, I've gotta repair and charge my stuff, but this ship doesn't have a lot of charge, since it was drained carrying the Mino's body. Plus, there's not a lot of Vis. Blaster: What? Me: it's just some terms for magic.... Blaster: Oh.. That's why you have all those weird wands and stuff.

    Me: Okay, I'll take a shuttle and go to the coords of the monsters. Blaster: Okay- And remember to ELIMINATE THEM. Me: Okay. -shuttle pulls up- Chaos: Best of luck, you Enderborn fellow. -I pick up my backpack full of various strange items, like my magic map and multiple wands along with a few modern things like a laser and a crowbar- Me: Hello, AI , what weapons do we have onboard? AI: Plasma cannons, ICBM Launchers, and gatling guns. Me: Take me to sector
    130,170 . AI: Hyperdrives activating. -We jump towards what appears to be a planet with several holes on the outside, like a maze.- Me: Take me down towards one of the holes. Me: This appears to be similar to...... The Labryinth? AI, do we have any extra supplies, like potions or armor? AI: No, but we do have an emergency landing kit. Me: That will have to do. -I jump down towards the hole.- Me: I should get some lights, it's awfully dark in here. -I grab my lightning wand, it glowing in the darkness.- Me: As Sir Issac Newton once said, what comes up, must come down. -I descend into the Labrynth- Me: Nothing seems to be in here, but- -I knock into what I think is a rock- (Well, I did before it moved) Monster: MOORGHH!! - It having the look of a red cow with a human body, toting an axe- Me: We meet again. -I shoot a bolt of electricity at him, but he deflects it with his axe, rushing towards me.- Me: AHHH!!!! -I grab my laser, setting it to superheated.- Me: Damnit, it's outta charge.- As a last-ditch effort, I grab my crowbar and strike him in the kneecaps with it, before hitting in the head HARD.- Me: 1 down, 3 to go. Blaster: Scott, what in the Nether is going on?!? Me: One of the monsters, the Minoshroom. Blaster: The Mino-what? Me: Whatever. AI, send some drones down here to retrieve its body. AI: Sending drones out. Me: Time to go home. -I enter the shuttle, hyper jumping back to where Blaster is.- Blaster: The news? Me: One monster down.

    Me: My radio's working, I thought this thing was broken.... -Of course, Blaster and Drake are paying no attention to this- Radio: There has been reports of strange creatures, including a massive dragon-like serpent, a tall skeleton with a crown on, a masive snake, and a giant Mooshroom with a human body.... Me: Wait, the Hydra, the Twilight Lich, the Naga, and the Minishroom are scattered across the sectors..... OH GOD!!!1!!!! -checks pack, finding a map- So this 'magic' map is still working... Wait.... The images have moved... I've gotta fix this. Blaster: Scott, what are you mumbling on about? Me: Umm, I think we kinda, let all the monsters out of the Twilight Forest when I activated the wormhole.... Blaster: And so..? Me: I'll have to hunt them down and kill them. Drake: Can't we send robots out to kill them? Me: Unfortunately, no. The robot's aren't smart enough, and the monsters are far more developed. Drake: ??? Me: I'll take care of it, I'll need a shuttle though.

    -transmission begins- If anyone is listening, I'm hearing a banging outside my detention cell. -blaster walks up- Blaster: You the one who sent that signal? Me: Yeah, the name's Scott. -blaster has a perplexed look on his face- Blaster: You're a..... Me: Two-block tall Enderman? Yeah... -I grab my crowbar and mining laser out of a lockbox- Me: Time to go. Blaster: So how did you get here anyway? Me: By making a twilight portal, of course. -We find a portal to and from the overworld- Me: Hmm... -Picks up a random linking book and throws it into the portal- Blaster: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!!! Me: Making a wormhole to destroy this forsaken dimension, though I fear it might cause a paradox. Oh, right, WE NEED TO RUN!!!!! - we both run to the shuttle- Blaster: AI, we need to get out of here QUICK! AI: Boosting the hyperdrive to 88K/MPH. -we both fall into our seats before it activates-

    -broadcast beginning-

    Hi, this is a cry for assistance. I'm currently in the fourth dimension- The Twilight Forest. It's safe, unless you have a un-recaptcha'd signal. Well, pretty safe unless you count the Hyrda, Naga and Minoshroom that live here. But still- more and more spambots are pouring out of the portal. The other day, I was setting up a TNT cart defense system, and this spambot snuck up on me. I had to kill it with my crowbar, which got dented.

    -sound is getting grainy-

    Oh god- I've got to end the broadcast . Bye, and I'm Scott, calling for help.

    -picks up fire wand and presses button-

    -end of broadcast-