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    "This is Zeus Station, launching the Sword of Damocles." The station AI said.
    "This is Angel, abort, I repeat, abort!" The radio buzzed.
    "That would be defying direct order of my commanders." The AI replied.
    "Damnit..... we have to destroy those things. They'll hit with the force of tactical nukes.. Wait.... where is that one headed?" Angel typed in.

    Kryptia's POV

    "Why is my PDA buzzing.... wait, we have reports of objects on ballistic trajectories coming towards us. Most likely Rods from God. Everyone, grab your stuff, and head through that nexus!" I yelled, grabbing my pack and heading through the portal. We ended up in a town.

    have a cat:
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    ~----"~ \

    Kry: "Sarah.... I'm so sorry."
    Sarah: "Grr...."
    -Sarah stares at Lucy, who is being restrained by a mysterious figure. A man walks out of the nexus.-
    Lucy: "Who-"
    -The man wears a black cloak with purple outlines, and a black hat which casts shadows across his face, so his face is concealed. He has red glowing eyes.-
    ????????: "My name is Theron. Hello, Kryptia."
    -He shakes my hand.-

    Kry: "Guys, get your stuff."
    -I use my powers to summon a nexus. It has a pentagram on it. Meanwhile, Lucy is nuzzling Electos.-
    Lucy: "I love human men...."
    Electos: "Um..."
    Sarah: "GET OFF OF HIM!"
    -Lucy releases a dark beam which freezes Sarah in place. She wraps her arms around Electos, kissing him, draining his energy.-

    -A pentagram appears on the wall. A puff of smoke appears.-
    Xavier: "Huh?"
    -A girl appears. She has my silver hair, except she has blood red eyes. She's wearing a very exposing top and pants, and has a seductive look in her eyes.-
    Girl: "Hi, Kryptia."
    -She seems to be intoxicating to be around. She's eyeing Xavier.-
    Kry: "Hello, Lucy. Guys, this is my sister."

    Kry: "So.... Is my location where we're going? It's protected from humans, which is gonna be handy."

    -Scott's POV-
    Angela: "ARGHHH!"
    -I wake up to see Angela foaming at the mouth, looking like a wild animal. She charges, a knife in her hand.-
    Scott: "...."
    -I twist her wrist, summoning my shadow spear. I have no choice but to stab her in the heart with my spear. When I do so I feel pain inside. The only person who ever understood me is dead, because she went mad. I knew something was wrong, she was like the guards on TV.-

    Kry: "REAPER'S SMITE!"
    -A large group of guards pause and a white vapor is sucked out of their mouths and it comes to be absorbed by my body. They all collapse.-
    Kry: "You know, there's a reason they call me Demon."
    -I charge at a guard, stabbing him in the chest with my scythe. I use my laser on explosive mode, taking out another group.-

    -Scott's POV-
    Angela: "Hey, Scott, come watch this!"
    -Angela is the girl I was staying with at the time, she had inherited one of the few astronomy observatories left in Minecraftia. I walked up to the TV, silent as I usually was for 20 years after the war, since I was mute.-
    Electos: "It is done."
    -There's a commotion somewhere.-
    Electos: "Something's wrong..."
    -The camera pans over to the crowd, and guards are attacking innocent civilians. I knew something would go wrong, as there were still some evil people out there. I rush from the couch into my room. The radio starts up.-
    Radio: "This is Guardian Station 1, requesting permission to launch Demon."
    -I type something out in Morse Code.-
    Scott: "This is Angel, you have full permission to launch Demon."

    -Demon's POV-
    ???: "This is Demon, undocking from Guardian Station One. Currently using my reaction control system to maneuver away from the station."
    Angel: "Affirmative, good luck out there."
    Demon: "I don't need luck."
    -As I say this, I fire my retrograde thrusters, bringing my apogee down to re-entry levels. I see flames forming on the sides of my drop pod. Luckily there are ablative heatshields on the capsule.-
    Demon: "This is Demon, I am reentering the atmosphere, coming in hot over New Mojang City. Using chutes to slow my descent."
    Angel: "You okay?"
    Demon: "Yep."
    -My chutes slow me down enough to make a safe descent, coming in over the plaza. I deploy the landing legs, feeling about 2G when I hit the ground. I open the door to my capsule, breathing in the fresh air after being in space so long. I hop out of the capsule, carrying a laser, and a large scythe. I run towards the facility. I see a man, who I believe is named Electos.-
    Demon: "This is Kryptia, codename Demon, reporting for duty from the Minecraftian Emergency Response Station."