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    Bet it's because of the BC version. From what I've both experienced and read through here, this mod addon, right now, only seems to work with 3.1.5

    Any errors? *I* could take a look.

    Yeah, it says it's looking at an unsupported version of IC2.

    If anyone has request for a BC 3.x trigger, now would be the time to ask. Triggers for the nuclear reactor are not possible without an unacceptable performance hit.

    Believe he's headed toward the 3.x route anyway. I've been using that alpha since it's been out. So, if my vote counts, I'd like this mod for the 3.x version. Loved this mod before I decided to be a testing guinea pig :thumbsup: Thanks. Can live without the reactor for a while if that's a problem. Would like this for everything else though. Thanks.

    Oh, if it matters, already at 3.1.2. Look forward to it!

    Ah, I remember the good ol' days...
    Now, I think I bookmarked the forum thread when I started using IC....
    And there it is:

    Huh, that's a really long time ago, ain't it? :)

    Oh man, you beat me. HAD to look to see what my oldest (remaining) one was---v1.0 still, but at 1.6.6. All of us in memory lane sound like old coots---for a game that's only been out a little over a year :D

    Still crashes---a lot. In between the 'saving chunks' screens, ran six loads of cobble through. Didn't extract anything, at all. Ideas on the crashing or the (lack of) rare earthiness? :) Also, if you hadn't mentioned it in an earlier thread, I never would have thought to redownload this since you hadn't changed the version number. Just an fyi. Run a TON of Forge mods---always watch the version numbers to know whether to update or not. please let us know about this REE...

    Is it too much work too recode the REExtractor? cause i'm getting pretty pissed that i can't make advanced water mills. MinecraftGhast

    Believe he's examining a LOT of the code. Lot of strangeness and errors. However, this IS in the "pending" section. Cut him some slack. It'll be ready----oh-------probably when it's ready :)
    I've built one as well. It's sitting in a chest until---again---it's ready to work. Patience young grasshopper.

    Still have to do the pr-1 thing first? or just replace the pr4?

    I copy/pasted it up to the top of the modloader list and deleted the original entry, then I ensure it saved, and made a backup copy of the modloader config file just in case it screws up again (which I suspect will happen)

    Yeah, bummer. That's what I was already doing, and have done multiple times since. Just won't let the minimap work :/
    Crap. Really wanted to use this mod.

    EDIT: I just fixed it myself, turns out I have to load the minimap before anything else and it works perfectly.
    Good news all around, means you don't need to work on a compatibility patch, and means I can have your addon and the minimap afterall :D

    I'm having the same problem here. How did you force rei's to load first? Tried it in the modloader config to no avail.

    Supposedly so, yes. Don't think they're to that point quite yet though. Frustrating because all of the tin I have found has been the 'wrong' kind (Rp2s). Can't even begin to start IC2 until they fix it 9OR I find IC2-specific tin). Again, very frustrating.