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    Martititi, hadn't I already said that I was going to implement realistic fission mechanics? If not, I was going to anyway :P

    The rockets would be modular anyway, but rockets could be fitted with a "remote control" module that allows the controller to control the rocket in-flight (predator missile style, for all you COD fans, but it won't be from above, It'd be from the launch point...) Oh, and of course this would have a certain range...

    Any way, the disk would not have appreciated...

    Well, I think that the thing with the missiles going up and then teleporting actually makes some sense since you can make true missile facilities...
    Or you can try to implement a simple detection of where the open land is.
    And what if I dug a hole to the bedrock and place a missile? Would it try to go to its destination, and crash into the walls?
    And it would also be nice if you could make the missiles unexplodable before it reaches some point of the procedure (I mean, normally, any kind of rockets is not triggered before some time has passed).

    Well, yes I did have that idea... I was thinking of a simple "map" based GUI on the rockets with a 2D cross-section of the missile position to the target location, and the user will be able to set events to happen at certain points in the curve, trigger redstone at certain points etc, and they will also be able to "shape" the line (within reason) to their liking in order to customise the flight path...
    Thoughts on this??

    No, I didn't, I instead opened it up to find "mashed up" heads and a scratched platter... The actuator arm clearly got stuck, and then my "gentle persuasion" clearly damaged the heads :(

    So will the missile mechanics work like the original rocket science? Where the missiles fire straight up?

    Likely not, I'll be recoding the rocket mechanics, and they will likely fly in arcs, instead of directly up, teleporting, and directly down.

    Best chance to you!

    Well, yes, but after my recent HDD failure, and entire recode - along with many changes, I've decided to call it rocketscience-3! :D

    Basically, The new version will have a little book that you get on your first spawn, and this book will include information about how to work all of the machines etc. much like tinker's or openblocks or rotarycraft etc.

    Well... I was thinking... I'm likely going to have a system in which a multiblock system is required, but it will be rather small compared to the ones in say, reactorcraft or atomic science by Calclavia!

    Oh, no, they're magic superconductors that work at room temperature ;)

    Yeah, well, it's RS-3 now... Therefore there will be a huge version overhaul and it'll go back to 0.1 or whatever :P

    Yes, they were deleted from the webserver accidentally (because I don't name folders on the FTP too well... XD)

    Hmm, well I bashed it a few times, seemed to get the heads off the platter (It was clunking and wouldn't spin up - stuck heads)

    Now It's more like:



    Spin down....


    Not sure what is actually beeping... could be a lodged spindle, or damaged heads... I'm hoping it's the former :/

    Ah yes, I understand that something like over 50% of France's energy comes from nuclear power plants?
    And yes, I was planning of adding some kind of coolant as a fluid in game (like water) that will be pumped into this multiblock reactor, and will come out at a higher temperature. This will cool over time, but it will release "steam"/vapor and eventually dissipate gaseously if not cooled fast enough. This will cause the player to take damage upon standing in the liquid, and will also allow for custom cooling towers etc. to be built to dissipate the "steam"/vapor.
    Also, the primary phase will be confined to the actual reactor, where I could either use some kind of semi-shielded passthrough that would directly use the thermal energy from the plasma to heat water, or It could be done via some kind of heat exchanger system (more realistic). But to be honest, Minecraft is the complete opposite of realism!
    So really, it depends on whether or not I want to be realistic

    It's in ALPHA stage (internal testing) and is not meant to be played properly yet, things are being added, removed and experimented with. The rockets don't work. SC wires are not fully working, Missile mechanics haven't even been coded yet!
    Textures are in progress and launchpads are multi-blocks. The isotopic accumulator separates isotopes of hydrogen from water, by being submerged in it, and it is very buggy and doesn't work properly yet. The sirens are a coming-soon feature (like all the rest) and are going to be redstone powered and be able to have a variable volume/tone (warble/steady) they have not been added to thew creative tab and have not been given a recipe yet, indicating that they are not ready to be used in-game fully.
    Please, let's not get ahead of ourselves here, and forget that this mod is in ALPHA stage 8|
    Look, the mod is only uploaded here for people to "mess around" with and "get a feel for". It is intended for experimentation, and I don't recommend that you use it to play through a survival game.
    Remember... Alpha stage...