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    This question has probably already been asked, but this thread is over a 1000 pages long and search yielded no results. Have a new 1.6.2 server with Gregtech. One question I have is with regards to stainless steel and Manganese Dust. Are the only ways to get that through red garnets and rock crushing wolframite? I feel like I am missing something.

    Wow, a Java Error. The only thing which can break through a try/catch no matter what. UE Energy Support works properly, but I guess something is borked with your Java. Did you really disable UE Energy Support? In that case this Error cant even happen as BaseMetaTileEntityUE wouldn't exist.

    I had my server host reinstall Java and it seems to have went away. Weirdness. And yes I triple checked your config file to make sure I turned it off.

    My best guess would be : UE energy support is bugged. Deactivate it on the configs (both server and client) and see what happens.

    Did that and it is still happening. Now to really toss you for one: We have no UE energy generators on the server. The only thing we have from UE is ICBM.

    Its just the huge amount of BaseMetaTileEntityICUEMJ you have in your World. Almost every single GregTech Block has that TileEntity. I would more worry about Railcraft Tanks and these Conduits, as they consume tons of resources as well.

    This seemed to come about when my players started building Fusion Reactors. Right now there are 5 in the world and with each needing 144 Centrifuges and I think 32 Electrolyzers to keep it running on the H2 + H3 formula. Perhaps in the future a multiblock structure designed solely for the Fusion Reactor upkeep to remove a lot of the entities from the world? And yes, I have already posted to Railcraft. His stuff showed up only after the last update.

    Hey Greg, having a tps issue on my server involving your machines and I need to know if it's Applied Energistics tapping your machines or something with your mod. We are using 3.08b currently. Here is a screenshot of a tick profiling: As you can see the Basemetatilentityicuemj is hogging a lot of resources. Your mod is popular on my server and there are quite a few machines. Is this just a lot of machines being used period or is there something I can do to up my 8 tps? When we turn off everything of yours tps goes up to 19. Most machines are connected to AE networks, so I am open to the possibility that AE is to blame. Thanks for any insight you can provide.


    Is the possible to get your new base IC2 machines,(Automatic Macerator, Extractor, Compressor etc) added to the OreDict like you did with the E-Furnace. With the current set up on my server it's not possible to craft any advanced machines mod maches with the base ic2 machines disabled. Thanks.

    Hello, I am having a strange problem with charcoal in generators on my server that I can't seem to reproduce in single player so I am hesitant to add it to the bug tracker. Upon upgrading from 115.334 to 116.350 charcoal goes from producing the normal 4k EU at 10EU a tick to producing 40 EU at the same 10 EU a tick. I was going to submit a bug, but when I create a single player game the bug is not there. Is there something wrong with my server? I have other mods installed, but in the update that produced this change in charcoal behevior, only IC2 and Gregtech were updated and I don't see anything in Greg's notes to indicate he changed the nature of charcoal. Thanks for any assistance.