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    That's been a bug for a considerable length of time. Advanced Solar Panels hasn't been updated in a while, while IC2 has.

    Thanks. At least i found a solution for what i have currently.
    As soon as I have both, the green marked generator and the green marked cable connected, it starts throwing exceptions.
    If I remove the connection to the solars or the marked generator, it works. Weird.

    Having the exact same issue. Using the FTB Infinity pack.
    - industrialcraft-2-2.2.667
    - AdvancedSolarPanel-1.7.10-3.5.1

    List the mods you're using or nobody will be able to help.

    Just made a second modpack and still not able to fly in multiplayer.
    Singleplayer works fine.

    For some reason I can no longer fly with a GraviChest.
    Yes, it's on and fully charged! Gave it to other players and they confirmed that you can't fly.
    Using Forge Guess they changed something serverside because it works in singplayer.
    Could you check that please?