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    I would either remove TC entirely, or nerf only the Thaumometer to include steel. Remember that Thaumcraft loses its big usefulness after the bronze age, since most of the other cheaty stuff is covered by other things (Native Clusters might be cheaper then a macerator, but they will not get you the byproducts that you need to progress), or is very limited in flexibility (Golems, unless upgraded, are very limited in function). Or even configurable, as is the case with Magic Mirrors. As a matter of fact, nerfing Thaumcraft in general is something Azanor specifically warns against, but I'm sure he won't mind that much if we just nerf the thing that allows everything in the first place.

    If we include it later, it really will not do much. Magic Forests can be disabled, and ores can be retrogenned. But I doubt the wait will be long, as it is clear he is actively updating to 1.7, as seen on his GitHub for his API:

    EDIT: I also just discovered Thaumium is registered in Greg's Meta ore stuff. We could possibly change up the cheap thaumium tools to require assembling like the other tools.



    With Invultri's permission, I say that one of the first things we do is kill the Ender Dragon. After we do, the Egg should go right to a Dragon Egg Energy Siphon at spawn, providing the energy for the entire early spawn. That way, there are no arguments as to who gets the Egg.

    I have a few questions for the people of GregTech:

    I am looking to revert plastic sheets from MFR back to the old way of crafting. Right now it requires extruding Plastic, I want to make it require 4 plastic dust which is the old way. Which option in the Configs allows that?

    Some of the unified ores do not have an Industrial Grinder recipe, but they do have a Macerator recipe. (Mekanism Osmium is one example). Is there a fix for this?

    I want copper ore to no longer make Cobalt. How can I do this?

    It is possible that I could make an addon to Thaumcraft to make it more Gregtech like, but it would take a while for balancing and talking with Azanor on the changes, so I say leave out Thaumcraft for a while.

    Any and all worldgen (Except enchanted forests) can be retrogenned, so it will not really matter in the end.

    Starting recipes indeed should be changed. However, beyond that, it really shouldn't be messed with.

    EDIT: I did some more testing, and there are other problems with Thaumcraft--GregTech compatability. While it does have aspects, there are other problems. Alumentum for example is not recognized as a valid fuel, when it actually should be.

    I recommend leaving out Thaumcraft until some of the problems are fixed.

    I really do not think Thaumcraft should be touched too much. It would tear up balancing if we modify too many recipes. And if we do modify recipes, I recommend making an official plugin instead of using minetweaker which might be buggy. (Although the Thaumometer should be safe to tweak)

    GregoriusT: Do your machines and items implement Thaumcraft aspects natively? Or is the existing aspects done entirely by Thaumcraft?

    Another mod which might be a good idea is Immibis's Microblocks. I recently found out that those microblocks, unlike FMP, work with IC2 cables (Gee, I wonder where we are using those...) and can be made to work with other items, like Greg's Pipes. That would be REALLY useful to have to make builds look better.

    Actually, thinking about it some more: Why don't we make an addon for Thaumcraft that adds some compatability with GregTech? I'm thinking more wands and a redo of some tech.

    That's KAMI... and will not go into here. KAMI means God... we do not need godmode...

    Alright, to prevent early-game abuse of Thaumcraft, while also preventing it from not being used at all, I recommend adding 4 steel to the recipe for the Thaumometer. There is enough space, so why not? This will make it impossible to start Thaumcraft before the late-bronze age (unless of course you are lucky) while also not killing it entirely.

    Just restrict TC tech to GT tech (aka make its items require GT tech tree stuff).

    Close to impossible

    The specific way to double ores only requires a crucible, which only requires a cauldron. It does however require you to add Ordo and Metallum, so you will waste some metal and another material, but it still can cause problems early game (Although it doesn't give you the ability to have by-products).

    The infernal furnace on the other hand is a multi-block structure that smelts things for free, with occasional bonus nuggets. At first, it is extremely slow, but by upgrading it with bellows and Ignis essentia (which actually does take fuel), it can smelt fast. The fact that it is slow and requires a dangerous trip to the nether does balance it out though.

    Golems also can make automation a lot easier. However, they can be expensive.

    One interesting thing though is that Railcraft is planning on adding a Potentia Powered Train. This would make trains simpler, but require a well-done infrastructure.

    The kinesis pipes were really the main thing that I was going for. I know about GT's pipes. I love them.

    If you guys wish, I could create a private server pack to allow new people to get on the server much easier and quicker. Auto-Updates are also a nice thing.

    EDIT: One thing to note about Thaumcraft. It allows very easy early game ore doubling with the Infernal Furnace and Ore Purification. Consider tweaking those a little.

    You know what, I've been looking for a challenge. This looks like it would be something.

    Couple things though:
    Railcraft is designed to go with Buildcraft. Perhaps adding Buildcraft might be an idea.

    Only Kinesis Pipes, Cobblepipe, Stone Pipe, and Wood Pipes are available, and kinesis require plates and red alloy. You must use steam engines to extract. Nothing is free in this world. Fluid Pipes, Pumps, Gates, Lasers, and Quarries are removed completely.

    To make steel more expensive. Duh.

    The point of GregTech isn't to add mindless difficulty. It's to add complexity that has a basis on Real Life and/or conjectural mechanics. Making steel more expensive for the sole purpose of "making it harder" is not what this is about.