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    there is no recipe for "30k coolant cell" and "60k coolantcell" - so some other items is uncraftable?

    so adv. jetpack is currently uncraftable.. because the "overclocker upgrade" requres a "30k coolant cell"

    "Superconductor Cover" is also uncraftable.

    Almost every AE2 tweaked recipe that takes "certus quartz" or "Fluix Crystal" or "nether quartz" is tweaked wrongly.... there should be an option to use the "pure" version of all the 3 crystals.. like in normal AE2 and EC2..

    Am I just talking to a wall here or? - everyone that is used to use AE2 will complain when they begin to use AE2 and EC2..

    Who made the tweaks, who has the responsibility to fix the tweaks, as soon as possible?

    edit: also, 4k component takes 4x 1k component in recipe.. there is no benefit to making a 4k instead of 4x 1k? - besides casing.. like 4x16k is way better than 1 64k - the vanilla recipe takes always 3x components

    - Tungsten Carbide - easy to get, very energy hungry.

    how do you mean easy? - Tungsten is only in the end, moon, mars..
    to make tungsten carbide you need a Kanthal coils (not cupronickel coil) for your EBF and HV power?

    To me AE2 And Extra Cells is an "storage mod" and "automatisation mod" of ITEMS and FLUIDS that you get from other mods with its own progression.

    so I cant see why AE2 and EC have recipe changes in the first place, since it "only" a storage mod? - there is metal/item/fluid progression in GT ? - these mods is only for storage, and wont interfere with progression??

    -also ae2 and ec is highly server cpu optimized? - so its good to use it, compared to other stuff?

    Please fix the "tungsten Grinding Head" recipe.. it requires way too end-game tech to make, and you need it before that......

    like the basic rock breaker in lv age, cannot be crafted until end-game stuff? ........

    or just run with normal GT recipes so that the balance isnt touched? .. there is probably many more recipes with loops :(

    what about letting the dev. of gt5u have a thing to say, now that he is active on the server? :)

    I love the tweaks as they are, and I think it's rude to tell Airam staying away from the scripts for one (or very few) problems you've encountered. The fact only one person actually complained about it proves it's more of a personal problem towards Airam than actually asking kindly to remove / redo these tweaks, and propose a solution that is not keeping the tweaker from GT5.
    Aies, since I'm speaking of you, I hope no offense is taken but telling someone how to do his job isn't a great act. And keep in mind Airam isn't Arch, so you can't expect him to be as great as Arch.
    Here's my plan to avoid any more drama : Aies, post a comment saying what's bothering you, why it causes you a problem and what would be the best solution to solve it. And stay opened for questions / discussions. You (and everybody else) must stay respectful, write kindly and recognize the stuff Airam has done, even if he's provoked some accident recently and did some mistakes.
    Arch was overbuned with all the people saying what was going wrong and complaining ALL THE TIME, so overbuned that he actually thought of leaving Kirara and stop funding the servers. I don't want to see another admin / mod / tweaker / whatever Airam is being infuriated, stressed out or even on the verge of throwing everything away.
    It starts with one person pointing out how to do stuff correctly to the person who's actually in charge of the stuff. It ends up catastrophically.
    Please avoid any comment like that in the future.

    I saw some weird recipes that did not make sense in my GregTech world, like a ic2 generator that could be build with steam machines - and a lv basic GT pump were the pipes needed an MV extruder. but Ordo/ariam and keda fixed that within 24 hours, so thats ok :) - and the vanilla recipe changes on day 4 of the server was weird, but that was also fixed, no np..

    the only thing I dirrectly thought was weird from OrdeFree's/Airam's side, was that he teleports around to players and spawn radio/recorder/meat treat and other stuff - that I can live with.. but when he began to spawn skeletons in my base that killed me, it was "enough" (when I try to minimize my deaths)- but luckely I havent seen anything like that around me anymore.. so im good with OrdoFree.. - its just that a think I join a real pro server, and the first thing I see is an Admin that spawn stuff and changes time.... but that is the past now :)

    and now the nasa bench recipe is broken? - you cannot craft GT "schematic" in the recipe.. - so I just write it in this thread or chat, so that admins can see there is a problem..? - isnt that a good thing I do that? :)

    I also would like to ask all players to check all (or most of) GregTech, Industrial Craft, Forestry, GraviSuite, Gendustry, Applied Energistics, ExtraCells, Greg's Lighting and Ztones recipes and tell what they don't like/what they like to be fixed.

    I would recommend using normal GT5u9 recipes, also those who change ic2 stuff (re-battery)..

    Maybe Its to late but the "Semifluid Generator" recipe is easier, imo, than the vanilla GT recipe..

    the Vanilla GT recipe requires re-battery which is made in "fluid canning machine" with molten redstone and a small battery hull.. the new recipe can be made with steam machines??