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    In the case of using fx, Zan's Minimap, it utilises the M key for its menu screen, i've been unable to change this key, through any config files, before implementing the files in the .jar. And changeing the M key for the mining laser, will then pose a problem.
    ATM Zan's minimap is not part of minecraft Forge And does alter the uq.class file in its latest update.

    EDIT: So the option of beeing able to change hotkeys for IC2 would be usefull, for later use, with more mods, even MCF based mods.

    1. Yes, they are intentionally rare though. You will find them rarely in forests or somewhat common in swamp biomes (usually around a lake... or floating above it >.<). You can easyly spot them by their high leaf tip.

    2. Both. Testing through the whole set of recipes can't hurt and it may take some time to do this without TMI. However, as well it can't hurt to test the mod's balance by just playing. Thuough this won't work well, as some important stuff is still lacking (f.e. MFE's and stuff, necessary to charge more advanced tools (you can craft already)). Btw, you can charge Tier 1 tools by holding a battery and rightclicking. More stylish then a Mobile Charger :P

    In that case, it will be pure ssp then! only use of maybe the recipebook, or craftingbook in case some recipes arnt what expectency would be :P Been a while sin'ce i've gone at it the old fashioned way.. Remember our first smp setup, we didnt have mfe's for quite a while, used solar gennys, with bats in to charge, solar genny's connected straight to the machinery, beeing unable to do stuff at night, other than, dig dig dig, and dig some more :P However, with beds, it shouldnt be the "worst" problem :P


    1.Is rubber trees in this version of the beta?

    2.Do you want us to play through "normal" game play, or just use tmi, and spawn some iron, and stuff, and go through the construction phases of the IC mod, from bottum to top so to say?


    Or lets piss them off by building chunklong wires and causing CPU-overusage and then request a better server as that one cant handle IC :3
    Wait, damn, Player's new EnergyNet isn't that CPU-intensive anymore, wouldn't work >.>

    Nuclear reactors going critical, chains of ITNT, nukes placed within range of each other, chain reacting...

    Need i say more ?

    - Name/Nick : Dan / Skera
    - MC-Forum Nick / IC-Forum Nick / Minecraft Acountname : Skruffy / Skruffy / TheSkera
    - Timezone you're living in, given in GMT +-x : GMT + 1
    - The position you want to take, aka: what do you want to do? : Beta, and whatever i can assist with, possibly forum assistance.
    - Previous experience on the position mentioned above? A good spot to throw links at previous projects/activitys of yours. :

    Well, 3 years of Programming with java, c#, asp.NET mixture, 2 years Multimedia Designer. General Gamer of all sorts of games during all of my life basically ( 28 years old ).

    No need to mention i've been gaming MC since alpha obviously.
    Stopped at the programming and designing on a profesional level due to stress related matters. But my books for codeing are still on the shelf!
    Generally im the guy people come to when their pc acts "funny / slow" or if they generally are just about to throw it out the window..
    Other than that, i would consider myself as a bug hunter, skimming code, and having a fair chance to spot a problem in the code.
    I've been admin/Moderator on various closed "Clan/Guild" forums during my time, experience with the most popular PHP css based forums out there, and are fairly quick to learn if i put my mind to it..
    Other than that, i'd say Google is a powerfull tool if one know how to use it :)

    Extremly neato, taken