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    Player, just give date of the releasing test build of 1.10.2. i check this website everyday just for fastcraft 1.10.2!

    No offence dude, but I silently check this forum every day as well and am getting tired of seeing you harass for a mod update. Player will update when he has the time to. I'm sure he has a life, which is way more important than releasing fastcraft for 1.8, 1.9, or 1.10. He could release in 2017 and life will still go on. Posting here once every couple days wont change the fact that making minecraft mods takes time. He is the author of the mod and I am sure is well aware that his mod is very useful, and that many people probably rely on the mod. So chill out, and wait like the rest of us, patiently.

    another thing you can do is create the modpack on the Technic launcher as it is much easier than trying curse when you have FastCraft in it.

    Even if someone wanted to include fastcraft into a curse modpack, it actually is not possible. Unless it is either added to the list here:…F1OKy56cHxKNdk/edit#gid=0
    And this is what is says on that page about fastcraft for curse:

    "Since everyone keeps asking: Fastcraft and IndustrialCraft2 include conditions we cannot enforce. We cannot add them to the list at this time."

    So through that method, it is not possible unless the license was adapted, but I think that is not what Player wants with his mod.

    the other option would be Player mirroring the download on Curse Forge which would then allow curse modpacks to use the mod. and when he has a new version. he could completely delete the old versions (not archive, actual delete) leaving only the newest FastCraft available to be downloaded. If the pack authors don't update the modpack, then theoretically it would fix all curse packs from distributing an old version of the mod automatically since there wouldn't be a file to download. Plus it would give you a tally of how many people are using fastcraft which might be nice. But again, that is completely a decision up to Player.

    Their reasoning is weak, Curse could just pull the FC jar from the repositories 3 weeks after a new release is out. Only mod packs not following the license properly would run into issues. One may note that they have to do likewise if a CurseForge project is being deleted.

    In general FC's redistribution terms apply to everyone and I don't have plans to change them atm.

    hmmm would it not be easier to just go to: set up the mod there, and "I think" you can set it up to just pull from the repository, although maybe the Cofh team just updates each file themselves, but ive always thought they had some automatic way of doing it.. Then when there is a new version, on curse forge itself, if it is in an modpack, it will display an option to update it if the user wants to..

    I was wondering, was fastcraft built using an intel build? Because I get amazing performance increases, but when my friend uses the same pack, he has equivalent hardware but has an amd processor. We have noticed it seems to actually not help his performance at all.

    On my wifes laptop (which is using an intel processor) it really helps performance on her computer.

    So i was just wondering if this was coded to work better for intel hardware?

    Does anyone know for the molecualr transformer if it is possible to specify not to make the gregtech versions of the items? Unification is great and all.. but not if the item does not work in the same crafting recipes. That means its not the same item. its just dumb. If Im trying to make certus quartz, it makes gregtech versions, and the gregtech version is damn useless. You cannot make any Me drives or anything with them. you can't even make a certus quartz block!

    I might have to make it give by id except the id of normal certus quartz for me is: 31099:6

    Does it work with meta data? Il try it right away though, but I would rather not use ids instead of oredict except i can't disable the gregtech unifcation bull shit. I wish i had control over the unification so I can disable the gregtech items that just don't work but force everything to make that kind..

    But don't get me wrong, I do like using gregtech, I love the machines, they just look ugly. And the unification stuff really makes me frustrated trying to debug what is wrong with recipes. or searching through nei for a possible way to make someting..

    Well, lots of modders are skipping 1.7.2, and the more that skip it and go to 1.7.10, the more that other modder will finally update to the same version maybe before a forge 1.8..

    And lots of mods have a single 1.7.2 build just so there is a 1.7.2 build.. Im pretty sure 1.7.10 is more stable no?

    Generic protection mod is very hard to maintain. Many mods does not have any api, which can be used. IC2 have very good api, then is possible make this mod.

    That makes sense, I though it was not going to happen, but I thought I would ask. Any chance for this:

    add the ic2 dynamite or any of the other ic2 dropable/right click detonate-able items to also have protection. And I think it would be very useful.

    If you are open to larger suggestions, maybe a way to add a item id/name to the config to some other items from some other mods and it could protect damage from their explosions. But I also think that might require alot more work than intended and possibly some bugs that will come around. But If you did do something like that and graduate it to more of a protection mod, I could see some very nice additions, but I do know that this is suposed to only be a IC2 addon, but I thought id run these next two things by you:

    ------------------------------ Suggestion if there was to be a more generic "protecion mod":
    I have been looking for a way to make a specific block be completely indestructible to explosions like not even disappear for a second. But only for the the certain block I am interested in protecting.

    And the item I was looking to protect completely is the grave from openblocks. Because sometimes when you get killed by a creeper, the death places a grave, but the explosion from the creeper that killed you was still happening when the grave was placed so it was destroyed aswell. Which is very frustrating from both a user view and a server owner view.

    (the plugin: Towny lets blocks be destroyed, to allow the affect of damages which is really cool, but then it will slowly regenerate the area back, but if the grave is destroyed/deleted the contents are destroyed, and it will get replaced after a few seconds with an empty inventory)

    Some other mod items that I wish my server had protection for are the rocketlauncher from MFR(Minefactory Reloaded) and the needlegun

    I just ban them since I can't control the use of the explosive and fire ammo, aswell as the "anvil ammo: which is dumb as hell"(places anvils in the location that you shoot)
    but the needle gun is very useful for handling the amount of zombies and monsters we have.

    But anyways If you aren't into that idea or want to attempt something like that, Someone has already asked if it is possible to add the ic2 dynamite or any of the other ic2 dropable/right click detonate-able items to also have protection. And I think it would be very useful.

    I have 2 questions: I know that you can enable the regular ic2 machines to be crafted with the automatic ones, is there a way to make the regular recipes make the normal ones first instead of the GT ones, and then from the normal ones into the GT ones?
    I hope this made sense.

    I was also wondering about the load up, is there a way to disable GTmod from checking all the things that it does at the start up? It really takes a toll on the loading time. I was thinking maybe letting it setup its search the first time, then not changing any mods and hopefully it wouldn't need to do its preloading thing since it already knows what mods are there and such. is that possible?

    If i added a mod, I could enable it again, to the preloading check whatever it takes so long to do, and then when its done disable it again.

    Anyways maybe I don't understand what it is doing, all i see in my console is a bunch of this at start up:

    2014-06-08 16:59:26 [INFO] [STDERR] WARNING: MineFactoryReloaded|CompatIC2 attempted to register
    2014-06-08 16:59:26 [INFO] [STDERR] greggy_greg_do_please_kindly_stuff_a_sock_in_it
    2014-06-08 16:59:26 [INFO] [STDERR] dustChrysotile very late at the OreDictionary! Some Functionality, such as OreDict-Unification may not work as expected! Sometimes registration in @PostInit is required, but you should always register OreDictionary Items in the @preInit Phase whenever possible.
    2014-06-08 16:59:26 [INFO] [STDERR]

    whatever its doing there, anyway to just cache the info somewhere for GT to remember and then just load the game normally instead of checking everything?

    Edit: Sorry forgot to mention this is coming from 1.6.4

    Hey there, I have some odd player render crashes that do not happen until I add gregtech. I use smart moving and it adds some really awesome survival stuff. Like crawling under blocks, climbing blocks too high to jump etc.

    For smart moving to work, it needs 2 mods:
    Smart moving

    There is an optional mod called RenderPlayerAPI
    this makes 3d armor/backpacks hook to the player. ex Modular Powersuits.

    So If I plan to use both powersuits and gregtech, i either have to remove renderplayerAPI (Makes powersuits look awful) or gregtech (adds too much awesome)

    So Here is crash logs, client log, and mods I used:

    I have had some people complain so explanation: I am using dropbox since all the files are in one place, and it can display the text files without having to download them. And no file size limits (pastebin)

    Mod list I tested with:
    Smart Moving

    I will also post the crash to Smart moving, but since It works with every other mod I have used flawlessly, Could gregtechmod block the mod from loading some of its class files? idk I just dont understand what gregtechmod does during the start up, All I know is that it takes ubber long to start up the game. But Still worth the wait.

    Also the recipe for the 'raw carbon fibre' shows that it requires 3 coal dusts, but it does not work. because nei is actually supposed to show 4 coal dusts and that recipe does work. but the visuals just do not. Anyway you could fix that in your fix mod since they will not ever do an update for 1.6.4 anymore?

    Would there also be a way to add a break block event to some of ic2's machines for 1.6.4?

    Basically it is for using mcpc+ and a towny protection system. If the mining laser threw a block break event, a plugin could stop the blocks from being broken.

    I had two links where they have already managed to do this and have it working, but it is only for 1.4.7, and 1.5

    This is info on the idea Grabbed from the first link below:

    • Nuke,iTNT - EntityExplosionEvent + BlockBreakEvent if the player who launched it can be determined + EntityDamageByEntityEvent always.
    • Mining Laser - BlockBreakEvent, EntityDamageByEntityEvent if hit player/mob.
    • Nano Saber - EntityDamageByEntityEvent
    • Mining Laser Explosive Mode - EntityExplosionEvent + BlockBreakEvent as player who shoot + EntityDamageByEntityEvent.
    • Dynamite - EntityExplosionEvent + BlockBreakEvent + EntityDamageByEntityEvent
    • Wrench - BlockBreakEvent also for editing
    • TreeTap,Obstructor,Sprayer,etc - BlockBreakEvent
    • Anything that shows GUI - also BlockBreakEvent

    Heres the first version:…m38vfh22mhd5&topic=5357.0

    And here is the second one:…m38vfh22mhd5&topic=5593.0

    Addon updated !
    ChangeLog of Gravitation Suite 1.9.9a
    + Added torch place by Advanced Diamond Drill rightclick (like as Diamond Drill)
    + Added 2 modes in Advanced Chainsaw (Normal and No shears) like as normal Chainsaw
    + Fixed crash on shears in Advanced Chainsaw

    Thank You. This update Fixes the problem I was having! That was impressive how quickly you fixed it! :D

    Addon updated !
    ChangeLog of Gravitation Suite 1.9.9
    + Fixed all electric recipes for IC > 2_2.0.393-experimental
    + Added forgeOreDict support

    P.S. Thanks GregTech for our happy childhood.

    Before you go straight to 1.7, would it be possible for you to set up gravisuites to access the inventories in the new 1.6 way.
    Because it uses the older way, If I add battle gear, which allows duel wielding and shield allongside the swords, it makes use of the right clicking to activate the second hand/shield. When gravisuites is installed and you punch an entity with the left hand (right click) at gives this crash:…03-04_19.41.28-server.txt

    Apparently IC2 had this same problem with the mod, but IC2 Fixed it very long ago.
    here is the post that has the same crash as in mine, but for IC2(post #22):…age__st__20#entry23997008

    Here is a link to Mine & Blade Battle Gear 2…ttlegear-2-bullseye-1046/

    Very awesome mod. But Gravisuites is also an awesome mod, which is why they should be allowed to work together!