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    Control rods: Redstone no longer affects the Reactor. You will need a control rod to turn off the reactor, but it only works if the control rod touches the reactor. (moar nerfs to da reactor!!!1!)

    Old school nuclear ractor config: Pretty much just the old 1.2.5 or earlier reactor functionalities for those who really want it.

    Control rods: Although you can not see them it can be assumed that the control rods already exist inside a reactor block. without control rods a reactor would not be able to be moderated, controlled and "Turned off" effectively. The main control factor for a reactor is literally how far the control rods are pulled out of the nuclear pile. In minecraft this can be seen as a redstone signal activating the reactor.

    Old school nuclear reactor config: Absolutely not, the reactor was changed for a reason. While I am usually a big fan of "Config all the things!" such a large feature should not have a config in my opinion.

    This is a common issue early game, depending on what mods you play with there are multiple solutions.
    If you are running IC2 by itself you can use the redstone outputs on the mfe to produce a signal according to your needs.
    run a splitter cable between your generators and your storage to control when your generators come on. you could even just set this up so you can manually flip one lever to turn your generators on.
    BC has its gate options but I personally would shy away from that. (I don't trust buildcraft much.)
    If you know much about computercraft you can also wrap your storage units as a peripheral, do some basic math and get their charge percentage and then have it trigger your gens at a certain percentage.

    Here is what I think.
    I personally like the new textures, the old ones were just well... old.
    As far as actual 3D models go, It should be added as an add on. I think that overly detailed 3D models take away from the "blockiness" of minecraft.

    For those of you that prefer the old textures, I suggest keeping a copy of the old textures and just porting them over.

    "IC2 detected an ID conflict between your IC2.cfg and the map you are
    trying to load.

    Map: DIM-1

    Config section: block
    Config entry: blockCable
    Config value: 4005
    Map value: 228

    Adjust your config to match the IDs used by the map or convert your
    map to use the IDs specified in the config. This is what you need to do to fix it.

    See also: config/IC2.cfg DIM-1/ic2_map.cfg"

    I believe the silver was added for use with other mods. If memory serves it was added specifically for RP2. You guys still remember red power right? :P

    This would is my WIP. I haven't gotten much done because of work but its cozy.
    You might not recognize a few things. I have change some textures to my personal liking.

    Outside View. Red glass fiber cable is a CC network cable.

    Inside first room. Some specialty machines that I don't use much. they aren't on the grid.

    My blast furnace, anvil and rolling machine.

    The corridor between my two rooms. Left corridor is my HUD computer showing IRL time and stored base power. Right side is my AE storage.

    Basic machines and power gen. I use nuclear, Feels less like cheating.
    My IND blast furnace, IND grinder and above my crafting table is my large charger.

    Some storage tanks and better view of my HUD computer.

    This is the wrong section for this. you should be posting in the screenshot section.

    Blast furnaces can share the same machine cases so four blast furnaces per set of machine blocks is pretty good.

    I generally use AE for super compact storage and when moving mining equipment/resources across long distances.

    I use two zero chamber reactors using the 180EU/t layout in my FTB unhinged world. I am able to run my basic ore processing, and a few of my ind machines with little to no loss to my storage unit. although they have a costly initial price they are a very nice early mid game power generators.

    (I use a GT large charger with one transformer upgrade as my storage unit. I have five Lithium packs and a few energy crystals. roughly six MFE's worth of energy storage.)

    I would have to run the numbers to be sure but; I think if you upgrade your coolant cells to their biggest size and then run them in a freezer then it should lower your overhead running cost.

    Except that RP2 is as good as dead.

    Also transmitting power via glass fibre cable has never made sense. If anything it could be used for transmitting redstone signal.

    Well to my knowledge, the logic behind glass fiber is similar to fiber optic? IRL its been theorized that energy could be transmitted without loss by first converting it to light.
    We have teleporters xD why are we arguing about how a cable works?

    This is how i think it should work.

    1. Max Range = Depends on the amount of items you have. Lets say... 16 each?
    Beyond the range cord is pulled taught, Player can no longer move past the range and will not pull the cart.

    2. If the cart source accelerates past the cable distance then the cable should be broken and lost.(Configurable?)

    3. Yes different Cables for different voltages. If LV copper is used on a higher voltage block then the cable should break and fry. (Same as existing cables.)

    4. Cable is attached when it is placed into a storage unit output slot, Different amounts give longer range. Just like plugging extension cords into each other. (Increases energy loss, promoting advancing to higher tiers)

    5. Transfer amount should be on par with its respective voltage tier.