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    I really do not think Thaumcraft should be touched too much. It would tear up balancing if we modify too many recipes. And if we do modify recipes, I recommend making an official plugin instead of using minetweaker which might be buggy. (Although the Thaumometer should be safe to tweak)

    If we don't change TC starter recipes, it will tear up the balance of every other mod on the server. It would be better to not include TC at all in that case.

    Or add Thaumic Tinkerer, nerf the Silverwood wand slightly and have the (I don't know how you spell it) wand the top tier (You also don't really need to nerf said wand IMO)

    As far as I know, Thaumic Tinkerer doesn't add any type of wands and probably the only useful thing it has is the focus of dislocation (which is extremely powerful as it can move spawners). Unless you're talking about KAMI part of TT that is disabled by default as it adds super OP stuff.

    Also I believe the intention is to have to start with GT, as the server is hardmode GT core. And Kirara 1.0 was oriented that way.

    Another thing worth testing would be whether it's actually possible to change recipes that require the use of arcane worktable. These recipes are probably registered differently than normal crafting recipes, so I don't think MineTweaker can alter them. However, there are two critical components you have to craft before you can even start with Thaumcraft and since they can be crafted in regular crafting bench, I believe they can be altered with MineTweaker.
    That's the iron capped wooden wand and Thaumometer. Therefore I suggest altering those two recipes to require AT LEAST stainless steel (other possibilities would be tungsten, tungstensteel or iridium).

    To me it seems as a logical step because TC gives you tools, armor, weapons, farm management, transportation, enchanting and other item processing that you normally get with GT in more advanced era. And once you get there, new options of building open up for you.

    I'd like to contribute a bit as well.
    1) I definitely vote for Thaumcraft 4. This mod has the most beatiful effects and textures I've ever seen. It's massive and very well balanced. Together with GT those are my two favourite mods. Both have progression and research, both require some tech level to move forward/do things efficiently. They go together very well too. You could always build a crashed spaceship at the spawn spewing out fuel and corrupting magic of the world. Tainted biomes, zombies, skeletons, wisps could all be consequence of that crash.

    • If it's possible, I'd change iron caps to stainless steel plates, (infinite rechargable tools), bronze to titanium plates, gold to tungsten steel plates and thaumium to perhaps iridium plates. That way you require some infrastructure in GT before you can advance a lot further. I wouldn't make it requirement to make nodes in fusion reactor, because usually when you have fusion reactor, you're done with GT progress. It'd be a pity to be able to start with TC after you're finished with GT. It'd be a nice addition however, to be able to create additional nodes with fusion.
    • You could also make tainted biomes more common or spread faster and make special nodes more common. (anyone ever ran into hungry node like me?)
    • Set Golem_chest_interaction to false so that they don't lag the hell out of a client. (disables the opening animation and sound)

    2) As for Railcraft, I'd turn off steel in dungeon loot and turn off the blast furnace. It's really easy to get some blaze rods and when you search enough villages, you're usually set to just skip the bronze age entirely. Just make the necessary bronze machines, use them once and get rid of them.
    3) Hunger overhaul is fun at the beginning but after you set up farms, you just spend a lot of time eating. Also ambrosia does not get it's saturation cut to half I think. If you want similar extra HC, got for disabled regen and death counter.
    4) Iguana tweaks - I'm not sure about extra inventory hassle (weight) and slowing down the player (terrain).

    • Weight - Since we're playing with GT ores that are in certain biomes only, it would make it extremely difficult to go hunt for these ores efficiently. And since you need them mainly at the beginning, it would just lead to a lot of players either living in/near mountains or moving very slowly across the land. I personally hate when I have to spend a lot of time running in games in stead of playing, more so running slowly.
    • Terrain - I think it would cut the creativity of bases. If you want to build your base with grass/gravel paths or do a snow theme or desert theme, you are penalized with slow running.

    5) IC2 - would it be possible to allow watermills? They're weak as potato but it's such a nice feeling to have minimal steady income of power :).

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    After some consideration, I've decided not to add any Biome mod, since that makes finding specific ores quite difficult.
    I might add Underground Biomes if more players say they'd like that. I suppose it shouldn't be a problem to add that into already existing world, because it just changes stone generation in new chunks, not whole terrain.