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    Basic healing items are such a cool idea though.
    You could make bandages from wool+knife to "stop bleeding".
    Crush some flowers with a mortar (sadly none of MC flowers have healing effects), combine with bandages and you have basic ATB stuff.
    Combine plastic with iron rod and some ATB cell and BOOM, multiple use ATB shots for severe wounds and prevention of sepsis.
    Adrenaline shots - give you absorption like golden apple.
    Combine bandages with alcohol for desinfection.
    Antivenom capsules for curing poison and wither effects (milk strips buffs too).

    There are so many ways you could heal yourself using items and none are implemented :(.

    HighTech multiblock EV machine performing advanced surgery for human augmentation, bionic implants, health increase, speed increase, jump increase, everything from DeusEx pretty much.

    If I knew how to mod, I would make such a mod!

    His obsession with RAM-drives is ridiculous

    RAMDisk can give you much faster random-acces time that is used a lot when playing MC. Especially with a lot of players. I used RAMDISK for my vanilla single player way back when I didn't have SSD yet and it increased performance significantly. With this much RAM the server has and without SSD it is very reasonable to use RAMDISK.

    SYS offers the same setup with SSD so that you wouldn't have to use RAMDisk, but it's also 6 Euro more expensive. I guess that's why you chose the first one.

    Also I'm not sure but Patreon might offer automatic monthly payments. If it's really so, people don't have to remember to send their donation each month.

    AMIDST can FIND Biomes, it is just a insert Seed and get what the Map will look like Tool. He suggests 1. Generating the Spawn Continent and 2. setting the Worldgen to vanilla Amplified to generate the Second Continent. AMIDST just finds the Continents to help you with selecting the Seed.

    Exactly. I've once generated 1.7.2 amplified jungle island and inserted it into 1.6.4 modded world. Worked flawlessly.

    Sadly, after looking at the 1.7.2 worlds there are a lot less oceans so there are no more continents. I guess we'll have to have biome borders if we generate 2000 blocks of vanilla terrain first.

    Still it would be cool if one could have his personal amplified island, but that's probably not possible with this many players. Although if it's safe to alter and save a modded world in MCEdit, I wouldn't mind doing it for those who want it.

    Have you considered making part of the server Amplified?
    With AMIDST it's easily possible to find world with 2 continents, one with normal terrain, the other with Amplified, both separated from rest of the world by ocean, past which alternate biomes could be generated (Thaumcraft). That way you can get 3 different terrains in one world with no jagged lines or sudden biome changes, because rivers and oceans aren't affected by neither of these terrain changes.

    Well, in IC2 code I found Crops.instance.addBiomeBonus(BiomeGenBase.forestHills....) being used to specify biome modifiers for crops.
    Similar biome based thing is Rubber Tree generation that uses BiomeDictionary.isBiomeOfType(biomegenbase, BiomeDictionary.Type.FOREST). This function searches for all the biomes with Forest tag, which is something Forge assigns.
    This difference and also the fact that in crops there are ForestHills specified (which would have the default FOREST tag) makes me think crops use just a narrow specified list that is incompatible with new/added biomes.

    This is the first time I see computer code so I might be wrong though :).

    For example ExtraBiomesXL adds additional data to biome tables so that their biomes get corresponding humidity and nutrients bonuses. It even adds zero bonuses to biomes like Wasteland.
    However, I couldn't find anything like that for new vanilla biomes in IC2. I also assume biomes not listed get zero bonuses/maluses (like Plains, End..).

    Just in case anyone wants to know:
    This issue was solved in IC2 build 457 where biome function was changed to BiomeDictionary.Type.

    Hey everyone,

    in Minecraft 1.7 new biomes were added. As far as I know, IC2 still supports only river, swampland, forest, forestHills, jungle, jungleHills, desert, desertHills, mushrooIsland and mushroomIslandShore. I suppose every other biome gets zero bonuses/maluses.
    I'd like to know whether it is planned to add new biomes such as Jungle M, Savanna, Roofed Forest, Birch Forest etc. to the crop list.

    Thanks a lot,

    After reading MrRainbow's posts I changed my vote to not include Thaumcraft because I think he has a point. Even though I love that mod, it just doesn't fit the server and causes more troubles than fun.

    In that case I'd like to support adding ModularPowerSuites as I find regular IC2 armor quite boring and I think it's a nice addition, being able to progressively upgrade your armor.

    Another idea I had was expanding bee breeding, because with just Forestry and Adventure Mode it's very limited. There are two mods that come in mind and those are Gendustry and Magic Bees.
    Now you might think that Magic Bees won't fit the pack because of magic but that's not true, they have actually very little magic in them. What they add are bee species that can produce same stuff IC crops can, that is iron, copper, tin, lead, silver, gold, diamand, emerald and mob drops plus some extra such as nickel, platinum, apatite, wither skulls and dragon egg. The production speed of these bees is I think very well balanced and I suggest it as an alternative of crops.

    Gendustry is industrial beekeeping, introducing electrical apiaries (running on EU) and beebreeding/mutating machines. Nice thing about this mod is that you can modify every recipe and energy usage in it with a config file, making it very easy to balance the mod with our needs. You feel like gene altering should be expensive? Make the machine require fusion reactor, 100M EU and an iridium block as a catalyst per cycle.