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    I am getting weird graphical glitches of objects further away with versions 1.13 and up. Is that part of visual optimization?
    Notice the grass and ores around screen center in the distance.
    I'm also missing Vignette effect.
    These visual artefacts disappear when I get closer.

    Hey there,

    the water mechanics seem to have long pauses between running.
    I tried building a small 3x5x3 room on the ocean bottom and when I break the ceiling, usually only one layer of water gets created on the floor. Updating the water stream by placing blocks sometimes works.
    Same thing happens when I try to flood a ravine on the ocean bottom. The flood has several minute pauses between continuing.

    Is that intended to prevent server load?


    So its not related to server problems? Thank you for explanation.

    BTW latest Code Chicken Core version for 1.7.2 is and NEI At first page here it is are 1.0.0 and 1.0.1. Does invultri already update this?

    No, server has different kind of problems with chunk loading.

    As for NEI and CCC, you can play with updated versions. You don't need the same version as the server has.

    This is a screenshot taken from SSP game with Kirara modpack.
    Chunk are have been loaded very slow, and, after i walk some distance, i saw this.

    That is because the world generation Kirara 2 uses is very resource heavy. When playing in SSP the client-side runs fine but it has to wait for (internal)server-side that is busy generating chunks. Once they are done generating, they load up in your client-side too.
    That is the reason why Invultri pre-generated 10.000 blocks in each direction so that the server does not get clogged up generating chunks when people travel.

    It costs health to get anywhere, which is pretty tough without healing. And you have to battle demons and stuff to get into late-game stuff.

    Even everyone at CrackPack server agrees that it's quite OP.
    And come on - health being tough to get? Like with a beacon? At spawn for example?

    I think right now we should focus on updating to 1.7.10 (CoG, PFAA, UB, Mob Spawn Control, RC, Forestry, TC, Extra cells, Carpenter's Blocks and GT) and then start tweaking with MineTweaker.

    One question though. Since Invultri has such a beast of a server that it can run several instances without problems, how about running CrackPack server simultaneously for some PvP? Management should be easy - it's a modpack. We could do teams or solo, whatever.

    EDIT: Plus Greg is right, you can sacrifice Villagers like Docm does.

    Does somebody likes my base or placed a anchor somewhere around ?
    When I log off yesterday, I placed a basic bending machine and my cobble gen was running. I dind't put any blocks above the bending machine because I logged off, so my chunks were "normally" unloaded. I tried to come later in the evening but there was 15 peoples so I went sleeping.
    Today, I found my machine exploded, all crops my grown (I had some new diamond reed which takes ages to grow, so my chunks were loaded) and ~3k cobble (I left the game with far less than 1k cobble). Ofc I have no RC boiler at all, my crops weren't in the same chunks as the bending machine, also my cobble gen wasn't in a different chunk of both crops / bending machine.
    I assume someone lives really nearby with a HUGE render distance, or someone went mining under my base, but my chunks were somehow loaded, and some rain blew up my bending machine. Ofc, It's just a basic steam turbine with a bending machine (also 2 high pressure coal boilers, really easy to get). But I want to know if someone placed a anchor at my base. If it's the case, thanks a lot, that helped me exploding some stuff, I missed this. If not, I'm pretty sure you have to be completely dumb mining near someone's base, because this can also happen, and I want to tell this player to not "be a dick", and if you want to mine, go FAR from other's bases.

    Having your stuff destroyed of course sucks, I'd just like to point out 3 things:
    1) Having your machines under clear sky is dumb idea. Period. Someone can just explore near your base during rain and you're done.
    2) Render distance has no effect on loaded chunks aroun a player. Server settings does and it's set at 8 chunks. Having your render distance more than 8 chunks is therefore pointless, it only removes the fog (moves it further), as the server doesn't send you any more chunks anyway.
    3) Mining under your base can happen quite easily if you live nearby someone, as you usually don't see the surface underground and also lose track of where you are. Just another reason to not live too close to somebody.

    While doing full update, we could think about adding ProjectRed. It has been released for 1.7.2.
    To get Illumination (as was originaly planned), you need 2 mods - PR Core and Lights. However, Core will always download ForgeMultipart too.
    I personally like Multiblocks - we'd have vanilla and UB ones so not super useful - I also know some people are against it (for some reason?).
    PR lights look awesome and I really like PR cables too, although they are part of Logic, so not sure if you'd like to add that at all.

    Here's what's spammed in my console every second when playing on the server.
    And I have nothing TC-related in my base yet.

    That's Forge saying there are memory leaks in TC. These leaks appear because there was faulty guide how to write something on the Forge forums.
    New Forge now detects those leaks and logs them. There is nothing we can do about it, Azanor has to fix the code himself (which may take some time since he's working on a large update).
    In the mean time I recommend closing MC launcher as it can get CPU heavy with long logs.

    It is pretty accurate except for a few details. For example you get the highest bonus of altitude when building y=124 and up. No need to go for y=245.
    Also there is no FLAG by using weed-ex. It can corrupt your plants if you over use it, but as long as you use it manually and ONLY when weed appears (meaning there is 0 weed-ex left on the crop), you should be fine. Each use of weedEx adds 50 points and if total points amount is >=75, you can damage your plants.

    Biome affects the conditions of your plants. If you're in a good biome, they will grow a bit faster and if they're high level plants with high level stats, they still can make it on their own. In other biomes they might need fertilizing and hydration to grow (only the high stat ones though). Fertilization and hydration usually doubles the growth rate so in the end you'll probably use both anyway. That being said, build whenever you want, you'll have just a slight disadvantage but a nicer base than all those Swamp people :p.

    Biomes order is Swamp - Jungle - Forest+Mushroom+River - Everything else - Desert. (Forest includes Forest, Forest Hills, Roofed Forest etc., same with other biomes)

    Also your crops shouldn't get destroyed when you walk over them. Of course if you jump or sprint, you'll destroy them but walking should be fine.

    Of course they are liquid pipes and of course the boilers have steam inside. They have full temperature and periodically reach full steam tank until they release part of it and fill up again, as they should in the code. I understand why you ask, but I'm not stupid :).
    Once I demontage the pipes and put them back in, boilers start ejecting steam and start filling up the bottom RC tank according to the pipe speed.

    As I said, this happens only when I unload the chunks one at a time (travelling by foot from my base), not when I unload them all by going into the nether portal.

    Since none of those three boilers eject anything (not even the first one that's in the same chunk as most of the pipe), I'm guessing the problem is the pipe block right at the liquid loader. I'll try to reproduce this bug on the new server with a scanner (from SpwnX) once I get the chance.

    They are still visually connected, but the boilers don't eject their steam into the pipes. None of those 3 boilers does. I don't have a scanner so I couldn't scan whether the adjacent pipe is full, but why else wouldn't a boiler eject it's steam into it. That's why I assumed the pipes clogged up.