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    Sounds like a pain to code not to mention a possible cause of lag.
    Solars are fine as they are right now, although the ability to add some sort of dust that disables them (requiring cleaning) every x amount of hours (set in config- if zero disabled) could be nice for those players who really hate them...

    It's not going to cause anymore lag then a Redpower fueled caustic reacter or a whole solar array. Or any other auto sorter systems that exist.

    the first piece is a collector box. Represented as a tesla coil.

    :Solar Panel::Solar Panel::Solar Panel:
    :Solar Panel::Tesla Coil::Solar Panel:
    :Solar Panel::Solar Panel::Solar Panel:

    :Solar Panel: Em pty :Solar Panel:
    :Tesla Coil:
    Right now panels transfer the light into energy. Well there's another type of panel. It heats water other wise know as solar hot water heaters. The collector box in the middle would contain water either through water cells, ice or supplied from a pump.
    They would transfer this heat into the collector box and the water would be used to create that would then be sent into the cables to run whatever.

    Why is that a good idea.

    The way solar panels are now there's no need to build anymore than one solar array of 32 panels They will provide enough power until you go to nuclear or geothermal.

    Instead of just setting tin cables and covering them in generators this would require space to set up the system.

    I don't like the item queue at all really. I like how the machines are now. These are not suppose to be even better then the new overclocks. Really it's suppose to be a middle for players who don't have a crap ton of power to waste. Once you hit the level of crap ton of power to waste then all you need is a single slot on the new machines. You can literately do a stack in like 2 seconds from what I seen.

    I rather see this mod be reborn and just working and then maybe consider adding new things rather then changing something we all enjoyed for many months.

    The power requirements for the Standard upgrades aren't that much, a couple geo thermal generators are all that's needed to provide enough power to keep them going.

    They don't have to be running constantly either, unlike induction furnace class machines they only need power when you want to use them.

    Consider that the alleged "self-serving" individual is one of the driving forces behind Forge in the first place - without which, you wouldn't enjoy the level of cross-compatiblility that allows you to use these mods in conjunction with one another.

    "Forge" and "self-serving" are mutually exclusive. She doesn't have to do anything to make her mod play well with others - but instead, she not only makes sure an API exists for that, but also that other developers are able to use it to make their mods work with each other.

    Seems to me that the "selfish" attitude here is the lack of gratitude for what she's done for modding in general.

    There's the problem right there. She's doing pretty much all the development of Forge right now. So anything that she feels is needed for her mod is added to a community API. For example, eloraam added a feature into forge that allows torchs to be added to all her partial blocks. That feature means that several MC base classes have to be modified. Adding that into the main forge release means that whenever forge needs to be updated that's one more thing that has to be updated.

    Any mod that doesn't use forge looks like this. Minecraft get's updated. MCP get's updated modloader gets updated. Mod gets updated.

    With forge you add in forge get's updated before the mod get's updated.

    It states right in the licensing of forge that


    You have the right to copy the forge, and to put it straight in your mods distribution. What the license requires you to do is to provide the sources of the forge that you're using. If you're not doing any modification, just pointing to this page is fine. If you do, you will need to publish your own modifications. Please have a look at the license for more details and feel free to ask any questions on this thread.

    What that means is that eloraam could be adding a forge download in her mod with whatever additions she wants. Providing that she makes the sources available. The main API should only have the bare necessities required for minecraft modding not all these additions.

    I don't expect anything is what I'm saying. My money is on that project not getting very far for exactly that reason. FC wont want to change any of his code and Spacetoad will have a real hard time. Maybe not though. We'll see.

    Also no way man. Have you seen the SMP bukkit version of Technic? It's awesome. You can have as many blocks as you'd like. We've got mods upon mods on our server. Luxury minecrafting right there.

    I have 90% of the same mods installed manually that the technic pack includes.

    I wanted mo creatures to add some life to my world. I wanted turrets so I could create a defense perimeter, I wanted BC so I had a reason to search for materials. Redpower was necessary due to the fact that I do have other games than minecraft to play. I also want BTW but from my experience I know that it's better alone than in a modpack. Why? Because you don't appreciate the little things. What's the point of a crucible when I can create a mining drill in half the time. Why do I need a composite bow when I can have a mining laser? etc etc etc.

    Ever since I started playing minecraft I loved the idea of tnt mining, but pretty much every mod that made tnt easier to get made getting gunpowder to easy or made tnt to easy. BTW changed that with mining charges I can get an explosive that doesn't require creepers and is more efficient.

    I'd post more but I have X3 to play.

    The reason I feel pain for him here is because BTW's was removed from Technic for a way more serious reason then permissions, or the wolf torture and S&M crap. It was removed for a big reason. It was coded terribly and wouldn't work with anything. Literally broke the game trying to make it compatible with other mods. His mod is like a giant barbed net that wraps around minecraft. You try to add anything and you get cut, you try to take it off and it pulls important things with it. If you load it with other mods, you literally can't decide you don't like it and turn it off to just play the other ones, you have to remove everything, do a clean install, and redownload all the other mods and install them. Here's why. It's got hooks into things that don't even make sense. The game would crash every time lightening struck because it broke fire, and turning BTW's off would actually REMOVE fire. And don't even think about trying to play BTW's without all the weird wolf hate and creepy fetish things. According to the code those are vital. Spacetoad has his work cut out for him.

    Let's see you expect FC to recode everything in BTW so that it plays nice with other mods? Have you any idea how much work that is?

    Besides the entire idea behind a mod pack is dumb, all it's going to lead to is people begging the authors to stop adding blocks to their mod so that they can use other mods.

    I build a small farm to keep my hunger in check then I set up a rubber tree farm using forestry for minecraft then I build a generator and extrator macerator and then a single solar flower. Once that is done I begin consuming lava lakes to power goe generators and then start consuming the world.

    Uh, yeah... I can, because it's called an opinion (and they don't have to be right). :rolleyes: And considering you are a fan-boy of his work I can't exactly give you much validity in your comments either since you want to hard ball this as a personal attack against me. This isn't FC forums, and despite what you may believe I don't 'swear wholly allegence to Alba' for IC either. So your post is a pretty moot point trying to 'discredit' 'my opinion'....

    Precisely, and no matter how much FC tries to hide it, this still remains as an evident constant to why FC does anything with BTW as a whole. The moment he feels his ego becomes violated, he attacks. And while other Forge mod developers may be guilty of the same thing, at least they have the intelligence and acceptance to the fact that not everyone will play the mod the same way. Addon's, cross-compatibility add-on's, overlapping resource usages, are some of the most pinnacle examples of mod blending and the greatness of compatibility. But sadly, these are all things FC opposes of, because it violates "his grand design," because (again, imo, lol) his form of game balance and design takes priority over everyone else's...

    Three things.
    1.) FC has a massive ego.
    2.) he acts like a jerk 99% of the time.
    3.) he improved breeding in MC immensely.

    You don't like moving away from forge? use the last forge capable mod and update it yourself and then distribute it.

    Since there isn't a dev support page nor any tuts on how to do energy related things. I'm forced to post this here.

    Basically I'm working on an addon for IC2 that requires the machine to have a tank. can anyone point me towards something that I use to make my addon?

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks man :D

    Also just uploaded ep 19 :) running outa ideas somewhat lol need some inspiration :D

    I'm halfway through ep 2 so far I like it, as for ideas I'd like to see a breeder reactor built. Not much I can think of I leave the creative aspect to everyone else.