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    For the E-net rework, basically they got rid of packets, this makes energy combine into the voltage, partially reducing lag, this also makes it so, for example, 2 batboxes can fry copper cable, and cause explosions on 32eu/t machines.

    There have been some changes for things like crafting for machine blocks, they now require plates. plates are crafted using a forge hammer. Some machines have been added, like the thermal centrifuge, and ore washing machine, they are used to get more output from your macerated ores. Lead ore has been added, and is used primarily in reactor components. Mass fabrication has been changed a little bit, with the energy cost of uu matter becoming 10x what it was before, I believe there are more changes to mass fabrication to come. New nuclear fuels have been added, along with a new type of reactor the Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator, it uses pellets of RTG fuel which last forever, but make small amounts of energy (I think that's correct, but don't trust me on that).

    Will I be able to use my tinker´s construct hammer? It is probably more expensive than gregtech IC2´s one and it is used as a mining tool(pickaxe).
    And what if I put 5 or more :MFS-Unit: s side by side? :Nuke TNT:

    What is the new things added between IC2 1.118 build 401 and IC2 2.0.x?
    I have heared about a energy system and recipe rework,how do I use the new IC2? :S
    I am still using 1.118,where I know how to use everything(but the agriculture part and the obscurator).
    Plus,I don´t want to lose my creative world kept since minecraft 1.3.2.